With proper planning and effective time management we can maximize our productivity


ILE Workshop at BIDE
With proper planning and effective
time management we can maximize
our productivity
Make a decision, Discipline yourself and work 
with Determination - Dr. Masood Jawaid

KARACHI: Institute of Leadership Excellence (ILE) an entity established by PharmEvo Pharmaceuticals organized a workshop on “Competitive Edge- Maximizing productivity” at Baqai Institute of Diabetes and Endocrinology (BIDE) on July 28th 2020. It was attended by postgraduates doing their Fellowship in Endocrinology and a few selected faculty members of BIDE. Dr. Masood Jawaid trainer of Institute of Leadership Excellence as well as Director Medical Affairs and Learning Innovations PharmEvo was the facilitator. Speaking at the occasion Dr. Masood Jawaid pointed out that we are living in exciting times. In fact this is the best time to live in the world as we have numerous tools available. Hence, with proper planning and ensuring effective time management, we can increase our productivity.

Continuing Dr. Masood Jawaid stated that it was important that we develop good habits and work it as a routine. We must take Decision, Discipline ourselves and then work with Determination. He advised the participants to set their goals, plan well in advance. It is reported that only 3% people in the world have written their goals and objectives of life. It is also important that one knows the correct direction to reach the final desired destination. Convert your objectives, goals in mind on paper. Decide exactly what you wish to achieve. Write it down and set a deadline to achieve your goal. Make a list of everything you are going to do to achieve your objectives. Be specific and organize your list into a Plan. Start taking action on your plan immediately and resolve to do something every day that moves towards your goal.

Participants of the ILE workshop held at Baqai Institute of Diabetes and Endocrinology
photographed with
the Trainer Dr. Masood Jawaid, Director Medical Affairs in PharmEvo.

One can plan for your professional life and even for the family. However, it is important that one plans every day in advance. He then explained the concept of Return on Energy (RoE) in detail. By following this concept, one gets at least two hours extra every day. Keep on adding new items on your list and delete the jobs which have been accomplished from the list. He then demonstrated that by using Evernote App on the mobile phone, one can make a list of things to do, maintain a diary, update it every day. One can also take pictures using this App, record videos and one can use it as a Note Book. The list of jobs to be done can be prepared on Yearly, Monthly and Weekly basis. He then explained with examples that at times with 80% efforts one can get 20% results but sometime by 20% efforts it is possible to achieve 80% results. Give importance to the task; take decisions thinking about the long term goals. It is also essential that one learns to say NO, be prepared to face the consequences. It is advisable to think about the consequences of the decisions one takes. Make better decisions about time and think of potential consequences.

Discussing about the Law of Forced Efficiency, he pointed out that there is enough time for most important things but there is not enough time to do everything. One has to decide about the important work. Think what you can do better which will have an impact and make you different. Decide your priorities. Apply the law of Three. Decide about the three important works you wish to do daily and make sure to give them hundred percent energy every day. Take immediate actions. Every individual has his/her strength and limitations but it is important that one works all the time you work and do not waste time. He then discussed the concept of ABCDE the method and art of prioritizing and explained that A stands for those things which are Most Important, B are those which are Important while C contains those things which are Fine if one does and does not make much difference it they are not done. D stands for Delegation. Work as a team. You cannot do everything yourself, learn to delegate to other colleagues, monitor and follow up. E stands for elimination. Eliminate those things which can be avoided. It will increase your overall productivity.

The participants of the workshop were then asked to list their goals objectives in ABCDE boxes. Have another look and then shift different jobs to different boxes. This will give you your schedule and your priority. Do most important things first, followed by concentrating on important things. Focus on key result areas. Plan your work and work on your plans. Good comfortable working environment will increase your productivity. He further pointed out that most things which are urgent are not important but something’s are important but not urgent. Urgent will find you but you need to concentrate on important things. Do not make over-commitments. Important is not fast, it is slow but always prefer to do something which is important which may not be urgent. Continue upgrading your key skills. Never stop learning. Work on your specialized talent and identify your key constraints. In the last part of the workshop, he demonstrated how to use the Google Calendar for planning and concluded his presentation by referring to the Parkinson’s Law with a quotation that “Work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion”.

Earlier Ms. Shafiq Zahra Coordinator ILE welcomed the participants to the workshop and also introduced the facilitator. ILE, she pointed out was established by PharmEvo Pharmaceuticals with the objective of developing professional capabilities of healthcare professionals in view of the new developments specially in leadership areas. She hoped that the workshop will help participants to learn how to utilize their time effectively which will result in enhancing their productivity. Later the participants were asked to give their feedback about the workshop using an App on their mobile phones which will be used to identify the strength and weaknesses if any of the workshop to make it more useful.

Prof. Abdul Basit Director BIDE also graced the occasion with his presence during the tea break and thanked PharmEvo for arranging this workshop at BIDE. Dr. Musarrat Riaz Consultant Endocrinologist at BIDE who was the local coordinator for the workshop hoped that this will not be the last time but PharmEvo will keep on helping the BIDE in professional capacity building of its staff and faculty.