Reminiscences from Life in Rawalpindi Prison


Reminiscences from Life
in Rawalpindi Prison
A new series by Prof. Eice Mohammad

Dr. Eice Mohammad FCPS retired as Professor of Medicine a few years ago and is currently affiliated with Islam Medical College Sialkot. During his professional career he has served as Professor of Medicine and at times as Principal and Chief Executive as well at numerous medical colleges i.e. Rahim Yar Khan, Rawalpindi, Lahore, and Sargodha. In fact he had requested the Health Department that he was prepared to serve anywhere in the country.

Prof. Eice Mohammad

During his early professional career he struggled for the betterment of working conditions for the doctors, creating more jobs for Medical Officers, serviced structure for the doctors working in government service and 100% paid house jobs. As a President and leader of Paksitan Doctors Organization, he led this movement and had to face the music. He was arrested twice, suspended from service and then sentenced to rigorous imprisonment for all these sins. Eventually a re-trial during the Martial Law government of Gen. Ziaul Haque, he was proved innocent and released. Later on he was re-instated with full Honours and served at numerous medical colleges before earning an Honourable retirement. Not only that, he was also awarded by Sitar-e-Imtiaz by the Government and he became an automatic choice for the authorities who nominated him to be member of various important committees and was also made Member of the PM&DC. During his days of struggle some of his friends proved to be Kufis, some other healthcare professionals remained steadfast with him. He has a large army of young doctors who loved him many of whom now occupy coveted positions in medical institutions. He enjoys lot of respect but he also has some critics who hate him. One does not have to agree with his viewpoint on everything as difference of opinion has to be accepted and tolerated but one thing is certain that he is an honest, kind hearted physician who is not at all infected with a materialistic virus and is among a very few healthcare professionals who is struggling to promote ethical medical practice.

On our request he has agreed to share his experience in Jail which will be published in a series starting from our next issue of May 1, 2020 - Chief Editor.