Iran likely to host EMMJ6 at Shiraz from Dec. 5-7th 2014


Iran likely to host EMMJ6 at
Shiraz from Dec. 5-7th 2014

SHIRAZ (ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF IRAN): Prof. Farhad Handjani, President-elect of Eastern Mediterranean Associaton of Medical Editors (EMAME) is considering to organize the EMMJ6 Medical Journals Conference at Shiraz in Islamic Republic of Iran. In a communication circulated among the EMAME executive, Prof. Farhad Handjani has stated that “ we have been trying to find a venue for EMMJ6 and despite all my efforts, I was not successful in getting Oman or Qatar to host the event. As we need to keep-up the momentum for EMAME,I have the following proposal which has already been discussed with Dr. Farrokh Habibzadeh and some other colleagues here in Iran.

1. Shiraz University of Medical Sciences is organizing another COPE Regional event from Dec.4-5 and Dr. Behrooz Astaneh will be coordinating it.I thought that we may be able to have the EMMJ6 from Dec.5-7 right after that event. We can have the registration and welcome ceremony on Dec.5 (afternoon and evening) and devote two full days to the conference itself plus the General Assembly.
2. For funding, I think I can have the support of my university, ISC, and the Iranian Ministry of Health as well as some publishing and editing firms. May be WHO/EMRO can also help by sponsoring one or two invited speakers.
3. This will be a separate event from the COPE conference, but many will attend both(we can even use some of their speakers).We can have WAME, PAME , WHO/EMRO ,ISC as co-sponsors of our program and this will add to our credibility.
4. We will not ask for any registration fees as always and may even be able to pay for some accommodation for participants. We will need to cover the expenses of the invited guests(air-ticket and hotel).We will need a strong scientific committee and an attractive program so to have more participants.ISC will be a good source of help but I need to talk to them and we may be able to use their conference hall as our venue( a new conference hall not yet completely finished but can house 450 guests). If you all agree we can proceed with more details. We really need to keep EMAME alive as much effort was made to form it and we should not let it loose.”