Doctors demand action against those who tortured senior professor at LGH


Doctors demand action against those
who tortured senior professor at LGH

LAHORE: An emergency meeting of Medical Teachers Association, Post Graduate Medical Institute & Ameer ud Din Medical College, Pakistan Medical Association and Young Doctors Association held in the Neuro Auditorium of Lahore General Hospital on December 9th 2013. Office bearers of all the medical associations expressed their anguish and indignation over the apathy and irresponsibility of police and other law enforcing agencies for not arresting the elements involved in hooliganism and torturing a senior professor Dr. Muhammad Aslam and two staff members during day light two weeks ago at Lahore General Hospital.
The participants of the meeting during the press conference stated that Punjab Government did not try to trace out the culprits of LGH incident as they swiftly reacted to the Punjab University teachers torture case or Rawalpindi tragedy followed by a number of arrests. They said that kidnapping of doctors for ransom has become routine matter in other provinces but occurrence of such incident in Punjab, a province administrated by those who claim good governance, is highly deplorable. The office bearers said that the incident of torture on a renowned professor during duty hours has triggered a sense of insecurity among the doctors community. They can not focus on patient’s treatment because of the terror and fear of life. They further said that the indifference of the concerned authorities to this case can only result in more brain drain from our country and in such state of affairs citizens could hardly find any doctor to attend them.
They demanded that Chief Minister Punjab should take personal interest in this case and immediately constitute a team consisting of experts to ensure earliest arrest of the culprits. They made it clear that if the culprits were not arrested, it would compel them to take extreme step and coming on to the streets. The doctors’ leaders also announced to form an Action Committee which would finalize the line of action regarding the security of doctors, nurses and other staff.
The office bearers of the medical associations also demanded Punjab Government and Health Department to give sympathetic hearing to the demands of lower staff of LGH and their genuine demands be accepted immediately. They said that the employees involved in dishonesty and creating hurdles in the process of treatment of patients must be taken to the task. All the participants of the meeting assured Principal PGMI Prof. Anjum Habib Vohra of their full support in his efforts to remove corruption from LGH and provide maximum medical facilities to the patients. (PR)