CPSP to start Fellowship in Child Psychiatry by inducting candidates in January 2019


 Prof. Khalid Masood Gondal’s address at Psychiatric conference
CPSP to start Fellowship in Child Psychiatry
by inducting candidates 
in January 2019
Investment in happiness of patients will also increase 
efficacy of the medicines-Prof. Mowadat Rana

LAHORE: Prof. Khalid Masood Gondal Senior Vice President of College of Physicians & Surgeons Pakistan who is also Vice Chancellor of King Edward Medical University has announced that CPSP will start Fellowship in Child Psychiatry soon. Candidates for this programme will be inducted in January 2019. He made this announcement while inaugurating the two day International Psychiatric Conference on “Prescription for Wellness: Working across Boundaries” held here from 2-3rd August 2019. It was organized by Dept. of Psychiatry and Behavioural Sciences Fatima Memorial Hospital in collaboration with a number of other institutions including NUR International University, KEMU and Pakistan Association of Social Psychiatry.

Prof. Khalid Masood Gondal was responding to earlier demand put forward by Prof. Mowadat H.Rana who pointed out that all the preliminary work including paper work and the MCQs etc., was completed over a year ago and if some officials of CPSP were telling him something else, it was wrong. He urged the chief guest to ensure that Fellowship in Child Psychiatry was started without any further delay.

Prof. Khalid Masood Gondal VC KEMU presenting mementoes to Prof. Waqar Azeem, Dr. Felicia Watt and Dr. Munazza
Ali the guest speakers 
from Qatar durning the Int. Psychiatric Conference on “Wellness for Prescription:
Working Across Boundaries” held at Lahore recently. Also 
seen in the center is Prof. Imran
Ijaz Haider Chairman of the Organizing Committee of the Conference.

Prof. Khalid Masood Gondal congratulated the organizers for hosting a wonderful academic event and the high quality of the scientific programme including workshops on a wide variety of important topics. Mental Health and emotional well-being, he further stated, is vital part of a healthy and fulfilling life. At present mental ill health and psychological distress are globally receiving more recognition and there were numerous awareness and anti-stigma campaigns. It is necessary in our part of the world in particular so that misconceptions about mental illness, psychiatry and psychological interventions are removed. Often the sufferers are told to get over it or to strengthen themselves mentally and emotionally. In more severe cases people are labeled as mad and are ostracized. . Families are usually ashamed of such sufferers, and often will seek help from faith healers rather than medical professionals. The quality of life of such patients and their families is vastly compromised, and this is added to by the lack of supportive services and mental health infrastructure. Depression is considered as the “common cold” of psychiatry. World Health Organization has noted that it is one of the leading causes of disability worldwide, that it is on the rise and that depression-related suicide is the 2nd leading cause of death for people aged 19 – 25 years. Depression is perhaps one of the most common diagnoses locally as well. These findings make it clear that quality mental health services are urgently required, with professionals being practiced in clinical and research skills.

People should be advised to consult qualified people by creating awareness as only qualified mental health professionals can treat them. We need quality mental healthcare services and find indigenous solutions to our problems. CPSP and universities have to play a leadership role. New programmes are needed. He also referred to an earlier workshop by Dr. Nazish Imran on judicious use of social media by healthcare professionals and medical students organized at KEMU sometime ago and said that he plans to make it a part of the curriculum at the university.

Prof. Mowadat H. Rana in his thematic talk on the theme of the conference said that this was a unique conference. In the past most conferences were related to diseases but this one has given preference to Wellness and Happiness of the Healthcare professionals as well as the patients. Drugs, he recalled will never cure disability and distress. Make sure that the interventions we practice bring out the patient’s happiness, joy, comforts and their symptoms are going to be cured. We should be different from other doctors who just sit down and write prescriptions. We need to make a PLAN-what is the illness? The relationship of wellness and Health should be looked into and this plan should consist of evidence based wellness. We as mental healthcare professionals should promote wellness. He invited the pharma industry as well to come and invest in patient’s happiness and wellness which comes through happiness and health. If someone is diseased and still claims to be healthy he is suffering from manic episode. We must remember that happiness comes first and then health follows. Happiness reduce morbidity and the outcome is also different. Investment in happiness of patients will also increase efficacy of the medicines, he remarked. It is through promise of wellness that we can realize the full potential of a human being. It will also increase productivity, will result in better citizens. We Pakistanis are a very resilience nation and time has proved it time and again. We have always come out of traumatic growth as we believe in Allostasis- those who think ahead of time and foresee the problems, difficulties ahead.

