Patients suffer from Disease, Pill and the Doctors-Dr. Mowadat Rana


International Psychiatric Conference on Prescription for Wellness
Patients suffer from Disease, Pill and the
Doctors-Dr. Mowadat Rana
They don’t come to the doctors to get a prescription
for drugs but wish to discuss their problems
Mind, Body and Soul should live in peace and
harmony which will lead to Happiness

LAHORE: Pre-conference workshops on “Happiness for Healthcare Professionals” ”Children in a Digital World”, “Perinatal Psychiatry”, “Neuropsychological Assessment” and a special session on “The Psych Lounge: Students Wellness and Health Promotion” were some of the important highlights of the just concluded International Psychiatric Conference organized by Dept. of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences Fatima Memorial Hospital in collaboration with Child & Adolescent Mental Health Special Interest Group, NUR International University, Pakistan Association of Social Psychiatry, Ijaz Psychiatric Institute and Connections-Comprehensive Psychiatric Services. The theme of the conference was “Prescription for Wellness: Working Across Boundaries”. The meeting held from 2-3rd August 2019 attracted a large number of psychiatrists from all over the country besides half a dozen delegates from Qatar lead by Prof. Waqar Azeem a noted Child Psychiatrist and a few from other countries including UK.

Prof. Mowadat Rana was the facilitator for the workshop on “Happiness for Healthcare Professionals” which was jointly chaired by Prof. Khalid Mufti, Dr. Bushra, Prof.Aftab Asif and Dr. Burhan Mustafa. Dr. Mowadat Rana in his presentation pointed out that patients suffer from different categories which include Disease; Pill and they also suffer from the Doctors as well. These days’ doctors have become unhappy themselves and it is adding burden to the patients. He also disclosed that these days he was working on a book which it titled as “Hurt People-Hurt People”. It is the hurt people who see doctors to seek help and they get further hurt. It is a cycle and we need to break this vicious cycle, he remarked. We can start from some point to break this cycle. However, it is beyond the domain of health professionals in which people live. Doctors need to bring happiness to themselves first. He also referred to the validated index of happiness and then stated that there are some islands within the hospitals. Referring to Surah Al-Assar in the Holy Quran, Dr. Mowadat Rana said that it carries very important message. It lays emphasis on Truth, Patience and Perseverance. It further states that those who have Faith do Righteous Deeds. Assar is the time in the day to reflect and think about treatments, interventions for wellness. We must see what we have done so far during the day. What should one do better and correct the mistakes made so far. It is time for action for audit, reflect and make corrections. It also shows that there is still lot of time left during the day. We all sitting here, he went on to say, are in the age group where we all needs to do self audit.

Prof. Khalid Masood Gondal VC KEMU presenting memento to Prof. Mowadat H. Rana the
Keynote Speaker in the Inagural Session of  Int. Psychiatric Conference on “Wellness for
Prescription: Working Across Boundaries” held at Lahore recently. Also seen in the center
is Prof. Imran Ijaz Haider Chairman of the Organizing Committee of the Conference.

Continuing Prof. Mowadat Rana said that there is a warning from God Almighty to reduce our loss. We are not happy. All new children enter in the world full of sadness, gloom. They all cry when they enter this world at the time of birth. Happiness, Dr. Mowadat Rana stated does not come, we have to find it and it is also expensive. There are five antidotes in this Surah Al-Assar and all those who understand it, their loss will be reduced. All these are measurable, tangible and doable. As stated by Hazrat Ali, our sources of pain and pleasure are the same. Sources of our wellness are potential sources of happiness. We are not happy with our relatives, parents, sibling, friends and neighbours and we need to find out a technique to turn this around. Diamond and Coal are found in the same place. We have a triangle of Mind, Body and Soul. Some people remain in their body and others use their Mind only. Body refers the case to others those living in the realm of Mind. Let us not get lost in Mind as well, he warned. There is a Soul also. All these three should live in harmony and Peace. When they live peacefully the outcome is happiness. We need to balance it. Within the same triangle there is another triangle i.e. I, God and Universe. Peaceful co-existence of all these is extremely essential. When we remember God, the chances of happiness are great. The triad required for happiness of healthcare professionals consists of Knowledge, Education and Skills. It is the combination of all these three which matters. Sorrows and Happiness are all part of life. What we need is Patience, live in it and wait for happiness, wait for sadness. Once you wait for happiness, it will come.

Giving details of the Happiness Index he mentioned Intent, Health, Freedom, and Conditions of life, Work, Voluntary and Number of loving relationship. On the other hand, there is Disease, Distress and Disability, Pain, Shame, Guilt and Vengeance and they all destroy happiness. Drugs are essential for disease but remember drugs won’t treat distress and disability. There are other ways to correct all this. The No.1 cause of breakdown of marriages these days are Tit for Tat approach. We lack patience. We do not know how to generate happiness. Alignment of ITSA is equal to Happiness wherein I stand for Intent, T stands for Thoughts, S for speech and A for Actions. We need to synchronize all these. Your Intent should be thought. Psychological pain is still more dangerous. Intentions are within one’s control. One can control one’s intentions. It should not be dependent on others actions, reactivity. It is better to use the frontal lobe. Do analysis, synthesis before reaction using frontal lobe. Respond but do not React. Stop reactions. Search guidance, help. Let emotions settle down and then respond, he added.

Prof. Mowadat H. Rana photographed along with his admirers and well-wishers soon after
the workshop on “Happiness for Healthcare Professionals” which he facilitated during the 
Int. Psychiatric Conference on “Wellness for Prescription: Working Across Boundaries” 
held at Lahore on August 2-3, 2019.

During the interactive discussions, it was emphasized that one should discuss with experts and make things available for discussion. Patients do not come to the doctors to get prescription of drugs but the come to discuss their problems. When this vicious cycle will stop, it will stop hurting people. Halal and Exercise restores confidence. Always opt for peer reviewed interventions. Patients need Care and nurture. People who have Character, Personality, and Values are spiritually alive. There are seven values of happy healthcare professionals and this includes Invincible exists, Happiness improves our Health, Respect for Being, Ehsas/Benevolence, Righteousness should be evidence based, Equity and Equality besides Consequences of our actions. It is your patients which keep you healthy, Dr. Mowadat Rana remarked.

Dr. Nadeem was the moderator for this session which was immensely enjoyed by the participants which was evident from their applause. Dr. Mowadat Rana, who has mastered the art of communication skills kept the audience fully involved, engaged forcing them to start thinking how to break the vicious cycle and earn happiness keeping the patients happy and healthy.

In their concluding remarks the chairpersons commended the speaker Dr. Mowadat H. Rana for his excellent presentation on how to find happiness. Dr. Sara pointed out that this workshop should be for all professionals and they must all learn how to make themselves happy. Prof. Aftab Asif remarked that it is very difficult to make all people happy. This prescription of Happiness is different. These issues need to be discussed with the educationists. We all make mistakes. He was of the view that instead of waiting for great happiness let us be content with small happiness and accumulate all these small happiness’s. Prof. Khalid Mufti remarked that Prof. Mowadat Rana has covered cognitive, social and spiritual magnet. Good teachers are a must for success. We all need to audit our thoughts, behaviour and avoid doing any harm to the patients.