“Medical History: Written in Haste”


“Medical History:
Written in Haste”
This book is full of inspiration and
makes an interesting reading

Dear Shaukat Jawaid,

I have received your gift of another memorable book of yours “Medical History-Written in Haste”. I am honoured to be included in your selected elite. It is a tremendous job done with a herculean effort to have compiled so much information from so many sources. Some of these people are now not in Pakistan and some are not in this world. Each has in his/her own way to the extent possible contributed to the advancement of medical education, medical practice, administration, public health, disciplines etc., often against all odds. It makes fascinating reading (I have not finished reading it yet) but it is full of inspiration. Congratulations for your efforts.

Prof. Kh. Saadiq Husain

I am most grateful for your generous remarks and equally thankful or filling in some details in the CPSP Chapter in my Reflections which I honestly say I did not know. I was so disgusted at that time with the whole sordid affairs that I did not even bother to find out what had transpired behind the “Iron curtain”. I was even shocked to read a write-up by Lt. Gen. Mahmud Ahmad Akhtar former Surgeon General of Army in Pulse international in one of its issues about the whole affair. (CPSP Elections 1996). However, that is now history not worth recalling. Had I known it, I would have reproduced the whole article in the book.

You must be wondering why I have sent you another copy of “Reflections”. There are two reasons. The first one is the answer to your accurate observation about the repetition of a para in the book, we noted it too and some punctuations and typographical errors. (I hope no more remain.) so we corrected those.

Secondly I have added another small chapter titled “Real Success of only 2.3pages.I felt it is relevant and the book is somehow incomplete without it in this day and age. Today there are so many misconceptions and consequently misendeavours about success in ALL professions; and the medical profession is no exception that the topic must be seen in its true perspective. The rest is a reprint.

I felt you must have the complete and revised version. You will be pleased to learn that an Urdu version is almost complete.

With best regards and remember you and your family are always in my prayers.

 Prof. Kh. Saadiq Husain
10-S, Abid Majeed Road,
Lahore Cantt.

Note: Some more comments on the book at Page-7.