Internal Medicine is a mother specialty PSIM will serve as an Umbrella organization for all disciplines - Prof. Javed Akram


Internal Medicine is a mother specialty PSIM
will serve as an Umbrella organization for all
disciplines - Prof. Javed Akram
Professionals should take decisions on Health issues,
PSIM will work as a Think Tank for the Government

LAHORE: Professionals should take decisions on Health issues and Pakistan Society of Internal Medicine will work as a Think Tank of the Government of Pakistan. This was stated by Prof. Javed Akram President of PSIM who is also Vice Chancellor of University of Health Sciences Lahore while addressing a Press Conference on March 12, 2020 highlighting the salient features of their First Flagship Conference held here from March 12-15, 2020. Other important Executive Committee members of PSIM who were also present on this occasion included Prof. Aftab Mohsin, Prof. Azizur Rehman, Prof. Sajid Abaidullah, Dr. Sohail Chughtai, Prof. Ali Jawa and Dr. Somia Iqtidar.

Internal Medicine, Prof. Javed Akram remarked was the mother specialty and PSIM will work as an Umbrella organization for all the professional specialty organizations in medicine representing different disciplines. PSIM during its short span of just one year, has made a huge impact. It has organized numerous academic activities, medical camps, and awareness sessions for the public on different diseases, celebrated World Days as per WHO guidelines. It has also become active globally. We have invited a large number of speakers from overseas as well but due to this Corona Virus, they could not come though still a few of them with Pakistani origin have been brave enough to travel to participate in the conference. PSIM will have a special focus on research and he also gave details of different research projects which are being planned or have been finalized. PSIM will be a patient centered organization and will give adequate importance to the patients and their rights.

Prof. Javed Akram President PSIM alongwith Prof. Aftab Mohsin and Prof. Azizur Rehman
Chairman of the organizing committee and scientific committee respectively and Prof. Sajid
Abaidullah, Prof. Tariq Waseem, Prof. Shabeen Naz Masood and Prof. Ali Jawaid
addressing a press conference on March 12th to highlight the programme of the
conference held from March 13-15th 2020.

Continuing Prof. Javed Akram said that PSIM’s inaugural session will always have a Presidential lecture which will be given by the President on an important topic. I have selected the topic of Life Style for Me, You and All for my presidential presentation. We need to improve good antenatal services, ensure that all births taking place are handled by skilled birth attendants. Currently only 23% of births taking place in Pakistan are managed by skilled birth attendants while only 18% of these women come for the second visit. We have to take measures to reduce our infant, child and maternal mortality. It is the responsibility of the professional specialty organizations to help and supplement government efforts to achieve the Sustainable Million Development Goals, he remarked. He also urged the media representatives present on this occasion to help convey their message to the public instead of publishing their pictures. PSIM will carefully look at the conference coverage by the media and those whose coverage is best will be guests of PSIM at their next Mid-Year conference being organized at Muzzafar Abad in Azad Kashmir in August.

Responding to various questions PSIM office bearers pointed out that they have covered almost all the important subjects in Medicine during the conference. We are in the process of developing Guidelines for various diseases like Diabetes, Hypertension, and HCV. We wish to make hospitals and doctors safe. Efforts will be made to ensure that postgraduates are encouraged to take up Internal Medicine as a career. Almost over 50% of patients coming to physicians are of internal medicine. This conference will revive interest in internal medicine. Specialists, it was further stated are good for single organ disease. We will give due emphasis on leadership training of healthcare specialists. Internal medicine has remained ignored in Pakistan so far and hopefully this conference will revive interest in internal medicine. We will produce professional leaders.

Photographed during the PSIM Conference held at Lahore from (L to R) are Mr.Shaukat Ali 
Jawaid, Prof. Aziz Ur Rehman, Prof. Aftab Mohsin, Prof.Sajid Abaidullah, Dr. Somia Iqtidar,
Prof. Javed Akram, Dr. Sohail Chughtai and Prof.Ali Jawa.

Giving details of the scientific programme Prof. Aftab Mohsin Chairman of the organizing committee of the conference disclosed that they already had twenty workshops on important subjects in various medical universities and colleges in the province. The four important Themes which they have selected for the conference include Evidence Based Medicine, Innovations, Medical Education and Leadership for healthcare specialists. Medical Ethics, Patient Rights have also been included in the scientific programme. Quite a few sessions during the conference are being organized in collaboration with different professional specialty organizations and they are being chaired or Co-chaired by their respective office bearers. About fifty papers have been accepted for oral presentations while others have been accommodated in Poster Session. In order to encourage research, Cash Prize will be given to the First, Second and Third best papers, presentations. Launch of the APP by PSIM during the conference will be a landmark event. There will be a special session on Dengue Fever. The various professional specialty organizations which are collaborating with PSIM in this conference include Pakistan Society of Neuro physicians, Pakistan Society for Study of Liver Diseases, Pakistan Society of Rheumatology, Pakistan Society of Gastroenterology, Pakistan Cardiac Society, Pakistan Hypertension League, Pakistan Society of Nephrology and others.

Dr. Sohail Chughtai from UK gave details about the Corona Virus and provided an update with the number of cases identified so far all over the world and the number of deaths taking place. Elderly population, he said, was at a greater risk. An effort should be made to reduce the doctor patient contact using Telemedicine.

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