Dr. Mukhtar forms Elza Retina Welfare Organization to provide free treatment to deserving patients


 Retinal Diseases

Dr. Mukhtar forms Elza Retina Welfare Organization
to provide free treatment to deserving patients

Mobile Clinic will screen patients, provide treatment for retinal
diseases while others will be referred to charitable institutions

KARACHI: Retinal diseases are becoming quite common and its diagnosis as well as treatment is quite expensive which many patients cannot afford. Hence, in order to help provide free treatment for retinal diseases to deserving patients, Prof. Mukhtar Ahmad an eminent retina surgeon of the country has formed an NGO with the name of “Elza Retina Welfare Organization (ERWO)”. This is registered as an NGO with a mission of providing free treatment for deserving patients of RETINAL diseases.

A nine member Board of Governors has also been formed to run and manage the affairs of ERWO. It includes the following:

Dr. Muhammad Mukhtar Ahmed

1. Dr. Muhammad Mukhtar Ahmed
2. Mr. Abul Qadir Memon
3. Mr. Syed Ammar Bukhari
4. Mr. Altaf Majeed
5. Syed Muhammad Nadim Shafiqullah
6. Barister Khalid Anwar
7. Mr. Muhammad Saleem Khan
8. Khawaja Mazher-Ud-Din
9. Mr. Muhammad Yousuf Naseem

Giving details of its functioning Dr. Mukhtar Ahmad told Pulse International that ERWO’S mobile eye clinic visits the areas from where a request has been received by voluntary social welfare workers. The patients are then screened for the following disorders:

1. Retinal Degenerations,
2. Retinal Detachment
3. Age Related Macular Degeneration (ARMD)
4. Macular Hole
5. Retinopathy of prematurity (ROP)
6. Cataract
7. Congenital Diseases
8. Diabetic Retinopathy
9. Retinoblastoma
10. Retinopathy of prematurity (ROP)
11. Glaucoma
12. Hereditary Diseases
13. Tumors

After screening the Retinal patient are brought to ERWO center and/or to other Retina Surgeons on the list of ERWO for free treatment. The other patients are referred to the nearest Charitable Organizations.

Mobile Clinic by Elza Retina Welfare Organization (ERWO) which is used for screening the patients.

Replying to a question as to why he felt the need to form an NGO for this purpose, Dr. Mukhtar Ahmad sated that there are countless NGOs and TRUSTs who are doing a wonderful job, mainly in cataract surgery. There are only a few centers where free Retina Treatment is given. At a busy general, ophthalmic unit, enough time and funds are not available for the treatment of the Retinal diseases. Therefore we in ERWO will offer free treatment only for Retinal diseases or their complications. VR-Surgery has become an expensive affair. Operation fee ranges from Rs, 125,000/- to Rs, 300,000/- at various centers. R-D should be fixed within a few days, better immediately after diagnosis. How many poor patient can afford this, or arrange this huge sum of money within 2-3 days? That is why we are going to address this problem only for the Retinal diseases.

We have arranged paid staff, as well as volunteers, or honorary medics and para medics. Our members and other generous donors, philanthropic individuals, organizations and government will be approached for funding for this noble cause. Eventually we plan to set up a Retina Centre of excellence, in which exclusive investigations, treatment and research in Retinal diseases are carried out. Later on we also plan to establish a satellite ERWO Centre at each District level, Dr. Mukhtar Ahmad added.

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