HCPs including paramedics should be educated about prevention and management of NSIs-Dr. Shahida Perveen


Otsuka Awareness Campaign against Hepatitis

HCPs including paramedics should be educated about
prevention and management of NSIs-Dr. Shahida Perveen

KARACHI: Healthcare Professionals including paramedics and nursing staff need to be educated not only on preventon but also how to manage Needle Stick Injuries which are quite common in our healthcare facilities. The patients also need to be educated to tell the doctors if they are suffering from Hepatitis B or C when they are likely to undergo any surgical intervention so that the healthcare professionals can undertake some preventive measures while managing these patients. At present up to 50% of patients undergoing surgery at public hospitals are suffering from Hepatitis B or C. This was stated by Dr. Shahida Perveen Associate Professor of Surgery at DUHS, Civil Hospital Karachi. She was performing the Otsuka Lucky Draw in connection with their awareness campaign against Hepatitis, at Otsuka Head Office on January 22, 2014.

Dr. Shahida Perveen from DUHS Civil Hospital Karachi performing the
Otsuka Lucky Draw in connection with Hepatitis Awareness Campaign
at Otsuka Head Office on January 22, 2014. Mr. Habib A. Navaid,
Mr. Arshad Khan along with other Otsuka executives are also seen in the picture.

She commended the Otsuka awareness campaign regarding hepatitis spread and said that their message not to prick the IV bottles has gone very well but still about 5-10% paramedics and nursing staff who deal the patient more closely do prick the IV bottles which is quite dangerous. Apart from knowing how to prevent the Needle Stick Injuries, the healthcare professionals and paramedics should also be educated on how to manage these. They should be informed that soon after the Needle Stick Injury they should press the injured finger so that the blood comes out and then wash it in running water which will minimize the chances of infection to a great extent. She also suggested that Otsuka should launch a continuous training programme for the paramedics and nursing staff on this issue after consultation with the hospital authorities on how they can protect themselves from infection and how to manage the NSIs once it has occurred.
Continuing Dr. Shahida Perveen said that for the last few months, they have been facing some difficulty in acquiring Otsuka quality products due to some shortage which needs to be looked into. Secondly the company should also produce TPN solutions which are needed for patients who are undergoing multiple surgeries or have upper bowl injuries and remain hospitalized for too long. The healthcare professionals also need to be constantly reminded to use sterilized equipment, instruments and disposable syringes.
Earlier Mr. Arshad Khan from Otsuka Pakistan pointed out that they have particularly targeted the junior doctors in this awareness campaign. It was also pointed out that the Otsuka has specially designed their IV bottles which does not need to be pricked and their manufacturing facility in Pakistan was now being renovated and upgraded with lot of investment and fresh production will start very soon which will overcome the shortage of Otsuka quality products.Mr. Habib A.Navaid and other senior executives from Otsuka Pakistan were also present on this occasion. Dr. Abdul Qadir from Daharki was the lucky winner of bumper prize for the month of January 2014 draw.

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