Otsuka awareness campaign against Hepatitis


Otsuka awareness campaign against Hepatitis

Pricking of IV Infusion bottle is major
source of infections - Dr. Adnan Aziz

KARACHI: Pricking of I.V infusion bottles are major source of getting infection that can only be controlled by providing quality products which does not require pricking and through education of Nurses and Paramedics. Training courses and providing them incentives will help to create awareness and make them more responsible. These views were expressed by Dr. Adnan Aziz, Associate Professor of Surgery at Dow University of Health Sciences & Civil Hospital Karachi. He was performing the Otsuka Lucky draw at Otsuka Head Office on November 26, 2013. Mr. Habib Navaid Senior Director Marketing, Mr. Khalid Munir, Business Unit Head, Dr. Talha, Senior Medical Advisor and other senior executives of marketing and sales were also present at the occasion.

Dr. Adnan Aziz, Associate Professor of Surgery at Dow University of Health
Sciences & Civil Hospital Karachi performing Otsuka Lucky Draw held at
Otsuka Head Office on November 26, 2013.

Continuing Dr. Adnan said that we should avoid using unreliable products and should not compromise on the quality. Concerned authorities must ensure supply of quality products in the market which will help in decrease of Hepatitis B & C prevalence in Pakistan. Needle stick injuries pose a significant occupational risk for surgical trainees when exposed to high risk patients. Ethical practice and emphasis on prevention of the diseases are important to prevent hepatitis and other communicable diseases. A study conducted to check prevalence of Hepatitis B & C in surgical patients has also showed that needle stick injuries and reuse of syringes in the suburbs and rural areas were the major cause of Hepatitis spread, Dr. Adnan added. Screening of patients should be a routine practice in our hospitals which will also helps to prevent different infectious diseases. At DUHS all the patients for surgical procedures are screened, he added.
Dr. Adnan further said that safe practices, interaction, acquiring knowledge and its implementation is very important. We have to be responsible citizens and should follow standard operating procedures. He appreciated the efforts of Otsuka Pakistan to create awareness regarding these deadly diseases and also providing IV Infusion bottle which does not require pricking. It is a noble cause which must be appreciated, he added.
Earlier Mr. Muhammad Arshad, Deputy Marketing Manager Otsuka Pakistan, in his introductory remarks said that Otsuka awareness campaign against hepatitis is being run to create awareness regarding hepatitis and to encourage ethical medical practices. Print and electronic media is being used to convey the message bedsides seminars and lectures are being organized in various hospitals. Syringe cutters have also been provided in various hospitals to discard the used syringes he added. Dr. Hari Das from Jacobabad was the lucky winner of a bumper prize for the Month of November, 2013 draw. Other fifteen winners will get consolation prizes.

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