Auditor General of Pakistan confirms massive corruption in PM&DC


Auditor General of Pakistan confirms
massive corruption in PM&DC

Many newly established medical colleges
recognized through money bargains?

ISLAMABAD: Auditor General of Pakistan while evaluating past five years performance of Pakistan Medical and Dental Council has stated that massive corruption was committed including construction of the PM&DC building to the tune of fourteen billion rupees as opposed to the approved estimates of about three to four billion rupees contract. Not only that major discrepancies have also been found in the registration of doctors and medical colleges. The relevant documents and files from the department are now missing.
The report also highlights major discrepancies in the registration of newly established medical colleges and it has been revealed through sources that many of these colleges were recognized through money bargains.
It may be mentioned here that Dr.Sohail Karim Hashmi who replaced Syed Ehtram Ali as the Secretary/Registrar enjoyed a good reputation and wanted to follow the rules and regulations while recognizing all the new as well old medical college. However, it was not liked by some officials of PM&DC, hence they maneuvered his dismissal. When he was reinstated by the Court, he was sidelined, offices of Registrar and Secretary were separated and Dr.Ahmad Nadeem Akbar was appointed as the new Registrar. Now Dr. Ahmad Nadeem Akbar has also been removed and various enquiries are in progress against him and some other officials of the PM&DC.
It is generally felt that the efficient functioning of the council cannot be ensured until it is reconstituted with 50% representation of non-doctors, drawn from Trusts and Foundations in the field of health and education and not politicians. General Medical Council of UK now also has over 50% non-medical representatives and it helps to keep a check and balance. Otherwise those who have their own vested interests keep helping each other quietly with the result that now today a large number of medical and dental colleges in public as well as private sector, it is said, do not fully fulfill the conditions laid down by the Council. Government of Pakistan needs to look into it on priority basis because it is the supreme body which is supposed to monitor the working of medical profession and healthcare institutions. If it itself remains paralyzed and riddled with corruption, how it can perform its duties effectively. Appointment of a full time President may be an answer and this can only be done after making necessary changes in its structure.

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