ILE established by PharmEvo signs MOU with Franklin Covey


Training Leadership in Healthcare
ILE established by PharmEvo 
signs MOU with Franklin Covey

KARACHI: Institute of Leadership Excellence (ILE) an entity established and supported by PharmEvo Pharmaceuticals with an unlimited financial grant has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with FranklinCovey a US based organization for training of healthcare professionals in leadership skills. The MOU signing ceremony was held on Friday January 17, 2020 which was also attended by Mr. Steven Fitzgerald General Manager and International Partner of FranklinCovcey of United states.

Speaking at the occasion Mr. Steven Fitzgerald shared a few success stories in a few institutions, organizations after successful completion of their training programme. The first case he referred to was Tampa General Hospital in USA. They were trained to make strategic plans for the next years. The objective was to improve trust, improve engagement with people and improve patient safety. He also referred to the outcome which improved the speed of trust culture care, employee engagement which eventually lead to patient satisfaction.

The second case was of Veterans Hospitals in USA which has three hundred thirty thousand employees. We trained one hundred forty five thousand people in class room and online in leadership and engaging in leadership development, reduce silos approach to healthcare with an objective to make Veterans Hospital system an employer of choice. At the end of the training programme there was 21% increase in their knowledge gained.

The third was of Advent Health which had a very high leadership turnover. After training, they witnessed 50% reduction in their leadership turnover. We address these issues by starting training and development of leadership, he added.

Prof. Abdul Bari Khan from Indus Hospital in his address said that there are loose gaps everywhere and when they decided to offer free healthcare at Indus Health Network, it was generally felt that it was not possible. However, with the grace of God Almighty now for the last twelve years we are providing free healthcare. At present we have twelve hospitals and we look after three hundred thousand patients every month. Total cost of this services comes to one hundred thirty million dollars annually. All these years not a single patient has been refused treatment and it is all because of good leadership that we have assembled. We have to view people as a team. When we employ people, we ask them what is their vision and those who fail to come up with a Vision are not selected despite the fact that on the basis of the CV, they would have been selected. What we say, we practice. All that we are doing is going to have an impact on healthcare in Pakistan. Hence, to ensure provision of appropriate healthcare to the entire population of Pakistan, we need more leadership in the health sector, he added.

Earlier Mr. Haroon Qasim Managing Director of PharmEvo in his welcome address opined that leadership in healthcare needs serious attention. We are all leaders at some level but what makes a good leader is that the leaders take interest in their followers. Leadership training is recommended for healthcare organizations, he remarked.

Ms. Mariam Wazirzada introducing Franklin Covey said that it is engaged in Mindset Management in industry with its head office in United States and has representation in one hundred sixty countries. We have over two hundred training programmes and over two thousand associates for this common mission. We give you a framework. We started operations in Pakistan in 2006 and brought this international brand of training programme to Pakistan, she added. Ms. Andleeb Abbas in his brief address said that we focus on just one thing and our objective is to bring in a positive change in Pakistan. Dr. Zakiuddin Ahmad Director ILE in his speech stated that healthcare professionals needs to be trained in leadership skills. He also emphasized the importance of patient centered approach in healthcare. Syed Jamshed Ahmed Deputy Chief Executive of PharmEvo speaking at the occasion said that they were happy to have signed an MOU with FranklinCovey for training of healthcare professionals in Leadership skills which was in line with PharmEvo Mission of ensuring a healthier society in Pakistan.

The programme was moderated by Mr. Nayyar Jamil Director PharmEvo while Dr. Zakiuddin Ahmad represented ILE in the MOU signing ceremony.