Multidisciplinary approach to manage hypertension reduces the complications-Prof. Saulat Siddique


PHL’s 23rd Annual Conference at Peshawar
Multidisciplinary approach to manage hypertension
reduces the complications-Prof. Saulat Siddique
PCS has ambitious academic plan, will give importance to
prevention to reduce hypertension and cardiovascular
diseases-Prof.Haroon Babar

Peshawar: Millions of working days are lost due to disability related to hypertension. Government needs to give special attention for creating facilities for screening, early identification and management of hypertension with a multidisciplinary approach which reduces the complications. This was stated by Prof. Saulat Siddique a noted cardiologist and President of Paksitan Hypertension League. He was speaking in the inaugural session of the PHL’s 23rd annual conference held at Peshawar from 6-8th March 2020. Organized by Department of Cardiology at Khyber Teaching Hospital Dr. Amber Ashraf was chairperson of the organizing committee and it attracted a large number of cardiologists from all over the country.

Prof. Saulat Siddiqu

Prof. Saulat Siddique further stressed the importance of taking care of all the modifiable and non-modifiable risk factors of hypertension in particular stress stating that if not managed it becomes a serious burden on the society. All specialists are involved in the management of hypertension which ensures reducing or minimizing the complications. Failure to control high blood pressure leads to loss vision, kidney diseases as well.

Prof. Haroon Aziz Baber President of Paksitan Cardiac Society in his speech on this occasion remarked that PCS has chalked out an ambitious plan for the coming years and more emphasis will be laid on prevention because it is not possible to provide curative services which is too expensive. Sharing the details of the plan, he said, we intend to prepare local National Guidelines, will start a reward system for the local chapters based on their activities and performance, workshops on Basic Life Support and Advanced Cardiac Life Support at DHQ and Tehsil Hospitals. Interventional procedures, he opined was not the solution to check this epidemic of cardiovascular diseases. Our priority should be prevention. We need to create more awareness about these diseases, take care of Rheumatic Heart Diseases which have been eliminated from the developed countries. We will make effective use of social media for creating awareness and education of public and healthcare professionals. BLS, he said, should be taught to every doctor, paramedics and even general public, nurses and all hospital employees besides ambulance drivers. We will ensure interaction with trained cardiologists, start a Fellowship programme of Pakistan Cardiac Society, ensure uniformity in postgraduate training programme across the country, maintain liaison with the CPSP besides starting the Train the Trainers programme at the tertiary healthcare facilities.

Prof. Haroon Babar

Prof. Hafeezullah Khan Patron of the conference in his brief address paid tributes to some eminent personalities from KPK who had played a vital role in promoting the aims and objectives of PHL. In order to recognize their dedicated and devoted services, their family members were invited to receive mementoes on their behalf. Those remembered and honoured included late Prof. Tariq Nishter whose daughter Prof. Tahira Nishter received the memento on his behalf. Daughter in Law of late Dr. Saeedul Majeed, Dr. Sameer son of late Prof. Kabir received the mementoes on their behalf respectively. Prof. Shaukat Malik and Prof. Sahibzada Abdul Waheed were also presented Life Time Achievement Awards on this occasion.

Prof. Nasiruddin Azam Khan, an eminent physician and former Principal of Khyber Medical College who was the Guest of Honour on this occasion in his brief speech said that if one listens carefully, one becomes wiser but if one talks, others become wiser. We need to remember the social aspects of the problems, take care of our own health and spend quality time with our families. In breathing within the families, he opined, was causing more problems. Hence, we need to promote the concept of marriage outside the families. Hypertension, he said, was a lifelong problem, change in life style, healthy diet and regular exercise will reduce hypertension. He also commended the presentation by Prof. Haroon Baber and termed him as a progressive cardiologist.

Mr. Shaukat Yousufzai Provincial Minister who was the chief guest in the conference felt happy that Peshawar was once again becoming a venue of such important medical conferences. Though we have defeated terrorism but still we have many problems but we should not be afraid of them. We need to trust ourselves, we have the potential and we must move forward. Unfortunately in some parts of KPK there are places where there are no doctors. Places like Swat, Shangla, Buner prevalence of cardiac diseases is very high. We need to focus on diseases which are treatable in Pakistan. We cannot afford expensive drugs and intervention procedures. Earlier the provincial government, he said, had established an Insulin Bank to help people suffering from Type-I diabetes. He also emphasized the importance of promoting cost effective drugs.

Earlier Prof. M. Ishaq General Secretary of PHL pointed out that PHL was established in 1997 and the prevalence of Hypertension fifteen years ago was 18% of all adult population. During the last twenty four hears, we have established 24 chapters of PHL, started ten module training course for Family Physicians and the second batch is going to finish this course shortly. We have been organizing workshops on management of hypertension all over the country regularly.

Dr. Amber Ashraf the Convener of the conference welcomed the guests and participants to the conference. An important feature of this year’s conference, she stated, were the eighteen workshops organized all over the province in different institutions. It was a unique learning opportunity which was very much appreciated by the participants. She thanked all members of the organizing committee including Dr. Adnan, Dr. Zahid Aslam Awan, Patron Prof. Hafeezullah Khan, all the departments of cardiology in the province, Rehman Medical Institute and North West General Hospital in particular for making the conference a success. It was a team effort and our friends in the pharmaceutical industry also extended their valuable help and assistance for this academic activity, she added.

The Pre-Conference workshops organized included Rhythm and Hypertension, Blood Pressure Measurement, Basic Life Support, Advance Cardiac Life Support, Hands on Peripheral Angiography, TILT Table Testing, TOACS, Fundoscopic examination in Hypertension, Basic Interpretation of Chest X-Ray, TEE and its interpretation in Hypertension, Communication Skills and Counselling, Interactive ECG, Synopsis Writing, Practical Management of Hypertension in view of new Guidelines, CMR and Basic interpretation, Work placed Stress and its practical management, Echocardiography assessment in Hypertension. Detailed report on scientific sessions to follow.

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