Medical institutions should identify young talented individuals for faculty positions


Medical institutions should identify
young talented individuals for faculty positions

LAHORE: There is no dearth of talent in Pakistan and many young individuals who have returned to Pakistan after completing their postgraduate training as well as others who earned Fellowship from the College of Physicians & Surgeons of Pakistan or from various medical universities and got a chance to serve in various medical institutions are doing a commendable job. Some of them have proved their brilliance in research work by publishing their work in peer reviewed medical journals in Pakistan and overseas. They need patronage and all the encouragement from the institutions where they work. They should be selected for short refresher courses at centers of excellent within the country and abroad as this investment will prove extremely beneficial for these institutions and the country as well.
It is such young talented individuals on which many countries made investment and earned rich dividends. Higher Education Commission, Government of Pakistan sometime back started a scheme of sending such people abroad for further training offering them scholarships. Some of them have now returned and are serving at various institutions doing a commendable job. Many more may be returning in the days to come but to absorb them, the institutions must create appropriate jobs so that on return they do not find themselves in wilderness but we should be able to make use of their expertise in various fields. It was unfortunate that the HEC had to fight for its own survival and face intrigues from the corrupt politicians who were bent upon destroying it. With the change of government, one hopes the situation has changed and HEC will be allowed to function independently. HEC’s contribution to encourage research culture, offering tenure track jobs to various faculty members is commendable which needs to be commended and appreciated.
By providing financial grants to HEC approved medical journals, Higher Education Commission has also helped them a great deal to improve their standard and quality of manuscripts which are accepted for publication. Some of them have increased their frequency of publication providing an opportunity to the researchers to publish their work reducing the publication time. All these are positive developments. HEC as well as medical universities must uphold merit at all costs and resist any pressure from government functionaries in selection of faculty members because the institutions are only as good as their faculties.

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