PPMA urges Govt. to make DRAP functional appointing a permanent chief executive


PPMA urges Govt. to make DRAP functional
appointing a permanent chief executive

KARACHI: Pakistan Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association (PPMS) has called upon the government to make the Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan functional and appoint its chief executive on permanent basis. In a statement issued by Jawaid Akhai, Chairman Pakistan Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association (PPMA) the association has pointed out that no meeting of the registration board, licensing board, or pricing committee has taken place in the last six months. Due to this sorry state of affairs, decision on 16,000 products are held up at various levels in DRAP, he added.
The pharmaceutical industry, Mr. Jawaid Akhari says is facing hardships in delivering affordable and life saving drugs to patients which has resulted in a shortage, mainly because of rampant corruption at DRAP and its decisions. Export orders worth millions of dollars of pharmaceutical industry are stuck due to non-function of DRAP. In addition, the routine day-to-day work is also held up due to obstacles at DRAP which results in delays in exports. While on one hand, Pakistani pharmaceutical industry and business houses are trying to increase export; they are not getting any support from DRAP. On the other hand, the government seeks aid from IMF. With such scenario, there is bound to be lack of conviction by the pharmaceutical industry to increase its exports.
The pharmaceutical industry has now started to lose hope as different local pharmaceutical giants mull over the possibility of moving their businesses to different countries which have been offering incentives to them for the last many years. Instead of facilitating local pharmaceutical companies to increase their exports, DRAP is bent on taking decisions which are detrimental to investors in the pharmaceutical sector. The regulatory authority has recently imposed extra charges on drug exporters whereas it has also increased various fees, 20 to 50 times in some cases, which has discouraged exporters to continue their exports to different countries due to the sudden increase in cost, added.

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