Number of medical journals published from Iran has increased to 345 in 2014


Dr. Ali Akbari Sari’s address at ISC Conference

Number of medical journals published
from Iran has increased to 345 in 2014

72 of these Journals are covered by PubMed, 
78 by EMBASE and 78 by SCOPUS

TUMS alone publishes 50 Journals including 11 by School of Public Health

SHIRAZ (IRAN): The number of medical journals published from Iran has increased from 90 in 2004 to 345 in 2014. Hundred percent of these journals practice double blind peer review system. Some of them do receive some fee for fast track processing. Almost 95% of these journals have have active functional websites and all these journals are indexed in ISC. This was stated by Dr. Ali Akbari Sari, Dean School of Public Health at Tehran University of Medical Sciences who is also Secretary of Commission of Medical Journals Auditing in Ministry of Health and Medical, Government of Iran. He was making a presentation on Medical Journal publishing in Iran at the recently held Second International Conference of Chief Editors of Scientific Journals from the Muslim World organized by Islamic World Science Citation Center, Shiraz, Iran.

Dr. Ali Akbari Sari

Dr. Ali Akbari Sari further stated that 95% of these journals have Abstracts in English language and one hundred eighty six journals have full text in English language. Seventy five journals have XML full text. Each journal publishes about sixty papers every year and the total number of papers published from Iran annually was about twenty thousand.

Speaking about the problems faced by these journals, Dr. Ali Akbari Sari said that about 10% face delay in publication of one to two issues. Tehran University of Medical Sciences published fifty journals while the School of Public Health affiliated with TUMS alone publishes eleven journals. Majority of these journals, he said, are owned by medical universities in Iran. They have office in the respective university; journal staff is appointed and affiliated with these universities. Seventy two of these Iranian Journals, he said, are covered by PubMed, seventy eight by EMBASE and seventy eight by SCOPUS.

Talking about the challenges faced by these journals he mentioned non availability of professionals, Diseconomies of small scale, Delay in peer review, delay in publishing, low citations, publication ethics, distribution of type of papers as some have just Reviews while others have original articles only. It is essential that all these journals should have a variety of contents. He also gave details pertaining to the working of the Journals Commission in the Iranian Ministry of Health, how they help and support these journals, accredit and Re-accredit these journals. These medical journals, Dr. Ali Akbari Sari remarked are also offered financial support, they are helped in indexing, training of their staff, preparing the journal websites and journal’s databases by the Journals Commission in Ministry of Health.