Psychiatrists urged to play their role as Mental Healthcare Professionals-Prof. Malik H. Mubbashar


Psychiatrists urged to play their role as Mental
Healthcare Professionals-Prof. Malik H. Mubbashar

Mental Health of our Nation is not good that is why we see this
terrorism, law and order situation and frustration

Some psychiatrists are busy in unscientific, Un-evidence Based
interventions which are dictated by greed- Prof. Mowadat H. Rana

KARACHI: Mental Health of our Nation is not good and it is the result of abnormalities in mental health that we see this terrorism, law and order situation, depression and frustration all around. Psychiatrists have to play the role of Mental Healthcare Professionals. When the body is separated from mind and soul, it is nothing.  WHO EMRO now defines health as physical, social, mental and spiritual well being’ Spiritual values are not the heritage of any culture. Royal College of Psychiatrists UK has now also realized the importance of spirituality and formed a separate group on spiritual psychiatry. This was stated by Prof.Malik H. Mubbashar a noted psychiatrist and former Vice Chancellor of University of Health Sciences Lahore. He was making  a presentation on  “ From Psychiatry to Mental Health: Integration of Mind, Body and Soul “at the  20th International Psychiatric Conference organized by Pakistan Psychiatric Society  here from December 26-28th 2014.


Sitting on the dais during inaugural session of the 20th Int. Psychiatric conference from (L to R) are
Prof. Mowadat H. Rana, Prof. Malik H. Mubbashar, Prof. Haroon Ahmed, Prof. Masood Hameed
(Chief Guest), Prof. Mazhar Malik, and Prof. Sayed Muhammad Sultan.

Psychiatry, Prof. Malik H. Mubbashar further stated was saving human being from disintegration. When I started my career in psychiatry, I used to look at scientists from the West with a Pakistani heart. I was a Pakistani made British Psychiatrist. I was away from the country while doing my postgraduate training in psychiatry but had not forgotten my religious and cultural heritage. I always wished to combine the both for which I have struggled throughout my life, he remarked.


Prof. Ejaz Ahmed Vohra (C) along with Dr. Yousuf Kamal Mirza and
Prof. Najmul Islam Chairing a session during 20th International
Psychiatric conference held at Karachi recently.

Continuing Prof. Mubbashar said that we have faith that God is within us. Separation of body, mind and soul leaves nothing. People are now talking about alternative medicine and alternate systems of medicine. What is happening in the West is very good for them but not for us. We should not follow the West blindly as for us reality is different. He then asked whether today’s psychiatrists were capable of integrating mind, body and soul? Many psychiatrists, he opined, have no knowledge of soul. We have diseases of disability of mind. Just like we have doctors for body, we need doctors for the mind as well.  Too much specialization and sub-specialization in medicine is not beneficial for the patients. Currently there is a war going on between the psychiatrists and the psychologists. Then the psychiatrists also have to compete with the faith healers. It looks as if psychiatry today is disintegrated, disorganized and split just like schizophrenics. We have an injured soul and many of us are becoming shrinks and that is why people do call us shrinks. By blindly following the West, we are shrinking our profession.

Prof. Malik H. Mubbashar warned the psychiatrists and if they failed to wake up and discharge their responsibilities effectively, in the days to come neurologists will take over some part of Psychiatry with too many developments being made in neurology with PET Scans etc and psychologists will take over some part of their services, then where will the psychiatrists find themselves he asked? We need to concentrate on treatment, rehabilitation and protection of mental health as suggested by Prof. Mowadat H. Rana in his presentation. Many years ago I started calling myself as mental health professionals and I am glad that now the psychiatrists have adopted this. At present I do not feel comfortable treating a patient with PTSD. Women psychiatrists, he further stated, has contributed a great deal to the promotion of psychiatry as a discipline. But on the whole we the psychiatrists have lost empathy for the patients. He reminded his psychiatrist’s colleagues that Love and Empathy was the only remedy.

Prof. Raza Ur Rehman, Chairma Organizing Committee of the 20th International
Psychiatric conference presenting shield to Prof. Mowadat H. Rana during the conference.

He also disclosed that University of Health Sciences is starting a Masters programme in Health Sciences, Research and Development in collaboration with a university from Portugal. The programme will start next year and dual degree will be awarded to the candidates   from the UHS as well as the university from Portugal.

He was also very critical of unethical medical practice on the part of the healthcare professionals and unethical marketing practices by the Pharma Trade and Industry.  Recently leasing company took away the car from one of the senior professors as he forgot to fulfill the promise he had made with the pharmaceutical company to write prescriptions of their products, hence, they did not pay the installment. Pharma industry is working overtime to pollute and corrupt the younger generation of healthcare professionals through different means. He then narrated the following couplet and remarked that we all should try to become good human beings:


We have too many anti-depressants, anti-anxiety drugs and anti psychotics but what we now need is that the Pharma industry should come up with certain other innovative products like Anti-Greedosis, Anti-Jealousemia, Anti prejudiceres and Anti-Stigmadosis etc. He also narrated how he forced the CPSP council members to take a decision and notify Fellowship in Child Psychiatry. He wished that Pakistan Medical & Dental Council like UHS will also make examination in behavioural sciences a compulsory subject.

Prof. Malik H. Mubbashar who is an excellent speaker today looked a bit off colour with his disjointed speech but it still had lot of pearls of wisdom for those who care to listen and understand what it meant.  Perhaps it was the poor attendance in the session which must have been quite disturbing for him. While the attendance in the hall was very thin when he  made his presentation because people from Karachi had gone to their clinics while those who had come from other parts of the country, most of them were busy at pharmaceutical Bazaar. In fact there were more people roaming around the pharmaceutical exhibition than those sitting inside the hall which is a routine at all the medical conferences organized at Five Star Hotels.

Earlier Prof. Mowadat H.Rana in his presentation entitled “ Vision of Psychiatry in the next fifty years” said that  we see  lot of unscientific and un-evidence based interventions which are going on because the patients are not educated and do not know their rights. Administering forty ECTs to some one who is aggrieved at the death of his mother has no justification at all. Use of ECT and other interventions are mostly dictated by greed. He was of the view that it is one’s own conscious which was the best control.

Dr. Unaiza Niaz speaking at the occasion said that Prof. Mowadat H. Rana has revolutionized psychiatry in the armed forces while Prof. Malik H. Mubbashar was the torch bearer of modern psychiatry teaching, training and Research. They both have contributed a great deal to the uplift and promotion of psychiatry and mental health services in Pakistan.

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