Be a Human doctor and not a Robot and become a part of life and culture


 Punjab HEC Chairman’s advice to doctors

Be a Human doctor and not a Robot and
become a part of life and culture

Urges UHS to initiate training programme in medical ethics
for doctors to change mindset of the healthcare professionals

UHS logo has become a symbol of Quality, Accountability
and Transparency- Prof. Maj.  Gen. M. Aslam

LAHORE: Addressing the Second Convocation of the University of Health Sciences here on November 17, 2016, Chairman of Punjab Higher Education Commission Prof. Nizamuddin Ahmad has called upon the doctors to become Human doctors and not robot and be a part of life and culture. He also advised the UHS administration to initiate training programme in medical ethics for doctors to change the mindset of healthcare professionals. Despite some shortcomings, Medical Education has achieved excellence in Pakistan and University of Health Sciences has played a leading role in this field. UHS has maintained quality, standards and did not compromise.

Continuing Prof. Nizamuddin said that allied health professionals have remained neglected and we need to start professional training for them as well. The ratio between doctors and allied health professionals including nurses, paramedics and technicians is very large and this gap was further widening. Doctors cannot work alone and these allied health professionals are needed to make a team to maximize their productivity. He also referred to the International medical education conference recently organized by UHS and said that numerous pre-conference workshops provided an opportunity to over twelve hundred healthcare professionals to build their professional capacity.  It was a commendable effort and other institutions need to follow this practice. Some patients need confidence, compassion. Medical profession can change the mind of the people as when doctors talk to the patients, it makes a lot of difference. Let the UHS take up a project which will be funded by Punjab HEC as to how we can produce human doctors. If they follow ethical principles, they will become more human. It is essential that we start practicing multidisciplinary teach approach in healthcare delivery.

Prof. Nizamuddin Chairman Punjab HEC, Najam A. Shah Provincial, Secretary Specialized Healthcare and
Medical Education, Prof.Maj.Gen. M. Aslam VC UHS, senior faculty members and postgraduates who got 
their PhD, M.Phil. and postgraduate degrees in other subject photographed during the 
2nd Convocation of UHS held on November 17, 2016.

It is also important to find out how to build a healthcare team instead of the decisions being taken by the doctors themselves. Team approach in decision making is much better. Pakistan, Prof. Nizamuddin said provides unique opportunity for undertaking medical research as we have millions of patients. We are not preserving and documenting the data and were losing this gold mine which will prove very helpful in writing papers. Initiate some project in this regard and Punjab HEC will make the funding available. You must design a form to collect data and by not compiling it, we are losing this data. He also suggested the UHS to look into publication of a high standard peer reviewed journal of health sciences and utilize this data.

Earlier Prof. Maj. Gen. Muhammad Aslam Vice Chancellor of UHS in his annual report said that UHS was the biggest university in Pakistan keeping in view its responsibilities.  We have over seventy five thousand students in affiliated institutions and run over one hundred academic programmes. We are also developing the faculty in these forty five medical and dental colleges affiliated with UHS, We have Masters Training programme, PhD training programme besides M. Phil, MS and MD, Currently over five hundred postgraduates are enrolled in various programmes. He commended the contributions of his predecessors Prof. Malik H. Mubbashar, Prof. I. A. Naveed who conceived and acquired land for the new campus of UHS in Knowledge city. With our own resources we have built a boys hostel and an administration block at the new site and it will become operational soon. The federal government has also provided us a grant of eighty one crore rupees. In this convocation 192 postgraduates will get their degrees while four doctors will be awarded PhD degrees besides presenting Gold Medals to fifteen brilliant students in various fields. The one who have earned the First position being the Best Graduate is a unique position as he/she had to compete among over six thousand students from forty three medical colleges. So far UHS has produced 6,923 MBBS, 158 BDS, 156 allied health professionals and 238 BSc in Nursing. Now 9,583 students are graduating each year in various subjects. From next year we will start certificate programme in Forensic Psychiatry which will later be upgraded to MSc in Forensic Psychiatry. UHS Prof. Aslam said was a pro merit university and we were able to get 124 scholarships for MBBS and BDS students for five and four years respectively from USAID. We are actively collaborating with various other stake holders including CPSP, PM&DC, Punjab Healthcare Commission, HEC, Punjab HEC and other sister medical universities in the city involving them in our academic activities,  he added.

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