Early referral & treatment can avoid 80% Amputations-Dr. Zahid Miyan


Preventing Avoidable Amputations with “Fast Track Pathway”
Early referral & treatment can avoid
80% Amputations-Dr. Zahid Miyan

By Mubarak Ali

KARACHI: Foot involvement is one of the major and devastating complications of diabetes. It is estimated that approximately thirty lac people with diabetes in Pakistan have foot ulcer while approximately three lac lose their limbs to diabetes, every year. Early referral and treatment can avoid 80% amputations. This was stated by Dr. Zahid Miyan, Project Director at Baqai Institute of Diabetology and Endocrinology while speaking at a launch ceremony of a nationwide health initiative the “Fast Track Pathway” held at a local Hotel here on December 29, 2021. At this occasion, an MOU was signed between BIDE and High-Q Pharmaceutical for the implementation of the project which will help in establishment of 30 diabetic foot clinics in Karachi, where general practitioners and family physicians will be trained on the identification of diabetic foot ulcers, their treatment and referral to a tertiary-care facility in case the wound requires surgery or vascular treatment.

“Fast Track Pathway” Dr. Zahid Miyan, said is a joint venture of D Foot International, Baqai Institute of Diabetology and Endocrinology (BIDE), National Association of Diabetes Educators of Pakistan (NADEP), Pakistan Working Group on the Diabetic Foot (PWGDF) and dedicated corporate partners. The huge burden of diabetic foot and the high frequency of avoidable amputations strongly necessitate consolidated and unified efforts, he added.

MOU signing ceremony between BIDE and High-Q Pharmaceutical for nationwide health initiative “Fast Track
Pathway” held on December 29, 2021. Picture shows Dr. Zahid Miyan and Mr. Atif Iqbal signing MOU and on
right is group photograph of BIDE team with MD and Senior Executives of High-Q Pharma.

Continuing Dr. Zahid Miyan said that in every twenty second one amputation is done in the World and our struggle is to control it with the help of various stakeholders. Foot care management is a very noble cause, it does not provide financial gain but it involves humanity. Delay in patient’s referral is the major issue we are facing because when patient comes to us, it is too late to control the disease. Healing cost of a small ulcer comes to around one hundred fifty thousand rupees while an amputation involves three to four hundred thousand rupees which is a huge financial burden. We need to develop, implement and sustain foot care services in Pakistan.

In Fast Track Pathway programme we will train the team which includes doctors and their assistants called as Diabetic Foot Care Assistants which is approved by International Body. Sabit Qadam Programme initiated by High-Q Pharmaceutical will play an important role to achieve objectives of Fast Track Pathway programme. We are making connections to save legs with the help of multidisciplinary approach, establishing Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Care Foot Clinics. At present we have 150 foot clinics all over Pakistan connected with mobile app and family physicians can consult the conditions of the patients with tertiary care while sitting in their clinics and refer the patients as needed and will also be able to see the progress of the patients referred by them. Dr. Zahid Miyan appreciated the leading role of Prof. Abdul Basit, the Director of BIDE, who is visionary man who started foot care concept in Pakistan and has since long been advocating for the nationwide improvement in diabetic foot care.

Mr. Atif Iqbal, Dr. Noman Uddin , Mr. Ahmer Asad and members of marketing and sales team of High-Q pharm photographed with Dr. Zahid Miyan at the occasion of MOU signing ceremony between BIDE and High-Q
Pharmaceutical for nationwide health initiative “Fast Track Pathway”.

Mr. Atif Iqbal, Managing Director of High-Q Pharmaceuticals, speaking at the occasion said that awareness is the key to prevent imputation and make people aware of it. High-Q Pharma, he stated will be one of the implementing partners of the project which is of three years duration and it`s salient features are, training of health care professionals in the diabetic foot care, establishment of a network of 300-400 sustainable diabetic foot clinics across the country, provision of evidence-based standard of diabetic foot care to the people with diabetes, within or closer to their own vicinity and application of Fast-Track tool for early recognition, management and referral system. He assured that High-Q Pharma would continue to contribute in the care for people with Diabetes, particularly those with the diabetic foot problems.

Prof. Abdul Basit, Director BIDE, spoke briefly through video link and stated that we need three thousand foot care clinics in Pakistan. It is a national cause and it is heartening to note that people are joining us and playing their role which is very important to understand the importance of primary care. He thanked the High-Q Pharma management for their help and assistance for this noble cause.

Dr. Noman Uddin, Chief Commercial Officer High-Q Pharma stated that it is our social and corporate responsibility to work for the betterment of the ailing humanity for which our team is ready to work with BIDE team to achieve the objectives of “Fast Track Pathway” programme. Mr. Ahmer Asad , Head of Commercial, High-Q Pharma briefed the audience about its initiative Sabit Qadam which is in persuasion of our vision to a Pharma company which support the ailing humanity. Prof. M. Yakoob Ahmedani, Dr. Saif ul Haq, Dr. Zafar Abbasi, Dr. Asmat Nawaz, Dr. Riaz A. Memon and Ms. Erum Shakoor from BIDE and members of marketing and sales team of High-Q pharma were also present at the occasion.

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