Prof. Nadeem Qamar urges Faculty and Postgraduates to document and publish their work


First Annual Research Day at NICVD

Prof. Nadeem Qamar urges Faculty and 
Postgraduates to document and publish their work

Make full use of the Research Department and 
avail facilities being offered by Health RAB

KARACHI: We at the National Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases are doing lot of useful and much superior work but the outside world does not know it because we do not document and publish our work. Unfortunately research culture was lacking at NICVD for many years and now we have taken certain measures to promote research culture. A Department of Research with full time Research Manager along with support staff including statistician has been appointed. The faculty as well as postgraduates should make full use these facilities and also avail the facilities being offered by Health Research Advisory Board so that the outside world knows and appreciates the work being done at this premier tertiary cardiac care facility NICVD. This was stated by Prof. Nadeem Qamar Director of NICVD while speaking at the First Annual Research Day organized at NICVD campus on January 11, 2018.

Continuing Prof. Nadeem Qamar said that now we have progressed from an infancy stage to adulthood. We have lot of data available. The faculty members and postgraduates should make use of it, actively participate in research, trials and publish them. He laid emphasis on quality of research work rather than working on just promotion papers. We are having negotiations with certain institutions and there are certain protocols for research which have to be implemented. Once that is done we will be able to participate in multicenter studies as well, he added. Prof. Nadeem Qamar thanked Syed Jamshed Ahmad Chief Operating Officer of PharmEvo for their generous help and assistance in improving patient care as well as promoting research culture with their valuable help and assistance in various ways. We need your help and assistance much more in the days to come and he hoped that PharmEvo will continue to help NICVD in its endeavour to make it one of the best cardiac care facility not only in Pakistan but in the region and later in the world.

NICVD organized its First Annual Research Day recently. Group Photograph taken on the occasion 
shows winners of the Poster Compition prizes Dr. Saba Hussain (First), Dr. Bela Khan (Third), 
Dr. Naresh Kumar Chonan (Second) standing in the first row respectively alongwith some faculity 
members from NICVD, representatives of Health RAB beside panel of Judges who evaluated 
the Posters from (L to R) Dr. Zakiuddin Ahmed, Syed Jamshed Ahmed, Prof. Nadeem Qamar, 
Prof. M. Wasay, Shaukat Ali Jawaid, Dr. Javed Akbar 
Sial, Dr. Masood Jawaid and Prof. Zahid Jamal.

Syed Jamshed Ahmad COO PharmEvo in his speech on this occasion commended Prof. Nadeem Qamar for transformation of this public cardiac care facility. Its functioning, patient care has improved a lot and we appreciate its mission of making available cardiac care including emergency cardiac care facilities throughout the province. We are glad that we in PharmEvo have played a little role in it. Our Mission in Health RAB is to promote the Research Ecosystem and build professional capacity of the healthcare professionals. We are proud to be the pioneer in ethical pharmaceutical marketing and we have earned the trust, respect of members of the medical profession by strictly adhering to professional ethics. This shows that there is no dearth of good doctors and they do appreciate those who uphold professional ethics and help them in the field of academics. We have no hidden agenda and we will keep on helping NICVD in its endeavour to accelerate research work, documentation, publications without any obligation, he remarked.

Earlier Prof. Zahid Jamal in his speech said that improvement of patient care should always get preference. There is no use of research if it does not help improve patient care. The main objective of any healthcare facility is always improving patient care, research comes second and that too should focus on patient care. He further stated that we must ensure authenticity, transparency of the data, ensure patient safety.  Any research outcome must help improve change our patient care positively.

Dr. Zakiuddin Ahmad Secretary Health RAB speaking at the occasion gave background of the establishment of Health RAB, its aims and objective, its mission besides highlighting its accomplishments so far. There are sixteen Board Members, ninety five charter members who can vote and over thirteen hundred other members of Health RAB from all over the country, he added.

Dr. Raza Rathore spoke about adult cardiac surgery database. He pointed out that the best surgeon is the one who knows when not to operate. NICVD, he further, stated has now started the Surgery Registry and every procedure being performed is now being documented. We will soon also be a part of Society of Thoracic Surgery Database in which 1105 hospitals from USA and nine other countries are participating. This data base has so far accumulated records of five million patients. We will ensure transparency and authenticity of our data at NICVD which is extremely important, he added.

