Do not Shut Hospitals, close Out Patients Departments and don’t indulge in violence, agitation as well as strikes


 Dr. A.Q. Khan’s Advice to Health Care Professionals

Do not Shut Hospitals, close Out Patients Departments
and don’t indulge in violence, agitation as well as strikes

Listen to the patient’s complaints patiently before writing the
prescription, refrain from un-necessary investigations and
uphold professional ethics at all times

Building a 200-Bed Hospital at Lahore of which Out Patients
Departments will start functioning next month while OPDs at
Five Clinics are functioning in Rawalpindi-Islamabad

KARACHI: World renowned Pakistani Nuclear Scientist Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan was the chief guest at the Convocation of Baqai Medical University held at the BMU Campus on December 15th 2014. Addressing the healthcare professionals in general and young doctors in particular  he advised them never to shut hospital, do not close Out Patients Departments and do not indulge in  violence, agitation  and strikes. It is against the oath they take after graduation. Referring to the oath taken by the fresh medical and dental graduates at the convocation, Dr. A. Q. Khan said that after this you should all have become angels but in reality, the situation is different. He also recalled that once he attended the Convocation of Allama Iqbal Medical College at Lahore and when he came out of the convocation, the doctors were indulging in activities which cannot be termed human.

Prof. Zahida Baqai Vice Chancellor Baqai Medical University along with
Prof. F. U. Baqai Chancellor of BMU presenting a mementoe to Dr. A.Q. Khan
who was the chief guest at the BMU Convocation held on December 15th 2014.

By taking this oath to serve the ailing humanity, they have made a pledge and it is important that the healthcare professionals abide by this oath in letter and spirit. When the doctors go on strike, shut hospitals, close down the Out Patients Departments in public hospitals, it is the poor patients who suffer. He further said that they should remember about 95% of the patients who come to the public healthcare facilities are poor who cannot afford private healthcare. When you shut up these hospitals and close OPDs, those who can afford will seek treatment from private hospitals but the poor will continue to suffer. In our times, we too have suffered a lot. We had meager remuneration and no extra ordinary facilities, perks and privileges but we never resorted to agitation and violence. Instead we concentrated on work. If you have any problem, you better talk to the administration and negotiate it rather than resorting to violence, agitation and extreme measures like strikes, Dr. A. Q. Khan remarked.

Recording his observations Dr. A. Q. Khan said that most often the doctors do not listen to the patient sand they have not yet narrated their complaints before the doctor hands over them the prescription along with a lost list of investigations some of which are not essential while some are not at all indicated. Medicine is a noble profession and apart from remuneration, the love and affection which they get form the patients who get better after treatment and who pray for you, is something which you cannot earn even after spending huge sums of money. . He advised them to uphold professional ethics at all times and practice ethical medicine.

Dr. A. Q. Khan further stated that he has established an NGO which is running five clinics in Rawalpindi-Islamabad area and examine patients from 9.00 AM to 2.00 PM. As you know most of the patients can be treated and need treatment in the OPDs. Apart from that we have got a plot of land measuring two hundred Kanals in Lahore donated by one of the philanthropists. We are building a two hundred bed hospital there and a huge  Out Patients Department is nearing completion which will start functioning in a month’s time, he added. Our country need special emphasis on Health and Education that is why I have established many institutions including the Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute of Science and Technology. It is something bad with the people from Khyber PK that they never name any institution in the name of some one from them.  I planned and built GIK Institute of Technology and named it after Mr. Ghulam Ishaq Khan in recognition of his contributions.  He was a devoted, dedicated, sincere honest bureaucrat who was a great patriot and I have yet to see such a person other than him in Pakistan, he remarked. It was he who along with Mr. A.G. N. Kazi and Agha Shahi helped us to develop the Pakistan’s nuclear programme. Mr. GIK provided us all the funding which was never more than   twenty million US dollars and we used it judiciously and successfully run and managed the Kahuta Research Laboratories. I and my team members are all honest and practical Muslim, though we do not have beards but we all are very religious and abide by other principles of Islam. We were all Pakistani and we were able to accomplish this task of developing the nuclear device without any outside help and assistance. With the grace of God Almighty no one could ever point a finger at us as regards our honesty and no discrepancies were ever found in the financial audit, so meticulous were our records.

While it was late Mr. Z. A. Bhutto who asked me to develop this nuclear technology and helped a lot, later Ms. Benazir Bhutto provided us all the funding to develop our Missile programme which was essential to deliver the nuclear warheads if need be. Sahibzada Yakoob Ali Khan and General Ziaul Haque also provided help and assistance in these programmes with the result that we were able to protect and safeguard the country from Indian threats. Devotion and dedication is needed for such projects.  Leaving aside the politics, one has to give the credit for all this where it is due, he remarked. He thanked Prof. F.U. Baqai and Prof. Mrs. Zahida Baqai for inviting him to the Convocation and recalled that after the atomic explosions, Baqai Medical University was the first institution to honour him with Doctorate of Science degree and later eight other universities also honoured him.

Addressing the young graduates Dr. A. Q.Khan said that we did not had too much money but we never faced hunger. Love and affection has always remained our main earnings and they should all try to earn that by serving the ailing humanity. His advice to the participants was to be sincere to the country and recite Holy Quran with translation daily. It offers lot of satisfaction and one comes to know that all the problems that we face in our life, a solution is given in the Holy Book if we bother to look at it carefully.

Earlier Deans of Medicine and Dentistry, , Pharmacy presented the graduates of the Year 2001, 2012 and 2013  including  BDS graduates for the Year 2014 who had qualified and they were administered oath by Prof. Moinuddin. Diploma graduates in DPT, Diabetes, Advance General Dentistry, MSc in Haematology, Medical Technology, MPH graduates for the Year 2011, 2012 and 2013, BBA and EBA graduates, BSc Nursing and BSc soft engineering were also presented their degrees. Dr. Saboor was awarded PhD in Haematology, Dr. Farid Mohsin PhD in Oral Pathology, Dr. Zahid Qaimkhani  PhD in Anatomy while a number of doctors who had done their M. Phil in different subjects were also honoured.  Best graduates in the MBBS and BDS classes for the Year 2011, 2012 and 2013 besides those who had earned highest marks in various subjects were presented Gold Medals by the chief guest Dr. A. Q.Khan.  Later Prof. Mrs. Zahida Baqai and Prof. F. U. Baqai presented a mementoe to Dr. A. Q.Khan.

Earlier in her welcome address Prof. Zahida Baqai Vice Chancellor of Baqai Medical University urged the fresh graduates in various subjects and their parents to do something for the country. The convocation proceedings were conducted by Prof. Jamil Ahmad who also asked the participants to give a standing ovation to Dr. A. Q. Khan Mohsin-e-Pakistan as a mark of respect for him to which everyone present obliged. Later Prof. Zahida Baqai and Prof. F.U.Baqai presented a mementoe to Dr.A. Q. Khan. Senator Abdul Haseeb Khan, Mr. Yasin Malik and Mr. Dost Mohammad Faizi were also present on this occasion.

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