Otsuka awareness campaign against Hepatitis


Otsuka awareness campaign against Hepatitis

Many patients visiting Gynea Dept. of CHK
are found to be  Hepatitis C carrier-Dr. Lubna Ali

KARACHI: Hepatitis is increasing very rapidly in our country and quite a few patients examined at our Department is Hepatitis C carrier and majority of the patients are from rural areas. Reuse of disposable syringes and pricking of I.V infusion bottles are major causes of Hepatitis spread. This was stated by Dr. Lubna Ali, Associate Professor of Gynecology at Civil Hospital, Karachi. She was performing the Otsuka Lucky draw in connection with Otsuka awareness campaign against hepatitis held at Otsuka Head Office on November 27, 2014.


Dr. Lubna Ali performing Otsuka Lucky draw held at Otsuka Head
Office  in Karachi on November 27, 2014.

Prof. Lubna was of the view that awareness and educational programmes for paramedics and nurses are very important because these people are the back bone of every health care facility. If they are properly trained to follow standard operating procedures lot of complications could be avoided. Efforts should also be made to educate GP’ to stop unethical practices. Lot of GP’s especially those practicing in rural and peripheral areas should be educated to stop re-use of syringes which is a very common practice. Instruments used in OPD's must be properly sterilized. Ethical practice and prevention of the diseases should also be emphasized. Screening of patients should be a routine practice in our hospitals which will also help to prevent different infectious diseases. Handling of surgeries of Hepatitis patients, she said, need special attention. Kit for Hepatitis patients and instruments should be separate, and disposable kit should be used. Though Hepatitis treatment is available but it is very expensive which forces poor people to visit Hakims and Quacks, she added.

Dr. Lubna appreciated the Otsuka awareness campaign against Hepatitis being carried out through print and electronic media to educate the healthcare professionals and the public. She hoped that their efforts to create awareness about problems like pricking of IV bottles, needle stick injuries which spreads Hepatitis and other viral infections will help reduce the prevalence of Hepatitis in Pakistan.

Mr. Moinuddin Product Manager, Otsuka Pakistan highlighted the aims and objectives of Otsuka awareness campaign. Otsuka, he stated manufacture quality IV infusion which ensures 100% availability of fluid without pricking of the bottle. Special quality plastic is used for bottles which are scientifically designed and have 20% extra space to exert pressure of the content. Dr. Iqbal Jaam from THQ Hospital Rohri Sukkur was the lucky winner of a bumper prize for the month of November, 2014 draw.