We aim at establishing Spiritual Health Network through collaboration with Researchers & Spiritual Health Activists


Mission & Vision of Qom University, Iran
We aim at establishing Spiritual Health
Network through collaboration with
Researchers & Spiritual Health Activists
Production of reference books on Spiritual Health for
HCPs and public has started-Dr. Abolfazl Iranikhah

KARACHI: Historically the city of Qom has an important cultural and social role in the history and civilization of Iran and the development of religious culture. Presence of some international scientific centers like Al-Mustafa International University has enhanced its status. Qom is the city where the Holy shrine of Fatemah Masoumeh is located and this is the second most important Holy City in Iran which attracts over twenty five million pilgrims from all over the world annually. This was stated by Dr. Abolfazl Iranikhah Associate Professor Paediatric Gastroenterology and Chancellor Qom University. He was delivering his keynote speech on the first day of the 10th International Conference organized by Medics International at Karachi on December 24-25, 2019. It was preceded by workshops on different topics.

Continuing Dr. Abolfazl said that it was their responsibility to help, assist countries with less resources in the field of Health and Education which is invaluable. These efforts needs to be supplemented by IMI. Qom and Mashed have the capabilities to improve and fulfil some of these goals. We wish to play a role in the region in integration of health sciences and religious institutions. Qom province, he further stated has a population of more than one million and three hundred thousand. Our Mission is to educate the students at all levels in different disciplines including medical sciences. We train future doctors, dentists and specialists in other health sciences. The city has some of the well-known libraries and is the second province in the field of printing and publishing in Iran.

Speaking about the Mission and Vision of Qom University, Dr. Abolfazl said that our faculty is cooperating with international scientific centers overseas and locally including Al-Mustafa International University, Imam Khomeini Institute for Research and Education, Academy of Islamic Sciences besides other institutions. Our main priorities include identification and categorization of theoretical and practical centers, leading researchers and spiritual health activists at local, national, regional and international level to establish Spiritual Health Network. We also wish to develop a series of educational reference books in spiritual health for faculty members, specialists, manages, nurses, other healthcare provides besides general public. Other objectives include developing training curriculum and reference books for health students with problems based, systematic social approaches. We will identify and characterize scientific and practical characteristics of spiritual health professionals. We also intend to look at environmental health surveillance based on spiritual health indicators.

The Health and Religious faculty is a unique position in Islamic Republic of Iran. It has been established to develop interdisciplinary studies in common fields of health sciences and religious sciences. We have started admitting and training the specialists and experts who will be able to recognize the existing problems, issues in different fields including medical ethics, he concluded.