Dr. Masood Jawaid Director Medical Affairs at PharmEvo addressing the participants gave details of the help and assistance which PharmEvo through Health RAB has provided to NICVD during the last one and a half year. We conducted sixteen workshops on SPSS, Research Methodology, Scientific Paper Writing, Poster preparation besides helping the faculty and postgraduates of NICVD in forty five studies. We also conducted Patient First workshop for the employees of NICVD from Chowkidar to office staff and Paramedics, nursing staff and they have all been trained to help improve patient care. We will soon introduce Pakistan’s First Electronic Data Capturing System, we will be too glad to help NICVD in this as well. Ultimate success, Dr. Masood Jawaid remarked was reflected in working together.

Prof. Nadeem Qamar Director NICVD, Prof. Zahid Jamal, Dr. Raza Rathore, Dr. Javed Akbar Sial, Syed 
Jamshed Ahmed COO PharmEvo, Dr. Zakiuddin Ahmed Secretary Health RAB, Prof. M. Wasay, 
Dr. Masood Jawaid 
Director Medical Affairs at PharmEvo, Dr. Shamiala Manager Research speaking 
at the First Annual Research Day organized at NICVD on January 11th, 2018.

Prof. M. Wasay from Aga Khan University who is also Board Member of Health RAB also briefly addressed the meeting and highlighted the importance of communication skills. It is important to make best use of whatever is available rather than complaining of what is not available. Research, he opined, helps improve patient care provided an effort is made to find a solution to indigenous problems. Your patient is your best teacher, research is a thinking process and once it gets going, it leads to improved patient care. He laid emphasis on keen observations, try to find out reasons for the problem, identify the causative factors and then find a solution. He wished that someone among the participants of the poster competition should have focused on  patient’s perceptions, tried to find out the satisfaction level of patients visiting NICVD because that will help improve quality of care.

Evaluation of Posters

There were seventeen posters displayed in the competition out of which two presenters were missing.  The panel of judges which evaluated the posters included Dr. Jawed Akbar Sail from NICVD, Prof. M.Wasay from AKU, Shaukat Ali Jawaid Chief Editor Pakistan Journal of Medical Sciences while Prof. Nadeem Rizvi also joined in for a short while. All the participants in the competition were asked to make presentation in three to four minutes and they were asked different questions related to their studies, its presentation.  Lot of basic deficiencies in text as well as presentation were noted and they were advised to make sure that they do not make the same mistakes in future. They were further advised that there was no need to get disheartened, on the contrary they should use this opportunity to learn. It was pointed out that title of the study, clear objective, proper use of typefaces for title and text, tables, figures was important. The visual impact of the poster should be appealing and must attract the reader. Not only have that made sure that your poster convey the message clearly. They were also asked to develop a reading habit, read medical journals, and keep themselves abreast of latest Guidelines on Scientific Paper Writing by International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE).  A poster is always considered a mini paper and if they make mistakes here, they are likely to make the same mistakes when they prepare the manuscript for publication.

As per unanimous decision by the panel of judges Dr.Saba Hussain got the first prize of Rs. One lac. Her study was on Medication Adherence in Post Myocardial Infraction Patients. Dr. Naresh Kumar Chohan won the second prize worth Rs. 75,000/-. Title of his study was Echocardiographic Guided Bed Side Balloon Atrial Septostomy in Dextro Transposed Great Arteries with intact Ventricular septum. Dr. Bella Khan won the third prize worth Rs. 50,000/- The title of her poster was Risk Factors and Coronary Angiographic Profiles in young Patients with AMI: Data from NICVD. There was another good study entitled “Experience of Providing Primary PCI services at Rural Cardiac Center. Outcome of initial two months procedures. This was excluded from the competition because of conflict of interest as the main author Dr. Jawaid Akbar Sial was also included among the panel of judges.

Director of NICVD Prof. Nadeem Qamar presented prizes to the winners of this competition. Syed Jamshed Ahmad COO PharmEvo also presented a Memento to Prof. Nadeem Qamar and reiterated PharmEvo resolve to help NICVD in future as well. Dr.Shamaila Manager Clinical Research at NICVD presented vote of thanks.