Entry test for medical colleges by UHS and thereafter


 Entry test for medical colleges
by UHS and thereafter

LAHORE: Many years ago when the Punjab Government came up with the idea of starting entry test for admission to medical colleges it was welcomed by the medical teachers by and large but it was opposed by late Prof. Iftikhar Ahmad the then Principal of Allama Iqbal Medical College Lahore. The idea of entry test came because it was alleged that marks used to be sold in FSc by different Boards in the province. Prof. Iftikhar Ahmad and his colleagues who were opposed to this scheme had remarked that it will be better to improve the examination systems by the Boards rather than starting another test because what is the guarantee that the new system won’t be corrupted. Authorities did not listen to him and he was made an OSD. That is exactly what we are seeing today.

With the start of entry test, many Tuition Centers, Academies came up which started charging huge amounts from the students in order to prepare them for this test. In fact a whole new Mafia came into existence. UHS had been conducting these entry tests for the last many years but this time the test was cancelled alleging that the paper was leaked out. Enquiries, it is reliably learnt, have showed that there was no proper supervision, there were some lacunas and faults in the whole process. Forensic examination of cell phones of those arrested and the computers in the examination department, it is further leant, has provided some useful information to the investigation authorities. It is said that there was no control on who is coming in and who is going out and when from the Examination cell, there was no system of body search in place of all those who were working in the examination department when they used to go out, hence the suspicions are that some of those staff members working in the department who are now under investigation must have been involved in this racket. As such it also shows that the administration of the university failed to take appropriate precautions which are extremely important.

It is further learnt that some of those arrested are being investigated and acting Vice Chancellor of UHS Prof.Junaid Sarfraz was also sent on forced leave. A lot has appeared in the media since then about the UHS, but it is too early to come to any conclusions. Prof. Junaid Sarfraz is a human being, he may have many weaknesses hence justice demands that a thorough transparent investigation should be conducted and if any one whosoever he or she may be is found involved must be given exemplary punishment. However, untill there is some solid evidence, humiliating, character assassination of any one should come to an end. Such a campaign in the media also brings a bad name to the institution concerned and the medical profession as well. Entry test conducted by Government of Sindh this year for admission to medical and dental colleges was also cancelled for the same reasons and new test is being conducted to complete the admission process as done by University of Health Sciences in Punjab. This also proves the existence of this Mafia outside Punjab as well. We have no sympathy or soft corner for anyone involved in such criminal activity, corruption but our only concern is that no one should be punished unheard and without any solid proof.

The tradition that we have now started in Pakistan of punishing someone first and then conducting enquires to find his fault or crime needs to be condemned by all sections of the society. Justice demands that one should be punished only after fair trial and when charges have been proved.