ROOP KIRAN- the 11th anthology of Dohas by Prof. Tahir Saeed Haroon


 Book Review
ROOP KIRAN- the 11th anthology of 
Dohas by Prof. Tahir Saeed Haroon

LAHORE: Prof. Tahir Saeed Haroon FRCP, FCPS an eminent dermatologist of the country who retired as Professor and Head of the Department of Dermatology from King Edward Medical College sometime ago has published his 11th anthology of Dohas named “Roop Kiran”. For the last couple of years he has concentrated on Dohas and contributed a great deal to this particular segment of Urdu Literature. Earlier collection of his Dohas published in book form include “Man Mauj”(2001) “Neela Chandarman” (2003), “Preet Saghar” (2004), “Maan Bani” (2005), “Megh Malhyar” (2007), “Bhoor Naghar” (2008), “Prem Raas” (2009), “Kook” (2010), “Man Deepak “( 2011) and “Nainan Daarpan” (2012).
Prof. Tahir Saeed Haroon has now earned recognition among the literary circles in both Indo-Pakistan and he has to his credit over ten thousand Dohas so far. As is evident from the above, he has been coming up with a new publication, compilation of Dohas almost every year which also reflects his deep sense of devotion and he makes full use of this God gifted quality. He has dedicated this book to a number of eminent literary figures who are no more in this world.
Mr. Khursheed Rizvi in his preface has done full justice to this great ad prolific writer who after having made his name in the field of medicine in general and dermatology in particular has now earned a respectable place for himself in the literary world. A graduate of King Edward Medical College who later spent many years in United Kingdom where he had gone for his postgraduate studies and training and then served there as Consultant Dermatologist for many years before returning to Pakistan and joined Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre, Karachi. He had a passion for poetry from his college days and like many others started with Ghazal and Nazam but then soon, somehow got inclined to Dohas and once he entered this field, there was no end to it and by the time you are reading these few lines, he may have already completed a vast portion of his next anthology of Dohas. Eminent literary figures like Dr.Saleem Akhtar, Mr. Ameen Khayal, Manazar Ashiq Harghanivi, Mohsin Ehsan and Asghar Nadeem Syed have all commended his efforts and paid him rich tributes in their comments published on the back page of this book.
Reading through his Kalam reveals his immense interest in religion, love for the country while he has also tried to reflect the feelings of the common man highlighting there every day problem, feeling for their agony and sufferings but at the same time giving us a Hope for the better future. One unique thing about the Dohas is that it covers a whole story in just one couplet and conveys a lot. It has a message for those who care to listen and learn.
Given below are a few selected Dohas from his latest book “Roop Kiran”:

One of the chapters in this book contains Doahs which are the translation of some of the verses from Holy Quran. Here are the two couplets which translate the meanings of Surra Alaaq Aya one to four:

His devotion to Religion is amply reflected in his Dohas:

His observations about our political leadership are very well reflected in the following couplets:

Look at the beauty with which he has talked about Dengue Fever which became an epidemic resulting in loss of hundreds of lives in Punjab alone last year.

A few more selected couplets for the readers to enjoy:

The book is published by Sang-e-Meel Publications, 25-Shahrah-e-Pakistan, Lahore. Price Rs. 400/-

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