Prof. Samad appreciates endurance and courage of organizers of Preventive cardiology conference


 Prof. Samad appreciates endurance and courage
of organizers of Preventive cardiology conference

Afghan delegation thanks Pakistan for their hospitality and
hopes to reciprocate these gestures with increased
collaboration in academic activities

Dr. Haqdad Tareen proposes to change the name
of PCAS to cover all preventable aspects

QUETTA: Prof. Abdus Samad who was the moving spirit behind proposing to hold the preventive cardiology conference at Quetta and had convinced Prof. Munaf Tareen and Dr. Haqdad Tareen during the cardiology conference held at Islamabad to organize this conference commended their endurance and courage. Successful holding of this conference, he opined, will send a positive message to other professional specialty organizations that security situation was not so bad and it is possible to have their academic activities in Baluchistan. This is an important part of the country and medical profession should not deprive the healthcare professionals of this province from updating their knowledge in various disciplines of medicine.

Maj. Gen. Azhar Kiani along with Prof. Samad, Prof. Munaf Tareen
and Dr. Jalaludidn Achakzai chairing one of the scientific sessions.

Doctors working in far flung areas of the province, Prof. Samad said, cannot afford to go to attend meetings in other provinces and for them attending such academic activities in Quetta is much cost effective. Hence, they should not be deprived of this opportunity. It is unfortunate that the security situation was not so good earlier but now the situation has improved a lot for which he thanked the provincial government. The government seems to be sincere and doing its best and we all need to join hands for the uplift of this province and the country as a whole. I suggested Prof. Munaf Tareen and Dr. Haqdad Tareen to take the courage and initiative for holding this conference and we are glad that they have succeeded despite many odds. Prof. Samad was also full of praise for PharmEvo pharmaceuticals that extended their valuable help and assistance in organizing this conference. At a time when there was lot of uncertainty, people were not sure whether the delegates would come from other cities or not and no pharmaceutical firm was prepared to come forward, it was PharmEvo which always supports and sponsors such academic activities who accepted the challenge and helped the organizers for which they deserve to be commended, he added.
He also thanked those delegates who came from Rawalpindi-Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi and specially thanked the delegates from Afghanistan. Prof. Samad hoped that this cooperation and collaboration in the field of academics will increase between both the countries in the days to come. He termed Prof. Khalida Soomro, Head of the Dept. of Cardiology at Dow University of Health Sciences as an Iron Lady of Cardiology in Sindh who has survived despite so many odds and obstacles and was now working at DUHS. The department has a busy Cath Lab and serving the poor patients.
Dr. Abdul Wahid a representative of the Afghan delegation speaking in the concluding session thanked Cholesterol Awareness Society of Pakistan for their invitation and also thanked Horizon Pharma for sponsoring their visit to Pakistan to attend this conference. We have learnt a lot and hope there will be an opportunity not in too distant future when they will be able to invite delegates from Pakistan to join and attend a similar conference in Afghanistan. We wish to have increased cooperation and collaboration and hope that such academic activities are organized more frequently to learn and share our knowledge and experience which will eventually help improve patient care, he added.
Dr. Haqdad Tareen Chairman of the organizing committee suggested that we should change the name of the Society to cover all preventive aspects. At present it looks as if there is emphasis on cholesterol awareness only. We can have Pakistan Society for Preventive Cardiology and then affiliate it with similar other bodies in the world. Prof. Munaf Tareen, Dr.Haqdad Tareen and Dr.Jalaluddn Achakzai also thanked all the delegates and participants to the conference. Prof. Munaf Tareen also hosted a dinner reception at Quetta Club for the delegates on Sunday August 11th 2014.

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