Prof. Rab urges professional specialty organizations to hold their meetings at medical institutions


We lack honesty, morality & have forgotten rights of neighbors & the Poor

Prof. Rab urges professional specialty organizations
to hold their meetings at medical institutions

If the doctors failed to answer calls from public,
they will go to quacks and alternate medicine

KARACHI: Prof. S.M.Rab an eminent physician of the country and former President of CPSP has also raised his voice joining other saner elements within the medical profession calling the professional specialty organizations to hold their conferences at medical institutions rather than Five Star Hotels. There are over hundred such organizations and they all hold fabulous meetings at these hotels all paid for by the Pharma industry which then passes on this burden to the patients. The society as a whole the medical profession being no exception, Prof. Rab said, lack honesty, morality and we have forgotten the rights of neighbours and the poor. If the doctor’s community failed to answer the calls from the public, they will go to quacks and alternate medicine. By making the treatment most expensive, the doctors were in fact un-intentionally promoting quackery in the country.

Prof. S.M. Rab former President and the only living Founder Fellow of
CPSP who was the chief guest at CPSP’s 47th convocation is
being presented a mementoe by Prof. Zafar Ullah Chaudhry
current President of CPSP at Karachi on December 26th 2013.

He expressed these views while speaking at the 47th Convocation of CPSP held at Karachi on December 26th where he was invited as a chief guest. He paid tributes to late Lt. Gen. W.A. Burki, Prof. M.A.H. Siddiqui and other founder fellows who established and developed CPSP and being one of the founder fellows I have also contributed my share in its progress, he added. After partition, we all had the desire to fill the gap and most of us returned back to Pakistan after completing our postgraduate training overseas and helped build institutions in the country. This country has given us so much and we all felt that we owe something to this great country. This was the spirit with which all of us worked in those days. But now the situation, Prof. Rab said has changed. We see hatred all around, between the provinces, between institutions, within the medical profession and media is busy in maligning the doctor’s community. Might is money and everything is done to chase that.
We see certain things in our medical colleges these days which were unheard of when we were medical students. There used to be small batches in class and teachers knew every student but now many students seldom see their professor. Students study from short notes which are available to pass the examination and Registrars take tuition classes and show them all the cases with a guarantee that they will pass. We do have some good people within the doctor’s community who are devoted and dedicated to their profession but we have now another class which is known as businessmen and women within the medical profession. Now there is a craze to become interventionist among the specialists as it brings more money. We see many un-necessary endoscopies, angiographies and surgical procedures. He made a passionate appeal to the doctor’s community not to destroy the faith the patients have put in them. There is nothing wrong with this country and the people but the society as a whole has degenerated. Pakistan is not a poor country but its affairs are being mismanaged. The fault lies with the affluent class and the rulers. He called upon the healthcare professionals to prove with their deeds and actions and become an agent for change. Make the treatment of diseases cost effective and affordable. He also urged the government to promote the Generics and check unethical pharmaceutical marketing practices and unethical medical practice. Bribing the doctors by the industry through different ways to promote their sales should be checked. We should concentrate on manufacture of drugs rather than allowing liberal drug imports. Society must ensure minimum healthcare to the poor who cannot afford and we must also introduce health insurance. If the doctors failed to do that then they should not complain if quackery flourishes in the country. Pakistanis themselves, Prof. Rab said were the greatest enemies of the country. Indians are better nationalists than Pakistanis and we should be ashamed of it. We must respect this country, our seniors and contribute our share to strengthen this country for which our founders had struggled and made lot of sacrifices, he added.