Measures taken to improve research culture at IUMS results in manifold increase in research proposals, publications - Payman Adibi

ISFAHAN (ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF IRAN): Various measures taken by the Isfahan University of Medical Sciences administration to promote research culture has resulted in manifold increase in research proposals and publications. The number of biomedical journals published by the university has also increased from three a few years ago to twenty in 2012. Faculty members have been offered lot of incentives and told that no publications, no further promotion and if they constantly fail to publish, they will be removed from the faculty position after three years.


Vertigo is one of the vestibular disorders and its prevalence is 20% among people over 65 Years of age

KARACHI: Vertigo is one of the vestibular disorders and its prevalence is about 20% in people over sixty five years of age. Dizziness is seen in 5% of the population; hence it is a fairly common disorder. Vestibular implant is an artificial balance which we have successfully implanted in two patients with excellent results recently which is a great breakthrough in this field.


42 Medical and Dental Institutions throughout Pakistan participate in APPNA and Islamic Relief USA campaign against Hepatitis-C

LAHORE: Forty two medical and dental institutions throughout Pakistan which included medical and dental colleges, medical universities, Gujranwala Liver Foundation, Rehabilitation Centers etc., participated in APPNA and Islamic Relief USA’s Awareness campaign against Hepatitis C on November 29th 2012.


Women Physicians are playing an important role in Medical Education and Health Services in Iran

ISFAHAN (IRAN): Women physicians are now playing an important role in medical education and health services in many Muslim countries but the situation is very fascinating in Islamic Republic of Iran in particular where they are occupying important positions in medical schools and medical universities.


Vitamin A and Beta-Carotene are Miracle Workers:

KARACHI: Frank Murray former Editor of Better Nutrition who has so far authored and co-authored fifty two books on Health and Nutrition has published his new title “ Vitamin A and Beta-Carotene are Miracle Workers” which highlights the benefits of these most inexpensive vitamins that provide protection against a wide range of medical disorders.


Remembering our East Pakistani Armed Forces Doctors

After his recent visit to Bangladesh, Prof, Ishaq has narrated his observations about the Bangladesh Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases and the contributions made by Brig, Malik Ali in the establishment and development of that institute.


PharmEvo trying to promote harmony and tolerance in the society through literary programmes

LAHORE: Majority of the members of the medical profession have a very busy professional life and sometime they are forced even to neglect their family life as the calling of the profession they have chosen is such that they can be called to manage a patient at anytime of the day or night. (PDF)


Healthcare professionals should uphold professional ethics-Prof.Masood Hameed Khan

KARACHI: A vast majority of the medical profession practice ethical medicine but it is only a few who are bringing a bad name to the doctors community. Whatever is being printed and aired in the print and electronic media is not fully correct but there are instances which have adversely affected the image of the medical profession.


Medical Education in Pakistan - An audit

The oldest medical college in Pakistan is King Edward Medical Collage, Lahore (present K.E.M.U) and the second oldest is Dow Medical Collage Karachi. The first private medical college in Pakistan was Aga Khan Medical University Karachi which started in 1990.


New Aortic Valve Devices may hold the Key to patient’s Heart

LONDON, UK (GLOBALDATA): Open heart surgery may be a dying art, as new valve replacement techniques offer life-changing treatment without the need for invasive procedures, states a new report by healthcare experts GlobalData.


Jamal-e-Hikmat-o-Danish Ka Aina Hay Kitab

KARACHI: PharmEvo a national pharmaceutical concern which is known for its ethical marketing practices and producing quality drugs keeping up its past traditions formally launched its Thematic Calendar 2013 at a meeting organized at Bahria Auditorium on December 11, 2013.


Otsuka awareness campaign against Hepatitis

KARACHI: Sepsis is a multi factorial disease and third common cause o death in Intensive Care Units. Efforts should be made to create awareness regarding this deadly disease besides other disease like Hepatitis and HIV AIDS etc.


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