Driving innovation through insights


Driving innovation through insights

Life in Pakistan is fast paced, and it doesn’t seem to be getting slower any time soon. In the hustle bustle of everyday tensions, a headache is something that’s taken for granted. Regardless it being a headache or a more serious illness, Abbott helps people live fully with its life-changing technology— in diagnostics, medical devices, nutrition and medicines.
Established in Pakistan for more than 70 years, Abbott has been focused on helping people live healthier lives through life-changing technology. The company has been operating in Pakistan almost from the time of the country’s inception, starting as a private marketing company in 1948 and later becoming a public limited company in 1982. Abbott is the second largest pharmaceutical company in Pakistan, employing approximately 1,400 people.

With headquarters in Karachi and two manufacturing sites in Landhi and Korangi, Abbott produces over 1 million units of medicine a day in Pakistan, including sterile products, granules, semi-solids and liquids. Additionally, it also offers nutritional diabetes care products as well as diagnostic systems and tests. In Pakistan, Abbott is among the top five players in women’s health, respiratory, CNS and pain management treatments. It plays a key role in helping people live healthier lives by educating consumers on good health habits and sharing information on key diseases.

Innovation is at the heart
of what Abbott does

One example of how Abbott values insight-driven innovation is with Abbott’s medicines business. The focus is on understanding the needs of people, doctors and pharmacists and linking these with available technology to make medicines better. This insight driven approach is common in other industries, like consumer goods, but not as common in pharmaceuticals.

Abbott is always on the lookout for the best technology and science available so that new ways of using existing medicines can be found. Not just that, it is consistently driving new delivery methods, new dosage combinations, new indications and digital solutions to improve patient adherence.

Where it matters the most

The key to successful treatment and full recovery is often fast, accurate diagnosis. Abbott’s life-changing tests and diagnostic tools provide insights that enable smarter, faster decisions and transform the way health is managed. Its pioneering technology features reliable, efficient and accurate medical diagnostic instruments, tests and automation as well as informatics solutions for hospitals, laboratories, blood centers, emergency departments, and physicians’ offices and clinics.

Doctors rely on accurate and timely information to make the best treatment decisions. Abbott’s focus is on helping healthcare professionals find and treat diseases earlier. Abbott’s portable, hand-held blood analyzers provide real-time, lab-quality results at the patient’s side to speed up decision-making and ensure that appropriate care is provided when and where it is needed.

From insights to ideas

Abbott is constantly looking for improvement by using insights to understand and anticipate needs.

People with diabetes should have the freedom to enjoy vigorous, active lives and we at Abbott understand that self-testing is a fundamental and necessary part of staying on top of diabetes. That’s why we are dedicated to making it simple and easy with our FreeStyle Optium Neo blood glucose and ketone monitoring system.

The lack of health care infrastructure, lack of affordability for patients and non-existence of national guidelines were significant obstacles. Having realized these issues, Baqai Institute of Diabetology & Endocrinology (BIDE) decided to initiate a project of self-monitoring of blood glucose (SMBG), “BRIGHT” (Better Recommendations, Implementation and Guideline development for Health care providers and their Training). Abbott supported the cause and contributed in developing a national guideline on the self-monitoring of blood glucose.

Local insights
Better Solutions

Sometimes innovation doesn’t have to be a breakthrough solution. It can take the form of product or packaging improvements that make a medicine or product more convenient to take.

A good example of this the launch of a plastic (PET) bottle for Brufen, to replace the existing glass version and increase convenience. After gathering insights with consumers, Abbott identified the need for a more portable option than glass, to minimize risk of breakage. The company decided to replace the suspension glass bottle with a plastic bottle. Launched in 2017, the new bottle is easier to use due to its light weight and its shatterproof qualities.

Lasting impact
on communities

In its sustained effort to make a lasting impact on local communities, Abbott has also recently launched the fifth edition of NutriNation in Pakistan, NutriNation 5.0. This unique and single largest nutrition platform in the country aims at raising awareness amongst healthcare professionals around the importance of nutrition in building healthy communities. This year, the event was hosted by the capital city of Islamabad, where over 300 healthcare professionals from 10 major cities came under one roof to discuss challenges, exchange ideas and agree on action plans.

There is a simple goal at the heart of Abbott’s business – help people live not just longer, but better through life-changing technology. This mission goes beyond having quality and reliable medicines, nutrition products, diagnostic tests and devices. It’s also about having a positive impact on nearby communities.