Medical students urged to become good human beings, concentrate on studies and uphold professional ethics


 1st Day function at Federal Medical & Dental College

Medical students urged to become good
human beings, concentrate on studies
and uphold professional ethics

ISLAMABAD: Prof. Javed Akram Vice Chancellor of Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto Medical University addressing the  newly admitted students of the Federal Medical & Dental College at the  First Day Function has asked them to become good human beings, concentrate on their studies and always uphold professional ethics.  The function held at the PIMS auditorium was also attended by the faculty members. Also present on the Dais with the Vice Chancellor were Pro VC Prof. Abid Farooqui, Prof. Khaleequz Zaman Chairman of the Hospital Management, Controller of Examinations Prof. Tanveer and others.

The first day in a professional college, Prof.Javed Akram stated is always a very historic event. You have now joined a family of professionals who are going to look after the patients; hence you must become good human beings to become good doctors. We are all partners in this mission. He also introduced the faculty members present on this occasion and assured the students that they are all highly qualified, experienced and competent teachers who will take care of them. He himself will be always available and you can share your problems with us and we will try to find a solution. Today you are students but one day you will be postgraduate students. Our relationship will continue. So far the students used to be taught but now the initiative should come from you and you should be asking the faculty that we wish to learn this.  You should be active learners.

He laid emphasis on mastering the clinical skills so that they can make correct diagnosis which is always based on good history and comprehensive physical examination. He apologized to the students and their parents for the agony they had to undergo in the recent past but ever since this college was declared a constituent institution of SZABMU, we have moved at a fast pace.  The faculty has been hired and PM&DC has removed the name of your institution from the list of un-recognized medical and dental colleges. Your registration with the PM&DC is now our headache and they should not have any worries in this regard.

Prof. Javed Akram also told them about the Mentorship programme the SZABMU has started which will provide them enough opportunities as regards their overall physical, social, academic development and progress. Once you graduate, you should try to give something back to your Alma matter. On our part we in the faculty will never disappoint you but it is the Alumni of this institution which will eventually make it the best medical college. We should have good communication and use social media to promote our institution. We have acquired the services of seven PhDs on Tenure Track system to overcome the shortage of faculty. Do not wait for opportunities but create opportunities and use them effectively. It is time they should also concentrate on research and paper writing for which they will be provided enough facilities in the shape of workshops. He hoped that they will set good traditions.

Prof. Khaleequz Zaman in his address pointed out that he came back from UK after post graduation and have never regretted that decision. When you look after the patients, the love and affection you get, prayers they offer for you is something which they cannot buy with money.  Happiness is something which cannot be bought. Be humane, listen to the patients, concentrate on your studies, do not ever look for short cuts and you will have enough money to live a comfortable life. Faculty members are your parents, give them due respect and they will take care of you. Now we are all members of this family and Club. You are lucky and better than those students who have got admission in private medical colleges because you have earned it on merit rather than buying a seat. Hence, they should be proud of this. We in the faculty will try to facilitate you but it is upto you to make it or break it.

Earlier Prof. Tanveer Controller of Examinations in his speech said that some of the exam will be on old pattern followed by Quaid-e-Azam University but since medical education is changing from teacher centered to student centered, they will opt for integrated Problem Based Learning. The curriculum will be outcome based. We are trying to bring some changes through PBL Sessions from next year. We have started MCQ in final year; we are bringing in OSCE as a major part in integrated system in final scoring. The available faculty is going to deliver integration very quickly. All efforts should be made to ensure that this is one of the best medical colleges in Pakistan in the next few years. If you are good, the college will be good. We are busy in building relations with other universities in Pakistan as well as overseas in UK and Azerbaijan so that our college is recognized the world over.

Mr. Shaukat Ali Jawaid Chief Editor Pulse International who is also Secretary General of Pakistan Aspirin Foundation also briefly spoke on this occasion and pointed out that the National Bioethics Committee has almost finalized the draft of the curriculum for teaching of Bioethics in medical and dental colleges and it will be sent to the PM&DC for approval. The committee entrusted with this task headed by Prof. Farhat Moazam from CBEC SIUT has also provided enough teaching material besides suggesting how the subject can be taught in phases throughout the five year curriculum and how the students can be evaluated. He also highlighted the aims and objectives of Pakistan Aspirin Foundation which is promoting the use of this wonder drug in its well established indications. Despite the fact that it is extremely useful antiplatelet agent which reduces morbidity and mortality in a number of diseases but still it is under used.  Pakistan Aspirin Foundation, he said was trying to create awareness among the public as well as healthcare professionals to promote its use. He also laid emphasis on teaching clinical skills to the students which helps a lot in correct diagnosis.