Despite initial losses for five years, PharmEvo never compromised on ethical marketing from the very first day- Ibrahim Qasim


 PharmEvo’s annual sales conference 2017

Despite initial losses for five years, PharmEvo
never compromised on ethical marketing
from the very first day- Ibrahim Qasim

We should aim to be among the top Ten Pharma
companies by 2020- Haroon Qasim

We value our values and are setting new trends in
pharmaceutical marketing- Syed Jamshed Ahmad

PharmEvo has registered the highest growth
among national companies last year-Dr. Amanullah

KARACHI: Medicine is a field which requires dedication and perseverance and remember, perseverance pays. Despite initial losses for five years PharmEvo never compromised on ethical marketing from the very first day. One has to fight through some bad days to earn best day in one’s life. This was stated by Mr. Ibrahim Qasim Chairman PharmEvo Pharmaceuticals while addressing the company’s annual sales conference on July 13, 2017. His address included numerous quotations to highlight the importance of constant struggle, devotion, dedication and hard work which eventually pays.

He reminded the participants that doing something despite difficulty or delays will eventually be rewarded by the God Almighty. We in PharmEvo have some core moral values. We started with twenty people and now we have over two thousand people. During this period, only those remained with us who have firm belief in our philosophy of integrity and ethical marketing. As announced, from now on, the company plans to fill up to 60% of the new posts from within the organization from amongst those who believe in perseverance, hence it provides you a good opportunity to earn those coveted posts.

Continuing Mr. Ibrahim Qasim quoted some lessons from Quran related to perseverance. Talking about the role of the leader and the team, he said, that once you are called, do come and there should be no excuses. Unfortunately we just read Quran and do not try to understand the message which it contains. Just look at the Makki period of Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) these thirteen years were full of struggle. It took almost ninety years of struggle from 1857-1947 for the independence struggle in Indo Pak sub-continent which eventually resulted in the creation of India and Pakistan two separate independent Nations. You must remember those difficult times and how people at the time of partition had to suffer while travelling to Pakistan from India. It all shows that one has to struggle with devotion and determination to achieve one’s objectives. Look at how Steve Jobs succeeded. Bill Gates came back to Harvard after thirty three years to get his Degree. Nelson Mandela spent twenty six years of his life in prison but when he succeeded, he did not take revenge. He became President and just after one term, decided to step down to make room for others.

Perseverance, Mr. Ibrahim Qasim added, is a good substitute for talent. Hard work beats talent when talent does not work hard. Problems which one has to face during the journey are not the stop signs but they should be taken as guidelines. He concluded his address by showing a video where the children of a Swan are struggling to climb up the stairs to join their mother but they fail time and again but they do not give up. Eventually all of them jumped upstairs to join their mother. Even one of them succeeded because they did not lose heart.

Mr. Haroon Qasim Managing Director of PharmEvo in his address thanked the members of the PharmEvo family for maintaining high standards of integrity. He also thanked the distributors present who, he said, have helped us to grow. He talked about exponential organization- a gateway to the top into the infinite potential. Last year, he said, we recorded 1.2 Billion rupees growth. We need to continue this growth because any business which do not evolve will not survive. There have been enormous developments in the information technology.  We now see small size compact mobile phones.  In the days to come DNA testing kits will be available. Half-life of business companies has now dropped from thirty years to just five years.  It is the constant evolution which helps us to survive.  It is predicted that in the next ten years about 40% of the top five hundred companies in the world will disappear. He reminded the participants that during the first eight years PharmEvo was able to become One Billion company but in the next ten years, we added another Five Billion. He advised all those present that if they do not compromise on basic ethical practices, have trust, they will grow. He reiterated that value system has to be in place come what may. Those companies who remain complacent are being threatened by developments in the technology.

Referring to some technical problems in the presentations, Mr. Haroon Qasim said I know the organizers are going through lot of tension and stress but such technical problems do occur in High Tech. We should aim to be among the Top Ten pharmaceutical companies in Pakistan by 2020. It is achievable if you all work hard and plug the gaps. He concluded his address by stating that find something for which you will die or live. Our Dream is healthier Society. Khalil Gibran had once said, “Create something that lives forever”.

