Prof. F.U. Baqai – the pioneer of private medical education in Pakistan passes away


 Prof. F.U. Baqai – the pioneer of private 
medical education in Pakistan passes away

KARACHI: Prof. F.U. Baqai, Founder and Chancellor of Baqai Medical University who was the pioneer of private medical education in Pakistan passed away on July 10, 2017 at the age of eighty two years.  May God Almighty rest the departed soul in eternal Peace. Ameen. Despite rain and bad weather, a large number of members of the medical profession which included medical teachers, faculty members form other medical institutions, Vice Chancellors and eminent members from the Civil Society reached Baqai Medical University to participate in his Nimaz-e-Jinaza which was offered at the University Campus mosque.

Late Prof. F.U. Baqai - The man who
maintained his self-respect and
dignity throughout his life.

Late Prof. F. U. Baqai was a self-made man who maintained his self-respect and dignity throughout his life. He never asked for any Grants or Funding from Government of Pakistan but purchased the land at market rate for all his institutions and establishment. He introduced the Baqai Model of institutions which offered opportunities for income generation besides providing Health and Education and was too keen to promote this model throughout the country.

Baqai Medical College was the first private medical college established in Karachi and when he talked to some of his friends of his idea, many people had laughed at it without realizing that Dr. Baqai had the Vision and Foresight and was capable of making miracle. He succeeded where many of his professional colleagues who were more intelligent and competent than him, could not dare to step in. Once the college was established, there was no looking back and Prof. F.U.Baqai and Prof.Mrs. Zahida Baqai with the help and cooperation of their colleagues went on establishing institution after institution.

Prof. F.U. Baqai was born in Delhi on May 22, 1935 and graduated from Dow Medical College in 1958. He worked for some time at Spencer’s Eye Hospital and then joined Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Center to work with Prof. Col. Saeed Ahmad. He went to England in 1965 for postgraduate studies in surgery and earned Fellowship from Royal College of Surgeons Edinburgh. He was honoured by CPSP with its Fellowship in 1993. He served as Surgeon Commander in Pakistan Navy from 1965-69 and also served at Combined Military Hospital Rawalpindi during the 1971 war. He became President of International College of Surgeons in 1993 and also organized the International College of Surgeons conference in Karachi which attracted surgeons from all over the world.

Medical Teachers usually suffer from some sort of a superiority complex and do not give too much importance to Physician and Surgeons in private sector though they may be much competent and intelligent. The same was the case with late Dr. F.U. Baqai. However, by establishing Baqai Medical University and numerous other institutions, he became an institution in himself and it became very difficult for many individuals and institutions to ignore him.  When he organized the most successful International College of Surgeons conference in Karachi, it was then that the CPSP also realized and offered him its Honorary Fellowship.

Baqai Hospital in Nazimabad was established in 1969 and he laid the foundation of Baqai Medical Complex in 1987. At present Baqai Medical Complex consists of numerous institutions which includes Baqai Medical College, Baqai Dental College, Baqai Institute of Health Sciences, Postgraduate Medial Institute, Institute of Hematology, Baqai Institute of Medical Technology, Baqai Institute of Oncology, College of Nursing. Baqai Institute of Diabetes and Endocrinology (BIDE) is yet another institution which has earned respect and recognition for the Baqai Medical University nationally and internationally due to its high quality research work. He believed and practiced in the real sense Community Oriented Medical Education. Today a large number of medical teaches serving in various public and private medical and dental colleges started their professional career at Baqai Medial University and at its various affiliated institutions.

Dr. Baqai established numerous schools, health centers and community centers in Sindh and Baluchistan. Shahre Baqa is another project located near Hyderabad on the Super Highway which is currently under construction. He was fortunate to have some well-meaning, sincere friends and well wishes who helped and guided him in running and managing these institutions all these years. People often used to ask him in his life time and even I once asked him, what is going to happen once he is no more in this world. Have you made any plans? He was often asked that he must announce some succession plan during his life time.  It will be a testing time for the Baqai Medical University and Baqai Medical Complex.

He was honoured and awarded by Government of Pakistan, Nepal and Maldives in recognition of his service in the field of health and medical education.