Most of the Electronic Media losing its credibility very fast


Most of the Electronic Media losing
its credibility very fast

Lack of professionalism, poor quality of debate in talk shows
where participants not only fight but even abuse each
other has also turned away may viewers

ISLAMABAD: During the last five six years, we have seen mushroom growth of TV Channels, even some media groups have more than one channels covering News, Entertainment, Sports etc., but most of the electronic media is now losing its credibility very fast for various reasons. Lack of professionalism, amateur anchor persons, promotion of sensationalism, hatred among different sections of the society, extremely poor quality of debates in the Talk Shows wherein the participants particularly those representing various political parties not only fight but even abuse each other has helped turn away the viewers from the TV sets. Many now feel that it is better not to watch these TV channels.

Since the numerous TV channels got licenses in quick succession, we did not have enough trained and experienced people, hence many lowly qualified, ill trained and inexperienced persons got jobs in these TV channels. A vast majority of those covering various events, do not poses even the basic core knowledge on the subject they are talking about with the result that many a times they are misleading the public and promoting quackery. Health as a subject remains a very low priority with the media and electronic media in particular. Hence, one very rarely sees any authentic informative programme to educate the public at large. Infected with the materialistic virus, some of the TV channels even do not mind selling their time to quacks who come up with treatment and cure of any disease thus misguiding the public. Some of them do get trapped in the false promises they make to cure various diseases but at the end of the day their diseases is made more worse and then not much can be done to manage these patients with the disease in an advanced stage.

In the absence of any Code of Ethics, the freedom of press and media is being misused and abused. Some of the professional blackmailers have become anchor persons in some of these TV channels where they do not hesitate to defame any one. Little do they realize that freedom comes with some responsibilities as well? Media in general and electronic media in particular should be playing a very positive role emphasizing upon unity, love and friendship in the society, promoting tolerance and highlighting the positive aspects of life in the country which is already faced with numerous problems including terrorism. Responsible, positive approach by the media can play a vital role in strengthening the bonds between different sections of the society. However, unfortunately some of the TV channels in collaboration with the unemployed politicians are busy day and night in spreading hatred, hopelessness, frustration and helplessness in the society. They cannot see and tolerate the country making any economic development and progress. While criticizing the government on its failures and shortcomings is always welcome and justified, these TV Channels and corrupt, disgruntled politicians should also have the courage to appreciate the good things being done by the Federal as well as provincial governments. The country will eventually overcome the crisis it is facing these days but people will not forget and forgive these scoundrels, disgruntled and out of job politicians who are busy overtime to destabilize the political system and undermine the hard earned democracy. Solution of all our problems lies in a democratic set up and despite its shortcomings at present, it needs to be protected, promoted and safeguarded against any adventurism. Such moves in the past have already pushed the country behind by decades. If democratic system is allowed to function, with the passage of time its shortcomings will be rectified, those who fail to deliver will be rejected in the next elections and new people will come forward to lead the country and its different institutions to progress and prosperity.

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