NEST is helping nurturing of entire health network of IMI


NEST is helping nurturing of entire
health network of IMI
The idea conceived by Dr. Wajih Rizvi materialized
and so far 550 young doctors have benefitted
from this programme of which 70% were from Pakistan

By Shaukat Ali Jawaid

KARACHI: NEST stands for Nourishment, Encouragement, Support and Trust which is targeting investing in the community’s future. This is a project of Medics International which was conceived by Dr. Wajih Rizvi many years ago and with the devotion, dedication and support of his likeminded friends, he realized this dream which is helping nurturing of entire health network of IMI today. It now provides hostel facilities to junior doctors coming to United States by Rotation. So far 550 young doctors have benefitted from this programme of which 70% were from Pakistan.

Speaking at the Young Leaders Session during the Medics International conference held at Karachi from December 24-25 2019, Dr. Wajih Rizvi traced its history and shared with the participant’s details of how this project was conceived and progressed over the years. It was a fascinating success story which shows that one can achieve one’s objective provided he is sincere in efforts and the objective is greater good of the community at large.

Dr. Wajih Rizvi

According to Dr. Wajih Rizvi it all started “when I graduated from Dow Medical College and went to USA. I first started working at post office to sort out mail at two and half dollar per hour. I did all this after having graduated and House Job. Young physicians persons coming to USA have to face lot of trials and tribulations and I had my own share. My first medical job, he said was working as Ward Boy when I volunteered to work two days a week on Saturday and Sunday. I was asked where I would like to work and I said in ICU an Emergency Room. Why there to which I responded by saying that I want to take care of sickest patients.” One has to learn the systems in USA to achieve one’s ultimate goal, Dr. Wajih remarked.

Continuing Dr. Wajih Rizvi said that while working there “I came across many physicians who helped me to see the Cath Lab., Operations Room. I worked in this position for fifteen months before I could manage to get into the Residency Programme. While working in the Post office sorting out mail, I started collecting address of physicians and was able to compile a list containing 184 names, address, and phone numbers.

Then I decided to help those Muslim doctors coming from India and Pakistan to provide them room for shelter, guided them, provided them travel assistance and small loans to help these young physicians. Gradually it started to grow and we made it an organized affair. We held the first career guidance session. Last session was attended by four hundred physicians, sixty young doctors were present while others were connected online. Anybody who faces some problem, face lot of issues was helped and all this lead to the development of NEST. At present doctors from thirty six countries come and rotate with us. Twenty two physician had training at NIH. Finding a residence in United States is a big issue. Currently we have two hostels one for Male and one for Female doctors. Six to eight young physicians can stay there for one to three months and currently there is a waiting period of one year. Hence, those who wish to avail this facility have to apply much in advance. Anybody interested in rotation in USA can apply a year before. At times I have six interns. Some of our friends send students for rotation.” A Video was also shown highlighting the facilities available at NEST.

Continuing Dr. Wajih Rizvi pointed out that about one thousand young physicians land in USA every year. They have to face different culture, there are issues barriers, and they need to find a suitable residence. They do not know where to go, where to stay? NEST is a hostel for junior doctors. It has functional units, custom designed facility which takes away lot of stress so that they can concentrate on their studies. They also come to know each other’s culture. Students learn from first hand experiences how to deal with patients. Residency, Fellowship programme. Medical graduates from 36 countries are benefiting from NEST. Faculty consists of former NEST beneficiaries. They also contribute in many ways to NEST programme, he added.

By availing the facilities offered by NEST, young men and women are nourished and encouraged, get support they need to build the Trust to excel in their Professions to achieve their goals and lead the community in times ahead. NEST provides Free or subsidized accommodation in an environment that nurtures professional growth. It offers Mentorship for individuals at various levels i.e. undergraduate, education, Residency, Fellowship, Research, Observer-ship or Clinical Clerkship. It also offers facilities for prep guidance for USMLE, Clinical Skills Exams, Professional Skills Development, and resources to improve their CV writing, personal statements and to enhance their interview techniques. It also offers help in financial management and Visa concerns. It offers facility of forming bonds with professional colleagues as residents support each other through formative times in career and life. It also serves as a joining a platform to enhance social and professional networks, alleviating family worries, and living in a safe and socially, culturally and religiously sensitive environment. These young professionals then emerge as a strong asset to the community to become a source of help to the future generations.

Though the Project was under consideration for a long time but it was in the Year 2011 that forty five young physicians unanimously decided at IMI’s Professional Guidance seminar in New Jersey for IMI US to start the project. Later this demand was reiterated in two subsequent sessions in 2012 and 2013. Hence, IMI US Board of Directors and IMI Global Board of Regents approved this project. All those who wish to help the junior doctors and the community have been advised to donate to this cause reminding them that many of us were once in the same situation and an opportunity like this would have made a huge difference. Hence, it is time to be one of those who can make a difference. Donations can be sent by crossed checks to Medics International, P.O.Box 8209, Princeton, NJ 08540 or visit