Being Health Professional places enormous responsibility upon us to provide healing to our patients-Prof. Shahryar Sheikh


 NICVD has introduced a new era in Cardiac Care with Chest Pain Units-Nadeem Qamar

Being Health Professional places enormous
responsibility upon us to provide healing
to our patients - Prof.
Shahryar Sheikh

In view of rapidly emerging developments, we must keep ourselves
update and practice ethical medicine to help the patients

During 2017 NICVD performed 5,600 PCIs, 463 ICDs, CRTs in six months
and performed 45 TAVI’s procedures - Prof. Nadeem Qamar

From Mubarak Ali

HYDERABAD: The decision to become healthcare professional places upon us enormous responsibility of providing healing to our patients which is not an easy task. Medicine is  known as a noble profession and in today’s fast paced world where new developments are rapidly emerging all the time, we must keep ourselves abreast with latest developments in our field of specialization and practice ethical medicine for the benefit of our patients. This was stated by Prof. Shahryar Sheikh an eminent cardiologist former President of World Heart Federation as well as former Chief Executive of Punjab Institute of Cardiology while delivering his inaugural address at the recently held CARDIOCON 2017 organized by Pakistan Cardiac Society here from November 24-26, 2017. It attracted a large number of distinguished cardiologists, physicians from all over the country.

Prof. Shahryar A. Sheik, Prof. Nadeem Qamar, Prof. Khalida Soomro, Prof. Feroze Memon,
Prof. Hafizullah and Prof. Khawar Kazmi speaking at inaugural session of Cardiocon
held at Hyderabad from 24-26th November, 2017.

Heart disease, Prof.Shaharyar Sheikh added has become an epidemic and no one was immune. We should remember the slogan given by “WHO & WHF of 25/25, achieving 25% reduction in Heart disease by the year 2025” and I believe the  cardiologists can achieve that. There can be no greater satisfaction than curing a sick patient to as near normalcy as is possible. We have to use every tool and trick of our trade, to achieve that. However, we cannot do justice without a burning desire of always to improve. For that we need to both receive and generously give out what we have learnt and what we know, for the benefit of all, Prof. Shahryar Sheikh remarked.

Continuing Prof.Shaharyar Sheikh said that while coming to Sindh, the land of Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai, I thought I should take a gift from the land of Hazrat Ali Hajveri (Data Gunj Buksh), which could be no better than his interpretation of “Ilam Makhlooq”. In his Hikaayaat e Kashful Mehjoob, Syed Ali Hajveri who is better known as “Data Ganj Bakhsh” says that the best definition of Knowledge was to find out in detail about something which is known and then describe it. In another context he says: “Prophet Ibrahim saw a stone on way on which it was written that look at its other side and read it.

Pakistan Cardiac Society honoured Prof. Sharif Chaudhary with Life Time Achieve Award during
the Cardiocon 2017 held at Hyderabad. Photograph taken at the occasion shows from (L to R)
Mrs. Hasnat Sharif. Prof. Nadeem Qamar, Dr. Nandlal Rathi, Prof. Shahryar Sheikh,
Dr. Hasnat Sharif, Prof. Feroze Memon while on extreme right is Prof. Sharif Chaudhary.

When he did that he found the message written there which said that you do not practice what is known, hence why you are searching something about which you do not know”.  What could be the better way of showing us the true path to success while warning us never to be unjust to our knowledge, to always keep it active and in action, Dr. Shahryar Sheikh added? This was an excellent way to say what is being learnt now that guidelines are not the solution; it is the implementation, what matters. Addressing the young cardiologist present in the meeting Prof. Shahryar Sheikh offered them a piece of advice by reciting the following couplet:


Knowledge Prof.Shaharyar Sheikh opined was not the be-all without lazzat e shauq, the spark that, in other words, sets your work alight and brings you the real satisfaction that makes us all better human beings. He congratulated Prof. Feroze Memon, Convener of the Congress and his wonderful team who had put together an amazing programme and arrangements for the congress. I am confident that the future of Pakistan Cardiac Society is very bright in the hands of these young leaders in the field of cardiology, he concluded.

Prof. Feroz Memon, Convener Cardiocon 2017 presenting shields to Prof. Shahryar Sheikh and
Prof. Hafeezullah, while Dr. Faraz Farooq Memon presenting shields to Prof. Nadeem Qamar and
Prof. Khawar Kazmi during the inaugural session of 47th Cardiology Conference held
at Hyderabad from 24-26th November, 2017.

Prof. Nadeem Qamar Executive Director of NICVD who was the Guest of Honour on this occasion addressing the participants disclosed that during the year 2017 they had performed five thousand six hundred PCI’s which is the highest number in a single cardiac center in the World. We have done four hundred sixty three ICD’s and CRT’s in last six months beside forty five TAVI’s procedures.  Giving details of their other accomplishments Prof. Nadeem Qamar said that  satellite center  Larkana which  started in May 2017 has  examined three hundred sixty nine patients  and had performed  369 PCI’s and 128 ACS. Second satellite center of NICVD Karachi in Tando Muhammad Khan was established five weeks ago. It has   performed 66 primary Angioplasties and 54 ACS.  We are upgrading our primary care; two new buildings are being constructed. Pediatric cardiology will be a state of the art facility . NICVD has introduced a new era of heart healthcare with the inauguration of “Chest Pain Unit” to serve the nation at their quick approachable areas. This service is one of its kinds and is available for 24/7 throughout the year.

