Unique initiative by AKU for partnership for innovation in healthcare and medical education


 Unique initiative by AKU for partnership for
innovation in healthcare and medical education

Signs MOU with PharmEvo, OPEN for strategic partnership

KARACHI: Entrepreneurs, healthcare professionals and researchers belonging to three different private organizations have joined hands and decided to enter into a strategic partnership to promote innovations in healthcare and medical education. A formal MOU was signed here on August 7th by Mr. Firoze Rasul President of AKU and Dr. Zakiuddin Ahmed Director Digital Health and Strategic Projects in PharmEvo and President OPEN. Dr. Asad Mian Director, Critical Creative Innovative Thinking (CCIT) Forum was also present on the occasion.

Addressing the participants Mr. Firoze Rasul President AKU said that he himself had a technology background. We in the AKU will promote and support development of new ideas and innovative solutions besides providing physical and intellectual space. He however, reminded that it was a tough and long journey. Sometimes one does not achieve the desired objectives and all efforts fail. In United States, he said, those who have earlier failed or have not yet made any attempt are preferred because in failure they have learnt lot of lessons as to why they failed, hence they are valuable to support. I am committed to it as this is the role of the university. We need to look into it how we can provide that structure, environment which is extremely important, he added.


Mr. Firoz Rasul President Aga Khan University and Dr. Zakiuddin Ahmad from PharmEvo exchanging
the documents after signing an MOU for strategic partnership on August 7, 2018.

Prof. Farhat Abbas Dean Aga Khan University Medical College speaking about motivation for partnership highlighted the importance of value of working together. The value of partnership is better than value of collaboration. In partnership you plan and are equal partner in benefits and also take the risk. Partnership is a serious engagement. We depend on so many sources, hence it is essential to nurture collaboration and partnership with different groups. One cannot do everything alone, hence partnership is needed with other groups. Technology can help us and such a project will be beneficial for all of us in the long run.

Dr. Zakiuddin Ahmad introduced OPEN and highlighted the PharmEvo philosophy of ethical physician’s engagements. We are now in an exciting era. Using technology we will help and support each other. It is innovative as well as challenging, we must create value for the patient, he added.

Later four groups with innovative ideas made their presentations. INDER group had taken up the topic of simplifying Research, highlighted the lack of interest, funding, lack of mentorship in research. They plan to bridge this research gap. BitMed had taken up the topic of optimizing clinical teaching. Some of the problems they had identified were no mentoring, misalignment, no feedback system. They plan to monitor clinical teaching, curriculum will be broken in teaching Bits. Learning, it was stated, is undergoing transition. The whole curriculum will be covered in Bits and it will be recorded as to what has been taught and what not. Responding to a question it was stated that issues like professionalism and empathy will be taken up later and included. It will certainly increase work load and also add some overheads. VICS plan caring for student’s mental fitness. Students coming from various cultural backgrounds find it difficult to adjust, they are unable to make friends, there are trust issues, and there is lack of diversity with social groups. They plan to come up with projects like playing, cooking and eating together choosing different fiesta. TOTEM is an event calendar for students. At present students fail to find details about all events and miss many. The App they plan will send regular notifications, reminders so that they do not miss any event in which they are interested.

Earlier Dr. Asad Mian in his welcome address said that this was a first initiative of its kind in any university. It is team work. They intend to cover undergraduate as well as postgraduate medical education. They have already implemented certain plans in emergency care. Some ideas can be taken up and developed further. Eventually we aim at students lead innovation framework, he remarked.