PPMA for retaining drugs regulatory mechanism with Federal Government


 PPMA for retaining drugs regulatory
mechanism with Federal Government

KARACHI: Pakistan Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association wish that the Drugs regulatory mechanism should stay with the Federal Government and provinces should not get involved with it even after the devolution of Health. This was stated by Central Chairman of PPMA Dr. Kaiser Waheed while addressing a press conference here last week.

PPMA chairman was of the view that there would be utter chaos and anarchy in the medicines market of the country in case provinces were allowed to create their own drug regulatory authorities after virtual devolution to provincial-level of Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan (DRAP). If the provinces were allowed to establish their own drug regulatory authorities then there would be serious turmoil regarding licensing, registration, pricing, marketing, and retailing of medicines in the entire country.

The Pharma industry, he further stated, will support any move or proposed law to hand down stern punishment to people involved in manufacturing and sale of spurious drugs. In the present scenario the Drugs Act-1976 empowered the provincial Government to check sale of medicines at the retail level to prevent any wrongdoing while federal Government had the power to award licenses for manufacturing of medicines. Whatever the situation is, the federal government should retain the authority to grant licenses to manufacturing units of medicines as such an authority should not be devolved to provinces for maintaining a countrywide uniform licensing regime for the industry, he added.

Approval of the minutes of four meetings of pricing committee would ensure continuous availability of around one hundred essential medicines required for treating stroke, diabetes, blood pressure, and tuberculosis. He further suggested that DRAP should be placed either under the control of Ministry of Industries and Production or Cabinet Division in Islamabad as Ministry of National Health Services, which was at present controlling the drug authority had no understanding at all about issues endangering very existence and growth of the Pharma industry. 

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