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An Introduction

Shalamar Medical and Dental College Lahore

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LAHORE: During the last couple of years there has been a mushroom growth of medical and dental colleges in the private sector and many of them lack proper teaching hospitals or teaching faculty as per rules and regulations of Pakistan Medical & Dental Council. Some of the newly established medical colleges have already been debarred by the PM&DC from further admissions till these deficiencies are made up while a few of the colleges are going to be closed down soon due to various reasons. Running and managing a teaching hospital is a very expensive proposition that is why some of the newly established medical institutions in the private sector will find it difficult to sustain in the long run.

A view of the Shalamar Medical and Dental College at Lahore.

On the contrary, Shalamar Medical & Dental College started with a number of inherited advantages. It had an excellent well equipped and well staffed tertiary healthcare facility which is a pre-requisite to establish a medical college. Secondly it is owned by a Trust, hence everything is transparent. Thirdly being located in the heart of the city, it did not find many problems to acquire the needed faculty and finally it had lot of space for expansion. All this ensures a bright future for Shalamar Medical and Dental College which is going to emerge as one of the best teaching medical institutions in the city of Lahore in the coming years. Ch. Ahmad Saeed an eminent Businessman is Chairman of the Board of Trustees while Justice (Retd) Khalil-ur-Rehman Ramday is Chairman of the Board of Governors of this institution.

Chaudhry Ahmad Saeed
Chairman Board of Trustees

The proposal to start a medical college at Shalamar Hospital was discussed by the administration in 90s but then for some reasons the plan was shelved or postponed. It was again revived after many years and the medical college got actually commissioned in February 2010. Had it been established in 90s, by now it would have made tremendous progress and left other newly established medical colleges far behind. SMDC was recognized to admit one hundred students to begin with but now it has been permitted to enroll up to one hundred fifty students.

Shalamar Hospital was established in 1982 built through generous contributions of its founders i.e. Chaudhry Nazar Mohammad, Chaudhry Mohammad Hussain and Syed Babar Ali. Their objective was to set up a not for profit hospital which would provide healthcare services to patients from all income groups. Ever since its inception, the founders have put in lot of efforts to improve its services, expand the facilities available and bring it at par with international healthcare standards. At present it has a bed strength of 436 which also includes forty private beds. In addition to Shalamar Hospital, 170-bed Fauji Foundation Hospital is also affiliated with this medical college which is being used for teaching and training purposes. Shalamar Hospital has fairly good diagnostic facilities to meet the needs making is self sufficient. Laboratory and radiology facilities available here are enough to cater t the needs of its patients and for training purposes.

Radiology Department caters to one lac thirty patients annually performing all kinds of routine as well as complex radiological investigations. It is equipped with ultrasound, state of the art multi slice CT scanner, computerized digital X-Ray system and Dexa Scan. Addition of Mammography and an MRI is also planned in the coming years.

Apart from the basic sciences departments of Anatomy, Biochemistry, Physiology, Pharmacology, Pathology, it has well equipped and adequately staffed clinical departments of Forensic Medicine and Toxicology, Community Medicine, General Surgery, Medicine, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Paediatrics, Ophthalmology, Otorhinolaryngology, Urology, Orthopaedic, Dermatology, Behavioural Sciences, Anaesthesia, Cardiology, Radiology besides Medical Education and Students Affairs Department. As such all the required teaching and training facilities are available to the students at the campus. Facilities available in different departments are being further improved and expanded as per needs of the patients and students. The department of Medicine has ICU, CCU, Endoscopy suite and Dialysis Unit besides a Diabetic Clinic. The Gastroenterology Unit has well established endoscopy suite where diagnostic and therapeutic procedures are being performed regularly. The Pulmonology unit works in close collaboration with ICU, Lung Function Tests and Bronchoscopy are done routinely. The Dialysis Center has nineteen machines of which ten are reserved for HCV positive and one for HBV positive patients and this facility is available round the clock. About 80% patients avail this facility free.

OPD Service: Charges in the General Out Patients Department is Rs. 100/- and the patient is examined by a consultant. There is a separate OPD for private patients where they are charges Rs. 800/- for a consultation. About four lac patients visit the Shalamar Hospital OPD every year. The consultants can order up to 50% concession in diagnostic charges for general OPD patients.

