PM&DC is determined to restore Merit and Crackdown on Corruption at all cost - Prof. Shabbir Ahmad Lehri


 PM&DC is determined to restore Merit and Crackdown
on Corruption at all cost - Prof. Shabbir Ahmad Lehri

Most private Medical & Dental Colleges collecting Bhatta selling seats
& Central admission policy was aimed at checking this malpractice

Doctors, Engineers and Social Scientists should join hands and
come up with solutions to healthcare-Shahid Hussain

Healthcare should be patient centered, viable, affordable, and
relevant and ensure ethical use of technology-Prof. Zahid Bashir

LAHORE: President Pakistan Medical & Dental Council Prof. Shabbir Ahmad Lehri has reiterated that the council was determined to restore merit and crackdown on corruption at all cost. The previous PM&DC set up had made a mess and destroyed everything. We have now taken some measures to streamline the functioning of the PM&DC, it is taking time but we are hopeful to overcome all the hurdles which are being created by vested interests. He was inaugurating the First International Medical conference organized by Shalamar Medical & Dental College held here from February 3-5, 2017.

Speaking in the inaugural session held on February 4, 2017, he congratulated the administration of Shalamar Medical & Dental College for having a purpose built impressive campus. However, he hastened to add that we have seen many newly established medical and dental colleges which are housed in rented buildings or small houses with least teaching and training facilities. Organizing such medical conferences, seminars and symposia are important part of academic activities for the institutions as it provides an opportunity to share knowledge and experience to the participants. Today is an era of medical science and technology and technology is changing very fast. It is important that we keep pace with all these developments. In the past some of the actions of the previous PM&DC administration has affected the credibility of the Council nationally and internationally. When we started taking certain measures, some vested interests went to the courts and we are fighting these cases there as well. The new PM&DC Council is doing its best to revamp the Council, he added.


Shalamar Medical & Dental College organized its First International Medical
Conference from February 3-5, 2017. Picture shows Mr. Shahid Hussain
Member Board of Trustees along with Principal Prof. Zahid Bashir presenting
a mementoe to Federal Minister Saira Afzal Tarrar who was the chief guest

in the concluding session on Feb. 5, 2017.

Prof. Shabbir Ahmad Lehri also claimed that when they took over, almost twenty thousand registration were pending which has been cleared. These certificates have been issued, he further stated.  Yet another important step which the Council has taken is regarding Curriculum. Some of the colleges are following Modular system while others were following the old traditional system. The Council is working hard to come up with a uniform curriculum and within the next couple of months we should be able to accomplish that. Once we have covered the undergraduate curriculum, we will then take up the postgraduate curriculum, he added.

As regards admission to the medical and dental colleges, Prof. Lehri disclosed that some of the private medical colleges were collecting Bhatta in the shape of so called donation. A donation, he clarified is which is voluntary but something which is collected through coercion does not fall in the category of donation but it is Bhatta. Giving further details of this Bhatta Collection, Prof. Shabbir Lehri who switched over to Urdu from English while speaking to ensure that foreign delegates present do not understand what he was saying, said that those students who have 80% marks are charged Rs. Ten lac, those within 70-80% marks are asked to pay twenty lac, those with 65% marks are asked to pay twenty five lac and those with 60% marks are asked to pay thirty lac rupees for admission as donation. The administration of these colleges is also keener to enroll those with 60% marks so that they can collect more money. When we came up with the central admission policy, we wanted to check this malpractice but then some of the owners went to the courts and took stay order. I have all the respect for the courts and won’t say much as the case is pending but it was suggested that let them go ahead with the admissions this year and implement the new policy from the next year.  We are determined that this won’t happen anymore.  If the owners of these private medical and dental colleges have some problems they should come to us, convince us and we can increase their fees but they must stop selling the seats, he remarked.

Continuing Prof. Lehri said that we have some of the best learners. Pakistani doctors after graduating go to UK, USA, Europe, Gulf countries and all over the world. At present the fourth highest number of overseas doctors in United States is from Pakistan but  we fear that if any mishaps happens, the doors for our doctors overseas will not only close down but it will also bring a bad name to Pakistan. We are busy establishing links and networking with GMC in UK, authorities in Canada, Australia to facilitate an exchange programme whereby our doctors will be able to go there and get some training for a specific period without having to take any examination. A resolution to this effect has already been passed and we are now working on the other formalities to realize this.


Mr. Shahid Hussain Trustee of Shalamar Medical & Dental College along with
Prof. Zahid Bashir Principal presenting a mementoe to Prof. Shabbir Ahmad Lehri
President of PM&DC who was the chief guest in the inaugural session
at the First International Medical Conference of
SMDC held recently.

Mr. Shahid Hussain Member Board of  Trustees of the Businessman Hospital Trust which is managing Shalamar Medical &  Dental College and its affiliated hospital speaking at the occasion said that their’s was a very young institution as the second batch has just graduated. We need to learn from others and occasions like this provide us an opportunity to learn from the visitors from all over the world. We are clear about the need to update in Healthcare, Technology and Methodology. It is our desire to be part of Research, Medical Education and Healthcare. We are developing a Center for Research in the medical college and the nursing school. We have recently established School of Allied Health Sciences. We know the importance of cross cultural collaboration and that is why we also intend to benefit from the experience of Lahore University of Management Sciences. He called upon the doctors, engineers and social scientists to join hands, come together and find solution to the problems Pakistan was facing in the field of Healthcare.

Earlier in his welcome address Prof. Zahid Bashir Principal of Shalamar Medical and Dental College said that Innovations in Healthcare was the theme of the conference. Technology is changing very fast. The facilities it has provided were unparalleled but it has also brought with it ethical issues which are extremely important to ensure ethical use of this technology. Healthcare should be patient centered, viable, affordable and  look into ways so that it remains relevant.