Chest Pain Units (CPUs) Prof. Nadeem Qamar further stated were established to provide speedy access and fast diagnosis with early initiation of treatment of an acute myocardial infarction, which will prevent muscle damage and ultimately enhance quality of life of the patient. Chest Pain Units are well-equipped facility and has the appropriate diagnostic testing available to identify patients with an acute heart attack and is also equipped to resuscitate patients who become unstable. CPUs are functionally designed for providing preliminary emergency care to heart attack patients. After providing initial treatment, the patient is shifted immediately to the tertiary care setup at NICVD Cath Lab. Since establishment of this facility in May 2017 more than 13,000 patients have visited our chest pain units including approximately 6000 cardiac patients, who have been managed in emergency. Furthermore 977 lives suffering from active heart attack were saved from May till October 2017. These units are functionally designed for providing state-of-the-art initial emergency care to heart attack patients and teams of all these units are diligently working to save lives round the clock. Currently we have our Chest Pain Units at five different locations of Karachi to facilitate the citizens. Our aim is to see NICVD to be the best Cardiac Care facility in the World, he added.

Organizers of CARCIOCON 2017 also honoured the former Editors of Pakistan Heart Journal by
recognizing their services and contributions. Photograph taken on the occasion shows Prof. Hafizullah
presenting shields to Prof. Azhar Faruqui and Dr. Aliya, daughter of Late Prof. Ali Muhammad Chaudhary
the Founder Editor
of PHJ during Cardiocon 2017 held at Hyderabad.

Prof. Khalida Soomro, outgoing President of Pakistan Cardiac Society lauded the efforts of Prof. Feroze Memon, to organize this conference and public awareness session which was very well attended program of cardiology conferences. Cardiac diseases were considered to be the problem of the rich people but it has now proved that it affects all poor and rich equally. Pakistan Cardiac society, she said, has   done a lot by organizing awareness programs for general public thorough awareness programs. Young doctors were trained by organizing CME programs where foreign and local speakers were invited.

Prof. Khawar Kazmi Secretary Pakistan Cardiac Society stated that PCS has lot of responsibility other than organizing such conferences. We must do our job to prevent cardiovascular diseases.

Prof. Feroze Memon, Convener of the Conference in his speech said that the epidemic of cardiovascular disease in developed countries has peaked at a time when the knowledge of Cardiovascular Diseases causation and prevention is inadequate in developing countries. So, it is a challenge for us at present to apply the existing knowledge about Cardiovascular Diseases in our part of world in the most cost-effective way to avoid this huge burden in young and middle-aged adults particularly. In the present era of revolution in information technology, conferences, symposium & conventions are the only alternate where we can share our experience amongst ourselves. Conference programme included four pre-conference workshops on CPR awareness for junior doctors and Para-medical staffs, Hypertension for general practitioners & junior doctors, basic ECG workshop for medical residents/medical officers & House officers and Hands on Echocardiography workshop for Cardiology fellows and Cardiologists which was were all well attended and appreciated by participants. Awareness program for general public at Sindh Museum Hyderabad was attended by more than 500 people from different walks of life,

Prof. M. Hafeezullah Editor Pakistan Heart Journal stated that proactive efforts are required to run a journal. Writing a paper is just like doing PCI. This is the Golden Jubilee year of Pakistan Heart journal which was started in 1967 as six monthly publications. He lauded the efforts of   previous Editors of PHJ which included   late Prof. Ali Muhammad Chaudhary, Prof. Abdus Samad, Prof. Azhar Faruqui and Prof. Mansoor Ahmed.   He urged the participants to send their papers for publication and do not get frustrated if they are asked for revision. Shields were presented to the Editors of PHJ.  Shield of Late. Dr.   Ali Muhammad Chaudhary was received by her daughter Dr. Aliya Ali who had specially come from Lahore for this occasion. The organizes also honoured former Presidents of Paksitan Cardiac Society, which included Prof. Hamid Shafqat, Prof. Shahryar Sheikh, Prof. Nazir Memon,, Prof. Azhar Farooqui, Prof. Nadeem Hayat Malik, Prof. Muhammad Hafeezullah, Prof. Abid Amin, Prof. Khalida Soomro and  Prof. Naeem Aslam, Prof. Khawar Kazmi outgoing Secretary of the Society was also presented a shield on this occasion. Prof. Sharif Chaudhry another noted cardiologist of the country who retired as Principal of Dow Medical College was also honoured and recognized by presenting him the Life Time Achievement Award by the organizers.