“Pain Studio” offers solutions to management of pain


Novartis initiative on pain management

“Pain Studio” offers solutions
to management of pain

KARACHI: Novartis Pharma Pakistan has started a campaign named “Pain Studio” one stop shop to pain solutions. In this programme a Panel discussion brings together a diverse panel of doctors, therapists, and other professionals to discuss the latest in pain management. This event offers the chance to learn and ask questions from experts in different fields. Fifth programme in this connection was organized by Novartis at a local hotel here on 6th December, 2014. It was largely attended by family physicians from different parts of the country. Panelist included Dr. Sumaira Farman, Paediatric Rheumatologist, Dr. Muhammad Nasir Qureshi ENT Specialist, Dr. Khalid Javed Khan General Surgeon, Dr. Shahid Noor, Orthopedic Surgeon and Dr. Raheel Sikandar Gynecologist.

Participating in the discussion Dr. Shaihd Noor said that every patient has different pain, It is important to find out the cause of Pain. Family Physicians have the privilege to treat children as well geriatrics. History, physical examination along with relevant investigation are most important to tackle the issue, he added.

Photograph taken during Novartis Pain Studio campaign shows sitting on the
stage from (L to R) Dr. Muzna Ibrahim, Dr. Sumaira Farman, Dr. Shahid Noor,
Dr. Khalid Javed Khan, Dr. Muhammad Nasir Qureshi and Dr. Raheel Sikandar.

Dr. Raheel Sikandar said that pain during pregnancy needs counseling, like how to sit, how to walk, how to wear. Back pain is very common problem, it needs to be diagnosed properly after careful history. Pain in the morning is usually of an inflammatory origin and role of physiotherapist is also important in the management of back pain.
Dr. Khalid Javed stated that there are limitations as one cannot satisfy every patient. If patient is not getting better with simple medication, second class of analgesics can be used. However, when pain is not relieved, one should not abuse the medication and refer the patients to physicians. No age is immune to cancer, rectum cancer is the most common cancer seen in our practice and PR test is very important besides history of the patient. We must listen to the patients carefully and practice ethical medicine.

Dr. Sumaira Farman stated that Rheumatic fever is over diagnosed. Juvenile arthritis is very common in children. WHO guidelines for management of pain should be practiced which is to start with aspirin, paracetamol and then NASIDS followed by drugs like tramadol group and then morphine. Suppository is the most effective management of pain if patients agree because it is not liked by many due to its administration route. Pain management is a multidisciplinary team work. Every patient needs to be treated according to his/her requirements.
Dr. Muhammmad Nasir Qureshi in his remarks said that handling ENT related pain is not a big problem. The pain in an ear with no sign may be somatic or referred pain from other areas. One should be vigilant in this scenario. Usually inflammatory pain is more common in ENT, he added.

Dr. Syed Nurul Haque from Department of Anesthesia Abassi Shaheed Hospital talked about how to manage an outpatient case of pain in pain clinic. Over 80% of our patients are suffering from back pain and chronic pain. While Knee joint and shoulder pain and other related pain account for the rest 10%. In cancer patients pain relief should be our top priority, he added. Voltarol suppositories are also an effective treatment to manage of pain. OPQRST which stands for onset, provocation, quality, region, severity and timing should be adopted.Unrelieved pain leads to further physical abnormalities, Dr. Nurul Haque added.

Earlier Mr. Shahab Rizvi, Chief Executive and Country President Novartis Pakistan speaking at the occasion said that Novartis is a world leader in the research and development of products to protect and improve health and well-being. The company has core businesses in pharmaceuticals, vaccines, consumer health, generics, eye care and animal health. With Headquarters in Basel, Switzerland, Novartis is present in over 140 countries worldwide to help save lives and improve the quality of life. The Group is present in Pakistan through Novartis Pakistan Limited.

One of the many initiatives of Novartis is providing healthcare solutions to address the evolving needs of patients and societies worldwide. Our mission is to discover, develop and successfully market innovative products to prevent and cure diseases, to ease suffering and to enhance the quality of life. Novartis is one of the 25 largest companies by market capitalization. We have wide therapeutic range, we are the 2nd largest generic company in the World, largest company in eye preparation and consumer healthcare. We work responsibly and ethically. Novartis started its operation in 1956 in the name of Ciba-Geigy in Karachi. In 1963 we established factory with the name of Sandoz. We are also providing free medicines to CML patients for the last ten years, he added.

Host of the programme Dr. Muzna Ibrahim in her introductory remarks said that pain is Allah‘s greatest blessing which alerts us to protect from a bigger problem. It can be judged from the disease which have no pain in their initial stages but when it is diagnosed, it is too late. Ms. Jyoti Kumari, Product Manager Novartis Pharma welcomed the participants. Mr. Mansoor Ali Jafary Business Unit Head presented the souvenirs to the panelists and delivered the vote of thanks. (PR)

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