Pakistan-Sino mippo technique symposium at Fujian-China


Pakistan-Sino mippo technique
symposium at Fujian-China

KARACHI: A group of Pakistan Orthopaedic Association (POA) members visited China Fujian Medical University affiliated hospitals from October 21-25th 2013 to attend Sino-Pakistan MIPPO Technique workshop/symposia arranged by Chinese Orthopaedic Association’s Fujian branch at Fuzhou and Zhangzhou cities. The hand on the training workshops, live surgeries and case discussion sessions were held at The First Affiliated hospital and at First clinical college and Second Affiliated Hospital and Trauma centre of Fuzhou city and at The Third Hospital of Zhangzhou city of Fujian Province.
Prof. Anisuddin Bhatti (Karachi), Dr. Aslam Pervez (Karachi), Dr. Muhammad Sohail Arif (Lahore), Dr. Muhammad Hanif (Lahore), Dr. Muhammad Asghar Awan (Karachi) and Dr. Muhammad Idrees Shah (Karachi) represented Pakistan. The members of Chinese Orthopaedic Association and Pakistani delegate actively participated in interactive discussions on cases presented by Prof. Yang Bing Lin and Prof Anis Bhatti. They visited all three hospital facilities, in-patients and attended live surgeries on PFN, LISS Plating, Minimal Invasive TKR, THR and endoscopic Lumber Disc dissections at Fuzhou, Zhangzhou hospitals. The delegates were received with warm welcome, a briefing session by the president of hospitals was held before visit & hand on training workshops at all hospitals. The Chinese have developed a really amazing, state of art facilities. The have huge hospital 2500 bed buildings with one block of 17 floors only dedicated for orthopaedic surgery , each floor have of 50 beds and 18 20 operating rooms reserved only for orthopaedics. They were performing more than 100 elective orthopaedic operations a day in each hospital. Almost every operation was performed with MIPPO technique and each OT Suit and corridor of Operation theatres had Laminar flow system. They had excellent SSI control system and observe state of art OR attires.
The visit was sponsored by Double Engine Medical Company China, in collaboration with SK Surgical Pakistan. The group also visited the Double Medical Company producing Double Engine Implant and Instrument with imported Titanium Alloy.
The Chinese Orthopaedic Association Fujian Branch also arranged reception dinner for Pakistani delegate. The President of the Chinese Orthopaedic Association Fujian Branch Prof Lin JianHua and Prof Anis Bhatti in their speeches pledged to work for mutual collaboration for transfer of expertise / technology for providing training opportunities for the doctors of both nations. The delegate also had special session with Prof. Chen BoChang and Dr. Lin Feng renowned Paedaitric Orthopaedic Surgeons, who came from Shanghai to honour Pakistan Orthopaedic Association delegate visiting Fujian. The Double Engine’s President and Board Director Dr. Lin ZhiXiong and CEO Mr. Justin Rowe and Director of International Business Ms. Dudu Wu provided an excellent memorable hospitality to Pakistani delegates.(PR)