 Group photograph taken during the Int. Psychiatric Conference on “Wellness for Prescription:
Working Across Boundaries” held at Lahore from 
(L to R) shows Dr. Nazish Imran, Prof.
Waqar Azeem, Prof. Aftab Asif, Prof. Naeem Siddiqui, Prof. Imran Ijaz Haider, Prof.
Mowadat H.Rana, 
Prof. Farid Aslam Minhas, Dr. Ajmal Kazmi and others.

Prof. Mowadat Rana made a passionate appeal to Prof. Khalid Masood Gondal to expedite the start of Fellowship in Child Psychiatry pending approval since long. We need a National Action Plan, personal commitment to health and happiness. He also highlighted the importance of spirituality stating that those patients who have belief have much more positive feelings and respond to treatment better. We must ensure that the patients are themselves committed to their health and well-being. Life style changes, Exercise and Nutrition programmes play a vital role in wellbeing. We need to infuse spirituality in the patients to ensure better prognosis. We should all show commitment to concept of Health, Amar Bill Maroof and Naheen anal Munkar should be involved as concept of Health, he remarked.

Prof. Khalid Mufti also highlighted the importance of the concept of Wellness and Spirituality. Prof. Waqar Azeem who had specially come from Qatar alongwith a team in his address commended the efforts of the organizers. He was delighted to see that the young psychologists, residents and Trainees were running the workshops. He specially referred to the session The Psyche Luong which was moderated by two medical students. All this shows that the future of psychiatry is bright in Pakistan. Prof. Mazhar Malik pointed out that child psychiatry, substance abuse, psychosocial issues need to be highlighted and we must work in these neglected areas. Prof. Unaiza Niaz who has done a lot in the field of Women Mental Health was delighted to note that this conference gave a refreshing look, the programme was very well planned and well designed, professionally organized and on the whole it had lot of innovations and the disciplined smooth working needs to be commended. In today’s modern family values, morality has been forgotten. The scientific programme provided numerous refreshing concepts. In the good old days, we the Asians, Muslim culture in particular had lot of moral values. We used to take nutritious food, relax and do regular exercise. We need to do something to improve child behaviour, give importance to women mental health as it will result in happy family and happy children.

Prof. Rizwan Taj referred to the out of control population and population under sixteen years of age need special attention. We need to create awareness and inculcate happiness among them. To achieve all that we need more academic events like this, he remarked. Dr. Ajmal Kazmi commended the team work witnessed during the conference. We the mental healthcare professionals, he opined, are facing many challenges.

Earlier Prof. Imran Ijaz Haider chairman of the organizing committee in his welcome address opined that let us think about positive things. Do not become Boss to the patient as most of us usually do not see beyond that. Let us remember that these patients are human beings as well and they need to be treated with respect and dignity apart from prescription of drugs. At present, mental health is an under-developed field in Pakistan as compared to more developed countries. This is in part because of socio-cultural stigma towards mental illness and treatment, as well as limited research output and lack of resources. Our conference aims to address these under-developed areas. It has been titled “Prescription for Wellness: Working Across Boundaries’ because we wish to emphasize the concept of health and well-being. The two days conference will provide an opportunity to the participants to learn from experts in various psychiatric specialties including areas such as neuropsychological assessments, perinatal mental health, social psychiatry, child and adolescent mental health, psychosis and Tran’s cranial magnetic stimulation. Similarly, the programme consists of workshops which will enhance the participant’s clinical practice and skills, and presentations and panel discussions which will allow you to explore areas of interest and discover contemporary local research and best practice, he added. Dr. Nazish Imran, Head of the Dept. of Child and Family Psychiatry at KEMU who was the organizing secretary of the conference moderated this session. Later the chief guest presents mementoes among the distinguished speakers and facilitators of the workshops besides members of the organizing committee.

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