Syed Jamshed Ahmad who has now been promoted as Deputy Chief Executive of PharmEvo in his presentation talked about promising future. As usual he started by narrating a story of a Pakistani who left for United States at the age of sixteen years leaving a lower middle class family back home. He had just five hundred US dollars with him. He did not mind working as Dish Washer for 1.5 dollar per hour, got admission in University of Illinois, later bought London Soccer Club for two hundred Pounds Sterling and became a successful businessman. He (Shahid Khan) was nowhere but now he is everywhere. This shows the hidden potential in every human being.  The moral of the story Mr. Jamshed Ahmad remarked was that one should “Think Big to be No.1”.

Do the best or nothing. Explore your potential. At present PharmEvo has 20th position in the pharmaceutical industry and we are at No. 12 among the national pharmaceutical companies. There was a time we could never think that anyone of our product will be worth Fifty crore and now Explended has achieved that. Similarly a number of other products have also added enormous contribution to the company’s growth. We have always upheld our cultural values which enabled us to achieve constant results. This all became possible because we value our values, Mr. Jamshed Ahmad remarked.

Continuing Syed Jamshed Ahmad said that we will always uphold and protect our integrity, ethics and respect which are some of our core values. We are setting new trends in pharmaceutical marketing. We now have over 1750 well trained outstanding marketing and sales team. We are trying to nurture and develop our own people so that in future for all promotions in the company, internal talent should be utilized. It offers you an opportunity to build your talent to be on the top. Henceforth, 60% of promotions will be from within the company and eventually we hope to have all promotions from within the company. It is you who have to fill up these positions. He also disclosed that now we have eleven markets outside Pakistan. Our target for the next year was Eight Billion and we hope that pharmaceuticals will contribute 79% to this figure, 16% will be generated from international market through exports while the remaining will be from Omron, Celia and Lacteus. He reminded the participants that PharmEvo will never compromise on its values of ethical marketing. He also cautioned them not to indulge in fake invoicing or dumping of sales, do not hand carry stock, no cash handling while no one with fake degrees will also be tolerated. Tell us before we get hold of you, he remarked.

Earlier Dr. Amanullah from IMS Pakistan made a presentation on pharmaceutical market of Pakistan, its growth, future trends and growth of PharmEvo in particular and how they look at IMS during the last five years. As per IMS figures, the Pakistani pharma market, he sated,  was about 329 Billion rupees and if we add the exports as well as the institution business, the total Pakistani Pharma market will be about three hundred eighty (380) Billion rupees. Pakistan was among the first ten as regards market volume in the world pharma market but value was it was at No.  60th.

Speaking about the growth in the Pakistan pharma market Dr. Amanullah said that on the whole we have seen 8.5% growth during the last twelve years. There are certain reasons for this fall in growth rate which includes DRAP policy, delayed or failure in registration of new drugs, strict monitoring and control by Punjab Government besides tender business as now Government was spending lot of money on purchase of drugs for public hospitals, hence the increase in tender business. All this has affected sales in 2017.  As regards PharmEvo, its growth graph goes up continuously during the last five years. It has recorded growth every year and has registered biggest growth among the national pharmaceutical companies. Its top five products has contributed a great deal to its business. Its growth of 1.2 Billion during the last twelve months was very impressive. It has introduced quite a few new products. Looking at the progress of PharmEvo, we in IMS, Dr. Amanullah opined feel that it will jump from the 20th to 15th position in the pharma industry by 2021. Its sales of some products is impressive but some of the old brands still have lot of potential and you can increase their sales manifold, he added.

Mr. Irfan Ahmad who has now been promoted as one of the Deputy Directors spoke about the Theme of the conference and also gave details of themes during the previous sales conferences. Sometimes it was combined with a song. The conference proceedings started with recitation from Holy Quran followed by National Anthem which was played on Flute keeping up the PharmEvo traditions of having something new every time. Syed Jamshed Ahmad announced the promotion of four Deputy Directors to Directors and those promoted include Mr. Abdul Samad, Mr. Nayyar Jamil, Mr. Mansoor Khan and Mr. Saifur Rehman. Mr. Ibrahim Qasim announced the promotion of Syed Jamshed Ahmad to Deputy Chief Executive from Chief Operating Officer. Mr. Haroon Qasim Managing Director of PharmEvo commended the services of Syed Jamshed Ahmad who he said, has always been extremely helpful.