Atco Literary Society’s contribution to promote literature


Atco Literary Society’s contribution
to promote literature

By Farhan Raza

KARACHI: In the good old days, literary work was sponsored by leading corporate in the shape of different awards like Sir. Adamjee Award, Daud Adabi Award and all writers used to write and submit their work for award consideration. Some other institutions were also supporting literary activities by publishing books and giving different awards for litterateur which ultimately helped to produce lot of literary work in the society. Unfortunately  this tradition is  now almost dying as nobody thinks it is important with the result that literary activities as well as publication of books which used to be a valuable addition to the literary work in the country has been adversely affected.  However, responding to their corporate social responsibilities some pharmaceutical companies have now come forward and they are regularly sponsoring literary meetings, Mushairas, sittings with the eminent literary figures besides sponsoring the publication of books.

It was in this context that Mr. Mr. Saeed Allawala (Chairmen ATCO Laboratories) took an initiative to establish a literary platform in the name ATCO Literary Society to promote literary activities to fill this gap as support to literature, literary figures and literary activities will go a long way to uplift the overall health of the society. ATCO Laboratories is among the very few companies in Pakistan which has credibility in arranging different literary programs and publishing and arranging launch of books authored by eminent literary figures.

ATCO Laboratories believes that a strong society cannot be built without over all healthy accomplishments. Literary work is one of the key factors associated with the society which represent the true health of a Nation. As a part of its recent efforts, ATCO Literary Society has published a book on famous Indian poet “Ali Sardar Jafari, Shaksiat or Fun”. It has been widely appreciated. Publication of this compilation by Mr. Aqeel Abbas Jafari (Writer of Pakistan Chronicles) was a humble effort by Atco and this publication is getting notice from critics and readers. Another book just published by Atco is “Nai Din Ki Basharat” which is the second book of poetry written by Dr. Jamal.  Hence, apart from producing quality drugs at affordable prices for the patients, Atco is also playing its role to promote literature in Pakistan.

Some of the books published Atco Literary Society so far is as follows:

  1. Ali Sardar Jafari   by Aqeel Abbas Jafari
  2. Nai Din ki Basharat  by Dr. Jamal Naqvi
  3. Scattered Moments by Ishtar Romani
  4. Subho Aane ko He    by Ishrat Romani
  5. Andheron se Aage   by Dr. Arshad Malik

In addition Atco Literary Society also arranged interactive discussion programmes on important topics which include the following:

  1. Remembering 17 DAY War with Brig A.R Siddiqui
  2. Book Launching ceremony for “Andheron Se Aage
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