Unhappy Doctors and Nurses won’t improve healthcare-Paul Barach


Unhappy Doctors and Nurses won’t 
improve healthcare-Paul Barach
It is good management and trusting 
environment which makes the difference

KARACHI: Unhappy doctors and nurses will not improve healthcare. We need to focus on Culture, change the culture, give importance to local values and try to improve them. We need to redesign the whole healthcare set up and processes because it is the good management and trusting environment which makes the difference. This was stated by Prof. Paul Barach Consultant Anesthetist, Critical Care specialist from USA who is also an expert on patient safety. He was speaking at the MOU signing ceremony of ILE established by PharmEvo with FranklinCovey for the training of healthcare leadership held here on January 17, 2020.

Prof. Paul Barach

Speaking about the leadership in healthcare Prof. Paul Barach said that we forget that it is the leadership which inspire. About 25% of Adverse Events of drugs are reported by physicians in United States. Physicians generally do not like to discuss and talk about bad things. These ADR reporting will lead to change and to achieve its desired objective, the management has to be supportive. Institutions fear that the ADR data will be used to embarrass them. Physicians should be careful not to use it to malign the healthcare facilities. These ADR reporting must lead to some positive interventions and it has to be used to improve work flow and ensure patient safety through improvement in systems.

Continuing Prof. Paul Barach said that we have failed to look after the physicians and nurses including all other healthcare professionals. Provision of healthcare is a teamwork. We have so far failed to manager them and engage them in patient safety. Almost forty to fifty thousand patients die due to ADR every year in almost every country. Those working in healthcare face lot of stress. It is evident from the fact that last year three hundred one physicians committed suicide in United States. We should try to understand those deaths. Technology and money was important but more money will make the things worse. United States spends almost 25% of its budget on healthcare but still we do not have the best healthcare because lot of these funds are wasted due to poor management. We need to develop trust in relationship between doctors, nurses and patients. We must focus on Wellness. He also highlighted the importance of implementation factors and evidence driven solutions in healthcare.

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