Medical College

The newly purpose built Ground plus Five story building of Shalamar Medical and Dental College has cafeteria in the basement. Administration and Students Center are located at first floor. The building has an auditorium with a seating capacity for five hundred people which is routinely used for seminars, CPC meetings and other academic activities. It has five lecture rooms with a seating capacity for 154 students each while the sixth lecture room has seating capacity for eighty four students. Most of the students who have got admission here are local with just about a dozen students from overseas. Admission criteria is based on 50% marks for University of Health Sciences (UHS) test, 10% marks for Matric and 40% marks for FSc result. Last year the admission closed at 83% marks. The first batch from the college is expected to graduate in March 2015. The college administration has also started having an additional interview of the students and their performance is also being evaluated. Later on if it is found that those who perform better in interview have some edge over other students, this interview may also be made a part of the admission process and the candidates will get some marks based on this interview as well.

Fee Structure: As per the SMDC Prospectus 2013, the Tution Fee is Rs. 600,000/- (Rupees Six lac per annum) Admission Fee of Rs.50, 000/- has to be paid just once. Foreign students have to pay an Admission Fee of US$ 2,500/- and their annual Tution Fee is US$ 12,500/- To help needy and brilliant students scholarships are available.

Department of Medical Education & Skills Lab

Shalamar Medical and Dental College has also established a Department of Medical Education and Skills Laboratory. It plays a key role in enhancing the quality of medical education imparted at SMDC. The Departments functioning include need analysis, faculty development, supportive supervision and evaluation, designing research proposals, structured teaching and learning programmes, curriculum development besides running the Skills Laboratory. Skills Lab is used by the medical students to improve their skills before they start applying their skills on actual patients. This lab has been equipped with precious models and mannequins for this purpose. Medical Education Department organizes the training of medical students in different batches in collaboration with the clinical specialists. The institution also collaborates with LUMS in the field of molecular biology and drugs development.

Library: SMDC has a very spacious library with a large number of text books and other teaching material including medical journals. The IT Library has seventy five monitors with internet facility and the library remains open till 11.00 pm.

According to Prof. Zahid Bashir Principal of Shalamar Medical and Dental College, the administration has evolved a system of getting feed back from the students and this feed back is taken four times in a year. This feed back is discussed and shared by the Principal with the Heads of the Departments, strength and weaknesses are identified and appropriate measures are then taken to make up the deficiencies. This feed back also helps the faculty members when their cases are discussed for promotion and salary package, he added. Replying to another question Dr. Zahid Bashir said that faculty development programme at SMDC is a continuous process. Last year we organized forty eight workshops on different topics and this year fifty two workshops are planned, he remarked.


Dr. Zahid Bashir
Principal SMDC

SMDC Dr. Zahid Bashir further stated is accredited and recognized by Pakistan Medical and Dental Council, College of Physicians & Surgeons Pakistan; it is approved by Ministry of Health, and is affiliated with University of Health Sciences. SMDC is also included in International Medical Education Directory by Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education and Research (FAIMER). Performance of some of our students has been outstanding as compared to other UHS affiliated medical colleges.

College of Physicians & Surgeons Pakistan has recognized the departments of Medicine, Surgery, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Ophthalmology, Paediatrics, Anaesthesia, Orthopaedics for FCPS Part-II while Dept. of Pathology is recognized for M. Phil. Department of ENT, Psychiatry and Dermatology will soon apply for recognition for FCPS training. PM&DC recognized this hospital for house job training in 1984 while CPSP recognized it for postgraduate training in 1994. At present fifty postgraduates are completing their training.

Prof. Azam Bokhari and Prof. Saad Bashir Malik have recently jointed the departments of Dermatology and Behavioural Sciences respectively at Shalamar Hospital which will further strengthen the faculty in these departments. Facilities for speech therapy are also available at the hospitals. Students are encouraged to conduct research and present it at national and international forums. All the major departments like Medicine, Surgery, Obstetrics & Gynaecology etc, Dr. Zahid Bashir said regularly conduct their Morbidity and Mortality meetings and this has helped us a lot to identify some of the medical errors thereby improving the quality of care.

A guided tour of the Shalamar Hospital accompanied by Dr. Zahid Bashir and Dr. Bilal Bin Younis who heads the Diabetic Center at the hospital was quite informative and revealing. On every Wednesday, Clinico Pathological Conference, it was stated, is organized which is attended by fourth and final year medical students as well. It has also helped in improving the quality of care for the patients. The whole campus is equipped with the WI FI facilities and every faculty member has been provided computer with internet facility. The consultants can access the laboratory reports and Radiology reports of the patients while sitting in their offices if need be. There are three beds in the High Dependency Unit which are fully monitored.

Children Reconstructive Surgery and Research Center is another special feature of the hospital which offers plastic surgery facilities. Some of the patients which may need advanced surgery are sent overseas for further treatment for which the hospital has made arrangements through House of Charity USA.

