Prof. Atta-Ur-Rehman highlights exciting developments in Biotechnology, Synthetic Biology, Gene Technology & Stem Cell Research


23 Senior Physicians awarded Fellowship at PSIM Convocation
Prof. Atta-Ur-Rehman highlights exciting
developments in Biotechnology, Synthetic
Biology, Gene Technology & Stem Cell Research
With emphasis on Education, Science and 
Technology Pakistan can move forward

LAHORE: Prof. Atta Ur Rehman former Chairman of Higher Education Commission and a renowned organic chemist, researcher has said that with emphasis on Education, Science and Technology, Pakistan can move forward. He was speaking at the First Convocation of Pakistan Society of Internal Medicine held here on March 13, 2020 during the PSIM’s First International Conference held here from March 12-15, 2020. During his address he also highlighted the exciting developments taking place in the field of Biotechnology, Synthetic Biology, Gene Technology and Stem Cell Research. The conference attracted a large number of physicians from all over the country besides a few guest speakers from overseas as well. PSIM also honoured about two dozen senior physicians by offering them the Fellowship.

Prof. Atta Ur Rehman also talked about the research facilities available at their Centre in Karachi University where over six hundred students are enrolled in various PhD programmes and invited the PSIM members to visit it and work in collaboration in different areas. He also referred to the developments in Nano Technology in which the size of the particle is reduced. At present lot of exciting work, he stated, was being done on different pharmaceuticals that we use and it will reduce their side effects drastically. Lot of research is underway in Nano Medicine. We have a Genome Research Center at Karachi and hope to establish a center for Nano Biotechnology shortly.

Group Photograph taken on the occasion of First Convocation of PSIM held at Lahore on
March 13th 2020 shows the distinguished Physicians who were honoured with Fellowship
photographed with Prof. Atta Ur Rehman former Chairman of HEC and a noted research
scientist who was the chief guest on this occasion.

Yet another exciting area, Prof. Atta Ur Rehman opined, was of Stem Cell Research. Now one can create stem cells. We are also setting up a Centre for Synthetic Biology at Karachi. Speaking about the new developments in the field of neurosciences, Prof. Atta Ur Rehman said that there are about hundred billion neurons which have ability to learn and ability to store. Thoughts are made of atoms and molecules, it is not abstract. We have published many papers in this field covering diseases like Epilepsy, Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinsonism. A compound developed for the treatment of epilepsy was currently in Phase-II trials. We have already got forty Patents registered in United States in the field of Neurodegenerative diseases. In Gene technology now it is possible to go for editing techniques, various anti-aging compounds have been identified. Metformin also has anti-aging properties and different trials are underway.

Continuing Prof. Atta Ur Rehman discussed the management of kidney diseases, 3D printing. While lot of progress has been made and exciting developments are taking place in the developed world, we still live in darkness. He also disclosed that the Cambridge University in UK alone has produced 126 Nobel Prize winners and thirty six of them are members of just one of its affiliated colleges whereas the whole Muslim World has so far failed to produce a single Nobel Laureate. Prof. Abdus Salam, he hastened to add, got Nobel Prize for the work which he had done in Europe and not in Pakistan. If we have to make any worthwhile progress, we will have to give attention to education, science and technology. Now Artificial Intelligence is being increasingly used in healthcare. With his efforts now there has been hundred percent increase in funds for Ministry of Science and Technology, he remarked.

Another Group Photograph taken during the First Convocation of PSIM shows some
of the PSIM Fellows and other participants to the conference with
Prof. Atta Ur Rehman former Chairman of HEC.

Earlier Prof. Aftab Mohsin Chairman of the Organizing Committee of the conference read a Citation for Prof. Atta Ur Rehman who has trained a large number of PhDs, has authored numerous books and published large number of research papers in peer reviewed Impact Factor Journals.

President of PSIM Prof. Javed Akram co-chaired the session while Prof. Kh. Saadiq Hussain former Principal of King Edward Medical College and President of CPSP was the Guest of Honour on this occasion. Later twenty three eminent physicians were honoured with a Fellowship. Prof. Kh. Saadiq Hussain was offered honorary Fellowship. Others who were awarded Fellowship of PSIM included the following:

  1. Prof. Kh. Saadiq Hussain (H)
  2. Prof. Javed Akram
  3. Prof. Asif Abbas Naqvi
  4. Prof. Zahid Yasin Hashmi
  5. Prof. Ejaz Ahmed Vohra
  6. Prof. Shabbir Ahmed Nasir
  7. Prof. Irshad Hussain
  8. Prof. Qazi Masroor Ali
  9. Prof. Sajid Obaidullah
  10. Prof. Bikha Ram Devrjani
  11. Prof. Munir Ahmad Azhar
  12. Dr. Muhammad Saleem
  13. Prof. Zahra Nazish
  14. Prof. Muhammad Ashraf
  15. Prof. Muhammad Afzal
  16. Prof. Bilal S Mohydin
  17. Prof. Tariq Waseem
  18. Prof. Taj Jamshed
  19. Prof. Aamir Shaukat (Associate Fellows)
  20. Dr. Somia Iqtidar
  21. Dr. Muhammad Haroon Bilal
  22. Dr. Muhammad Irfan
  23. Dr. M. Mujtaba Hasher

Unfortunately the conference had to be concluded on March 14th2020 a day earlier due to the health emergency declared by the government of Pakistan due to Corona virus.

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