Sindh Governor asks Pakistani doctors settled abroad to invest in Pakistan


Medics International Conference at Karachi
Sindh Governor asks Pakistani doctors 
settled abroad to invest in Pakistan
Medics International plans to establish State of the
Art Sadiq University of Health Sciences in Pakistan
- Prof. Shabih Zaidi

KARACHI: Pakistan has invested a lot of money in health, education and elimination of poverty which is the primary responsibility of the State. However, we have not yet achieved the desired results. We have now introduced a loan scheme for the doctors so that instead of looking for jobs, they can set up their own clinics and diagnostic labs. Pakistani doctors settled abroad should have faith and trust in Pakistan. Instead of donating an ambulance or adopting some school or donating some funds to an institution, they should bring back their money and invest in Paksitan which we desperately need to become self sufficient. This was stated by Mr. Imran Ismail Governor of Sindh. He was speaking in the inaugural session of the 10th International Conference of Medics International held here from December 24-26th 2019. The conference which was also the Silver Jubilee conference of the IMI was largely attended by eminent medical personalities in different disciplines from many countries of the world.

Continuing Mr. Imran Ismail said that Pakistan was the largest philanthropic nation in the world but when it comes to paying taxes, they do not want to pay because they never had trust in the leadership. When they are sure that their taxes will be spent for the welfare of People of Pakistan, they will be prepared to pay taxes. We have increased tax collection during the last year but still it falls too short of our expectations and we need to do a lot more. He reminded the Pakistani doctors who had come from overseas that Pakistan has invested a lot in their training and now it was the time to pay back. When people leave, they also contribute in its development by sending foreign exchange back home but we need their investment. By mere adopting a school or small donations will not work, the country needs their investment which will prove that they have faith and believe in Pakistan. Bring your money back and we will ensure that it is safe and you do get enough return on your investment. By investing in Pakistan they can be a part of development of this country.

Earlier Dr. Huma Naqvi Global President of Medics International in her address said that Midis has a history spread over twenty eight years. It is an NGO representing Global Doctors and Physicians who are working in the field of Health and Education all over the world. At present Medics International was looking after fifty five initiatives in different countries. It was the dream of Dr.Wajih Rizvi who is the founder President of Medics International and now Medics International was working in Iraq, India, Pakistan, Africa running and managing hospitals, educational institutons. We provide Qarze Hasna to students and are involved in other interest generating projects. Medics International started serving the humanity in 1980. We also provide healthcare during Hajj, organize conferences, training workshops. We have our Global Headquarters in USA and a state of the art healthcare facility, medical university having a modern library and an auditorium will be part of this project which is being completed in a phased programme.

Prof. Shabih H. Zaidi Chief of Medics Virtual University, one of the moving spirits behind this conference and a noted ENT Surgeon with special interest in medical education and medical ethics in his speech said that it was their tenth International Conference and Silver Jubilee meeting of Medics International. Serving humanity in Health and Education is our motto, we have served in Pakistan during earth quacks and are also involved in lot of humanitarian services in the field of health services and education. We are collaborating with different Nations all over the world. We have established Medics International Virtual University which runs training courses providing online learning opportunities. By setting up Virtual university knowledge has been liberated. We plan to establish state of the Art Sadiq University of Health Sciences in Pakistan for which he requested the Governor of Sindh to use his good offices and request the Government to grant them a piece of land.

Responding to the request for a piece of land for Sadiq University of Health Sciences which the Medics International wishes to establish in Paksitan, Governor of Sindh said that we have enough land. If they are serious about this project, do contact his office and we can sort out this issue, he promised. Later he presented mementoes among distinguished speakers and organizers of the conference which included Dr. Huma Naqvi, Prof.S.H.Zaidi, Dr. Arshad Qayyumi, Dr. Izhar Hussain and Dr. Dilbar Saeed.