Department of Cardiology at the hospital consists of Cardiac Intensive Care Unit and Telemetry Ward which is used for hemodynamic monitoring of patients with acute cardiac emergencies. Department has facilities for ECG, Electrocardiography, Exercise Stress Test, Dobutamine stress test. At the time of our visit a new Cardiac Cath Laboratory was getting final touches and the administration plans to commission this during June 2014. It is equipped with state of the art GE machine and soon angiography, angioplasty, stenting and other interventional procedures will be started. The hospital has two interventional cardiologists on its staff. Another Cath Laboratory will be established later and once that is complete, the hospital plans to embark on cardiac surgery as well for which necessary arrangements are being made. Cardiac Care Unit has eleven beds while two extra beds have also been arranged. Post Angioplasty Cath Lab unit has ten beds. In order to help the poor and needy patients, the Board of Trustees has earmarked an amount of thirty crore for the Patients Welfare Department. Needs of each and every patient who applies for financial assistance is assed by the Patients Welfare Department and then it recommends the cases for financial assistance. No patient is refused treatment in emergency and up to seventy two hours, they are looked after and by this time the Patient Welfare Department does its evaluation for further processing.

Surgical Department has nine operation theaters suit which are designated for various disciplines. The department has qualified and trained General as well as Laparoscopic Surgeons. All sort of laparoscopic surgery including cholecestectomy, laparoscopic Hernia Repair and Laparoscopic Appendectomy are performed in the hospital.

Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology has Post natal clinic, Counseling and Treatment facilities, Infertility evaluation, Menopausal Clinic, Family Planning Clinic, screening for malignancy of cervix, Antenatal Clinic, IUI facilities, Vaccination facilities for mothers and babies besides minor procedures. A new Gynae operation theatre and a new labour room are now planned.

Visit to the Emergency revealed that it was full of patients, too much overcrowded with medical and nursing staff doing its best to cater to their needs. However, it needs special attention of the administration to ensure bigger space, posting of more as well as qualified and experienced nursing, paramedical staff to help the doctors look after patients in the emergency. There is a separate Emergency for paediatric patients. Emergency has two Bedded ICU.

Sakina Institute of Diabetes and Endocrine Research (SIDER)

Another important addition at Shalamar Hospital is the Sakina Institute of Diabetes and Endocrine Research. SIDER functioning under the supervision of Dr. Bilal Bin Younis. SIDER team includes a Nurse Educator, Dietitian, Endocrinologist, Ophthalmologist, Podiatrist, Psychologist, Dentist and Exercise Physiologist. This department is linked with Baqai Institute of Diabetes and Endocrinology (BIDE) as well as Diabetic Center at Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences. BIDE under the leadership of Prof. Abdul Basit has planned to link all the twelve major teaching and training departments of Diabetes in the country to cooperate and coordinate in education, training and all other academic activities. According to Dr. Bilal so far SIDER has registered seven thousand diabetic patients and their whole record is computerized. They have collected lot of useful data which will be helpful in writing scientific papers. SIDER, Dr. Bilal Bin Younis said provides free insulin to non-affording Type-I diabetics. They are also provided Glucometres free. Efficient foot care at SIDER has saved many diabetics from amputations.



The newly built Girls Hostel of Shalamar Medical and
Dental College at SMDC Campus.

Department of Ophthalmology has Retina Clinic, Glaucoma Clinic, facilities for squint surgery, YAG and Argon laser. Cataract surgery is being performed routinely. When asked about the treatment for diabetic retinopathy, it was pointed out that so far only about 30% of the patients who are referred for laser treatment from the diabetic clinic come for laser treatment here while some go to other centers for various reasons. One of them being that they come for ophthalmic check up not prepared for laser treatment. They go home and then some of them do return for laser therapy. Anterior segment clinic is equipped with Photo slit lamp for anterior segment photography and an auto refractor Keratometer.

Rehabilitation Medicine has assumed greater importance these days in patient care. Hence services available at Physiotherapy Department at Shalamar Hospital includes Short Wave Diathermy, Ultrasonic Machines, TENS, Infra Red Lamp, Microwave Diathermy, Cervical Traction, Lumbar traction, Electrical Muscle Stimulator, Inter Ferential Current Therapy Units, besides Wax therapy unit.

Answering another question Dr. Zahid Bashir said that 75% attendance is mandatory for the students to sit in the examination and we do not compromise on this under any circumstances. Realizing the fact that majority of the admissions these days are of girls in medical and dental colleges, the administration has constructed a most modern Girls Hostel at the hospital campus which has facilities to house one hundred six students. For the time being Boys are accommodated in a rented building but we do plan to construct a Boys Hostel as well, he remarked.

Dental College has not yet started but the Dept. of Dentistry offers a wide variety of services to the dental patients.

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