Timely treatment can save thousands of Precious lives of stroke patients


 World Brain Day

Timely treatment can save thousands
of Precious lives of stroke patients

KARACHI: In Pakistan, about nine to ten million people are suffering from stroke. Every year thousands of humans fall victims of stroke whose lives could be saved with proper and timely treatment. This was stated by Health experts while addressing a press conference at a local hotel in Karachi on 20th July 2017 held in connection with World Brain Day 2017. The speakers included Professor Shaukat Ali, Former President of Pakistan Society of Neurology, Professor Muhammad Wasay, President Neurology Awareness and Research Foundation (NARF) & Pakistan Stroke Society besides Professor Khalid Sher, Professor Arif Herekar, Dr Memona Siddiqui, and Dr Abdul Malik.

World Brain Day is the initiative World Federation of Neurology, being observed annually for creating awareness, prevention, treatment and research of cerebral diseases. This event is being observed in every year. Four years back the federation decided to observe the day with the main purpose of creating awareness about the fatal disease at global scale. Member countries of federation observe July 22nd as the World Brain Day.


Professor Muhammad Wasay along with Professor Shaukat Ali, Professor Khalid
Sher, Dr. Memona Siddiqui, Professor Arif Herekar and Dr. Abdul Malik
addressing a press conference at in Karachi on
20th July 2017
held in connection with World Brain Day 2017.

Activities are also held in Pakistan to create awareness about the disease. This year’s main theme of World Brain Day was “Stroke” and the theme of the campaign was “"Stroke is a brain attack: Prevent it - treat it”. In this connection countrywide stroke screening camps, awareness seminars, press conferences and awareness walks were arranged. During the briefing, it was also pointed out that Pakistan is the six most populous country with 200 million individuals. The ratio of non-communicable diseases is 41 percent. People in Pakistan held misperception for long that the stroke was incurable disease and patient was believed will suffer from the disease throughout his life. Prevention and treatment of stroke, it was stated was possible and any other method employed as part of treatment is not the right way to deal with such patients. They informed that in Pakistan with the coordination of Pakistan Stroke Society, Neurology Awareness Research Foundation and with the cooperation of Al-Khidmat Foundation and PIMA efforts are being made to create awareness about stroke.

It is reported that 63% stroke patinets suffer from different physical complications and around 89 percent are remain dependent on others. The treatment is possible as around 50 percent people suffer from stroke due to blood pressure and smoking. If these two causative factors are controlled more than 50 percent disease would be curtailed. Only keeping blood pressure below 140/90 and avoiding smoking could help reduce the number of patients by 50 percent.

Stroke units play vital role in minimizing the mortality and morbidity rate but unfortunately they are almost non-existent in the country both at private and government level. Life Saving Clot Buster are available to only 0.01 percent of patients. The medicine which is given to the patient within the 4-6 hours of attack is not registered in Pakistan with Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan. Besides the lack of required number of neurologists the patients are not timely diagnosed. Authorities were requested to help establish stroke units at healthcare facilities so that these patient’s can be properly managed. (PR)

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