Physical, emotional social & intellectual needs are four basic principle for development of a Child-Mr.Salman Siddiqui


Workshop on “Effective Parent Child Communication

Physical, emotional social & intellectual needs
are four basic principle for development
of a Child-Mr. Salman Siddiqui

By Mubarak Ali

KARACHI: Physical needs, emotional needs, social needs and intellectual needs are the four basic principle of development of a child. If these needs are not met, it can lead to academic and behavior disorders which could be a major problem for the children and parents. This was stated by Mr. Salman Asif Siddiquiu from Educational Resource Development Centre (ERDC) who is an Educational Psychologist by profession and has several years of experience in the field of education. He was speaking at a programme named “The Exemplary Children” which was a workshop on Effective Parent Child Communication organized by M/s PharmEvo at Karachi on December 1st, 2013. The purpose of the workshop was to equip parents with tools and techniques that would help them to raise their children who are confident, responsible, honest and successful in their lives. It was very well attended by doctors with their family members.

Mr. Shoaib Ahmed presenting shield to Mr. Salman Asif Siddiqui durning
the workshop on Effective Parent Child Communication organized by
M/s. PharmEvo at Karachi on December 1st, 2013.

Continuing Mr. Salman said that proper sleep, balanced diet, outdoor activities and sports are basic need of child development which is called Physical needs. We do not take emotional needs as needs which develop rigged behavior in children. We should look happy, true happiness and internal feeling should be there. Creating, maintaining relationship and playing with child help to develop emotional needs while talking, reading and experimenting especially under 8 years of age children will help to improve intellectual needs, he added.
Mr. Salman further said that parents needs to learn to behave like they do with their guests. Happy parents are affective parents, when their mood is effected they become ineffective, he added. Children learn best when they are respected and respect is every child’s right. We should listen and acknowledge children without losing temper. Listening can be a very powerful tool to make children feel important and recognized. Recognize the individuality of every child instead of comparing children. Expecting all children to learn in the same way is absolutely inappropriate and ridiculous. Children must be recognized for what they do instead of what they have not done. Parents are advised to treat children with unconditional respect and trust which is their basic need which comes prior to education, Mr. Salman added. He discussed different case studies besides reasons for ineffective parent-child communication, provided tips for better parent-child communication and highlighted meaningful & enjoyable activities for children. Participants actively participated in the proceedings of the workshop.
Earlier Mr. Shakil Ahmed, Director Marketing & Sales PharmEvo in his welcome remarks said that our dream a healthier society is the philosophy behind various activities being organized by PharmEvo. Parent children relationship does count a lot, children are our life, our precious assets. We give them wealth but sometime we fail to give time to them. Whatever time we spend with them, we do not know how to spend. It is a genuine problem nowadays because we are very busy. This workshop will help us to know how should we communicate with our children and where we are lacking. PharmEvo will continue to organize such capacity building programs, he added. Mr. Shoaib Ahmed, Business Manager PharmEvo presented the shield to Mr. Salman Asif Siddiqui and thanked the participants for their active participation.

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