We need to promote preventive cardiology as treatment is most expensive-Azhar Kayani


 48th CARDIOCON 2018

We need to promote preventive cardiology as
treatment is most expensive-Azhar Kayani

Cardiac Cath Lab being set up at Nishtar
private donations-Haroon Babar

From our correspondent

MULTAN: We have established numerous tertiary cardiac care facilities in Paksitan. We have latest equipment, numerous Intensive Care Units, Coronary Care Units, surgical facilities and interventional procedures but failed to check the ever increasing burden of heart diseases. Time has come that we all should concentrate on promoting preventive cardiology as treatment is most expensive and many patients cannot afford it. This was stated by Maj.Gen. Azhar Mahmood Kayani a well known interventional cardiologist and Executive Director of Rawalpindi Institute of Cardiology. He was speaking in the inaugural session of CARIOCON 2018 organized by Pakistan Cardiac Society at Nishtar Medical University from 23-25th October 2018 at Nishtar Medical University Multan.

Continuing Gen.Kiani said that despite our best efforts nothing has changed. Cardiovascular diseases remain the biggest killer. Management of coronary artery diseases costs lot of money. Diagnosis and treatment is very complex and expensive and a large segment of our population cannot afford this treatment. Answer to our problems in tackling the heart diseases lies in prevention. In fact all non-communicable diseases like diabetes, hypertension, cancer need immediate attention and this is not on the government agenda. As such we the healthcare professionals, Gen.Azhar Kayani remarked must come forward. Advocacy does play a role but unfortunately there has not been any action in Pakistan as regards prevention of heart diseases. I myself go to villages, give lectures and this health education campaign has helped manage diabetes, hypertension, cessation of smoking and control of hypertension. We must give back something to our community and the countdown has started, he remarked.

Prof. Rana Altaf Chief Executive of CPE Institute of Cardiology at Multan speaking on this occasion said that this is an excellent platform for learning and mentoring. We learn from reflections on experience. During the last two years we at CPE Institute of Cardiology have performed over two thousand angioplasties and two thousand open heart surgeries. We have established Paediatric Cardiology department, over four hundred surgical procedures are performed every year and work on heart transplant programme is going on, he added.

Prof. Mustafa Kamal Pasha Vice Chancellor of Nishtar Medical University in his address commended the Pakistan Cardiac Society for selecting Nishtar Medical University as a venue for this important conference. He also congratulated the organizing committee headed by Prof. Haroon Babar and Dr. Abu Bakar Saad for making adequate arrangements for the conference which has attracted a large number of cardiologists from all over Pakistan as well as a few foreign delegates to this meeting at Nishtar Medial University.

Prof. Naeem Aslam President of Pakistan Cardiac Society in his speech said that cardiac diseases have become an epidemic and most deaths from heart diseases are now seen in low income countries. The reasons include Lack of compliance with therapy. We need to accelerate our efforts and create awareness about the likely risk factors and give emphasis to prevention of heart diseases.

Prof. Haroon Babar Chairman of the organizing committee and Head of the Dept.of Cardiology at Nishtar Medical University in his welcome address disclosed that they have established a Cardiac Cath Lab at Nishtar with private donations. Cardiology ward has been renovated and arrangements are being made to start primary angioplasty service, he added.

The inaugural session was moderated by Dr. Abu Bakar Saad and the organizers also presented Life Time Achievement Awards to Prof.Nadeem Hayat Malik Chief Executive of Punjab Institute of Cardiology and Prof. Nadeem Rizvi from National Institute of Cardiovascualr Diseases in recognition of their services. The organizers decision to hold the conference at Nishtar Medical University campus is commendable and must be appreciated. The conference itself was a mix bag with excellent hospitality and Lack of experience in organizing such events, lack of human resource with poor time management were very much visible. Detailed reports on some of the presentations in the conference to follow.

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