NICVD offering free Pace Maker implantation facility to patients with Bradycardia and Heart Block


 NICVD offering free Pace Maker implantation
facility to patients with Bradycardia and Heart Block

KARACHI: One seldom hears or reads something good for the public healthcare facilities which always remain under criticism for their failures despite the fact that they are still the last hope for millions of patients who cannot afford private health care and get treated here. The media, print as well as electronic has always been found wanting in projecting good work being done and services being provided at these healthcare facilities by the devoted and dedicated healthcare professionals for which credit of course goes to its management and leadership.

National Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases (NICVD) is the mother of cardiac institutions in Pakistan. It has produced a large number of specialists many of whom are now serving all over the country and other cardiac tertiary care facilities. Ever since the new administration has taken over at the NICVD under the leadership of Prof. Nadeem Qamar, it has not only checked the corrupt, unethical practices but  it has also improved and expanded services to a great extent which is indeed commendable. This also sends a message to other tertiary cardiac care facilities in the city as well as in the country that if NICVD can do it, certainly other institutions can also do it. What it needs is determination, sincerity and a good team work.

About two years ago it started offering primary angioplasty facilities round the clock at NICVD. Patients reaching NICVD with myocardial infarction are managed immediately irrespective of the fact whether they can afford or not. No questions asked, Later they can pay whatever they can. The highly subsidized charges for primary angioplasty can also be paid in installments. This facility alone has saved the precious lives of a large number of patients over the last two years. The beneficiaries included even some of the most poor which could not think of it a few years ago. Now NICVD has made history by offering absolutely free implantation of Pace Makers for patients suffering from Bradycardia and Heart Block. If on one hand the NICVD administration and faculty is doing all this which needs to be appreciated, it is also the duty of the well to do, philanthropists in the society to send them donations as well as Zakat Funds  to the  NICVD so that they can offer these facilities to still a large number of patients. Well done NICVD and Keep it Up.

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